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Last updated Jun 23, 2022

Is Billy Gene Marketing Legit:


Billy Gene is Marketing is a course for the savvy in digital marketing looking to generate money for businesses looking for more business.

But the prices won’t help us get by. So, the bigger question is, is it worth the investment?

My recommendation?

Master Google & get traffic through online billboards for businesses.

The right business model is not the one that brings browsers, but buyers. And as I always say, to learn how to make money online, you gotta stick with what works!

But let’s see what Billy Gene is Marketing has to offer.

Time to dive into this course review!


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What’s Billy Gene Is Marketing?

Billy Gene is Marketing presents a social media marketing course called Clicks into Customers 2.0.


I gotta give him props for that name.

In this course, Billie wants to teach you the techniques he uses to create ads on Facebook and Instagram so that you too can create your digital marketing empire.

Share everything he learned starting his own advertising agency.

Also, on their website, Billy Gene is Marketing has a monthly program with guides and resources.

All for a (not so modest) price.


But, who’s Billy Gene?


He’s the founder of Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc.

It turns out that Billy started by making 600 calls a day selling courses for a college.

What a drag, right?

Also, he had tried doing some business before but quickly went broke.

And when he finally left his job…

…Back to square one.

Habits are hard to break. The next thing he did was start selling digital courses.

Not bad.

But let’s face it: it isn’t that easy.

His mother encouraged him to get a “real” job, but he was clutching at straws.

And then he came across a video about Facebook ads.

In for a dime in for a dollar.

He started investing everything in Facebook ads.

He called companies every day and offered his advertising services.

The plot twist?

One day, he got up being poor and before going to bed he sold $150,000 worth of wetsuits on a $5,500 budget


After that, he got a camera and recorded a video about his success story.

He made $10,000 in a day.

Now, he’s created his own digital marketing course and owns a community of millions of followers.

What’s the real job now, mommy Gene?


Billy Gene Marketing Course:

There are some very positive things about this course:


  • Before paying, you can enjoy a free online seminar. Not bad at all if you want to think about it a bit before diving in. It’s short, but it has content that’s worth it.
  • Although its main focus is Facebook ads, there are many more things you can learn. Above all, content is related to ads on social networks.
  • The Clicks to Customers 2.0 course is presented simply and effectively. Billy Gene has structured it well, and there’s a lot of useful information: strategies on Facebook Videos and Messenger, email marketing, and others.

But this program also has some cons:



  • I don’t entirely agree with the way they sell themselves. Saying that this is “the only marketing course that you will need” is a rip-off, don’t you think? They have a lot of content, but not ALL the content.
  • Not all that glitters with Facebook ads is gold. You should have a few extra zeros in your account to maintain them, but they don’t tell you about that. Also, they sell you that this is the way you have to follow to get your dreamed economic freedom. But, time for a reality check: do you think freedom is having to constantly watch and maintain these ads?; ‘cause let me tell ‘ya, you have to work very hard and long hours to make a profit.
  • Although the content is broad, they present the other methods apart from Facebook Ads only superficially. Paying what you pay, you expect the content to be deep and of quality, right? You don’t have enough money, but here you don’t have too much knowledge. And it’s a shame because I believe that there are better ways to create your online business.

I think this is an interesting course to consider, but if we really wanna make money online, generating leads with ads far exceeds Gene’s method.

It’s not rocket science, who doesn’t want to get leads?

You just need to get customers for those businesses out there wagging their queues at the thought of you showing up.


Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

  • Semi-Passive
  • Recurring Income
  • Live Bootcamp
  • 80% of the Work Done for you
  • Proven Experts



What‘s the price?

You sittin’ down?

Okay, here you go:


Live Streaming Basics, $397

  • How to sell a lot at webinars, $697
  • YouTube Post for Geneiuses, $997
  • Sell ​​like a Geneius, $997
  • Billy Gene’s Gene Pool, $8,613
  • Clients 2.0, $1,497

As you can see there’s a great diversity of courses, though all with a fairly similar focus.

The prices are also quite different depending on the course and what’s seen on it.

Despite having a marketing and advertising focus, the content won’t show you a new strategy or some secret that few are using.

When you pay these amounts you want ‘em to contribute something new or unknown, right?

But the thing is these contents don’t discover anything new.

So, now that more and more people are doing online courses, the asking price may not be the most profitable.



There’s no denying it: Billy Gene is a guy who knows what he’s doing.

And yeah, maybe you can learn a thing or three from his courses.

But you will be investing in something that won’t turn out what you expected.


Is the course worth it? Well, I guess you can give it a try.

Is what it teaches worth it? Not that much.

Making money online doesn’t have to be this complicated.

The problem with Facebook Ads is that the traffic isn’t free.

You can’t try and be original unless you want to waste your money.

Here’s the thing:

Before anything, you’ll need your client’s money.

But even if they pay you first, controlling the ads costs and recovering the investment with enough benefits so that the client wants to give you more money again it’s gonna be hell.

I’ve tried it, but not sure if I’ll do it again if I had the opportunity.

Cause now I know that local lead generation with Google ads is truly the way to go.

I generate my leads using online billboards that take me less than 4 hours/week to set up!

This way, I can’t get fired. If my clients decide to stop working with me, since I’m the one who owns the resources, all I have to do is send those leads to other clients.

And believe me, there are more fishes than water out there!

You have a laptop?

A phone?

Then click here and check out how to rule the market with this method so you can get profit even sleeping.

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