Is Bossless Forever a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

by | Jun 12, 2020

Table of Contets:

  1. What is Bossless Forever?
  2. Bossless Forever Target Market
  3. How Much Does Bossless Forever Cost?
  4. What do Customers Say About Bossless Forever?
  5. What Do You Get With Membership?
  6. Who are Bossless Forever’s Competitors?
  7. Pros and Cons of Bossless Forever
  8. Is Bossless Forever Legit?

Bossless Forever speaks to the thousands of Americans who are looking for a way to work for themselves, putting the nine-to-five aside for a lifestyle that offers work-life balance and flexibility.

What is Bossless Forever?

Bossless Forever is a lead generation course provided by company founder founder Amiee Ball. Consumers hoping to earn an income online, from home, purchase the course, and learn how to generate leads for specific industries and then sell those leads to businesses to earn an income.

The Bossless Forever method requires a substantial investment of time and money, and those who purchase the course should expect to put in full-time or more hours per week in order to build a successful business under this business model. Once established, those using this program might find that they have the flexibility and part-time work they were hoping for, but it can take awhile to get there.


Bossless Forever is not a multi-level marketing business. There is no recruitment involved; you simply attend the training and then apply the practices you’ve learned to build your own business. The course is based upon this 5-step blueprint:

  1. Select a niche industry. This industry should be relevant in your local community, and small business representation within the industry is important. During the introductory webinar (which is free), Amiee shares recommendations for niche industries that work well with this framework. Specializing in a single industry establishes you as an expert.
  2. Perform due diligence by learning more about the businesses in this niche in your area. This may include schedule consultation appointments with local businesses as if you were a customer so you can learn more about their products, services, pricing, and business model.
  3. Beginning generating traffic and leads. Amiee teaches simple ways to develop a website that ranks highly on the most common search engines to help you generate leads with little technical proficiency or graphic design experience. It’s important to note that while you don’t have to be an expert in order to be successful, you do have to be willing and able to put the time in.
  4. Prospect clients. This refers to the process of sharing free leads with local business that you plan to work with in the future. Amiee walks you through the process using a phone whisper system that sends the call over to the business and tells them who referred the client to them.
  5. Monetize business owners. Once you’ve demonstrated the value of your leads to local businesses by sharing free leads for at least a week, you’ll approach the same businesses to discuss monetizing the service going forward. The sale is made easier by the free leads you’ve already sent.

This blueprint is available at no cost to those considering the framework; once you’ve reviewed the blueprint, you can decide whether to move forward with the complete training program, where you’ll learn how to complete each step in the blueprint.

The website stresses that technical proficiency is not required; the average person should be able to master these techniques using only the techniques and tools recommended by Amiee.

Bossless Forever Target Market

The Bossless Forever program might be a good solution for you if:

  • you’re willing to invest time and money into changing your career and lifestyle
  • you’re tired of reporting to work outside the home and making sacrifices in your personal life due to the rigid demands of the workplace
  • you’ve been in direct sales or network marketing and are looking for a better way to achieve the flexibility that comes with working from home without relentlessly pursuing friends and family for sales
  • you’ve been trying to permeate the digital marketing niche on sites like Fiverr or Upwork without luck and are looking for a more effective, less saturated playground for your talents and skills
  • you own a small business and would like to get better at generating leads

The Bossless Forever program might not be right for you if:

  • you’re unable to make an initial investment in your business
  • you’re hoping to make money without working or won’t have the time to invest in getting your business up and running

How Much Does Bossless Forever Cost?

Bossless Forever is not up front about costs; they aren’t advertised on social media or their website and if you reach out directly for pricing, they’ll request to discuss your investment during the call. However, customer reviews put the investment at around $4,000 paid in monthly installments of $299. Some clients may pay more for ongoing mentorship.

There are also some tools and platforms Amiee uses that you will likely elect to purchase in order to follow the framework effectively. While all of these platforms offer a free trial to help you make the most informed decision, most requirement payment following the free trial.

While any new business venture requires initial investment, the high cost of this program may place it out of reach for some prospects.

What Do Customers Say About Bossless Forever?

Interestingly enough, Bossless Forever does not have a Yelp rating and there are no ratings (that feature seems to be turned off) on Facebook. There are over a dozen reviews written about the program, but few or none come from those who have purchased the program themselves.

Because online reviews are such a crucial component in the decision-making process today, those considering this opportunity may consider asking Bossless Forever representatives why customers are unable to rate and review the company on common platforms.

There is no Better Business Bureau rating for Bossless Forever.

What Do You Get With Membership?

When you pay for Bossless Forever course materials, you gain access to a learn-at-your-own-pace emporium of training materials, including a welcome video, a course overview checklist, and training and resources that fall into a myriad of categories: finding your purpose, goal-setting, choosing a niche industry, client getting, creating a website, search engine optimization, keyword research, content creation, setting up your lead generation number, and more.

Additionally, you’ll get access to live question and answer calls with Amiee as well as her Facebook group for those in the program, where you’re able to network with and learn from one another.


Who are Bossless Forever‘s Primary Competitors?

Competitors include Billy Gene is Marketing, which we think may be less competitive according to reviews (but as a reminder…there are no customer reviews of Bossless Forever available for comparison) and Wealthy Affiliate, which we think might be a little more competitive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bossless Forever Program

Advantages of this program include:

  • no multi-level marketing, which means no pursuing friends and family and putting strain on relationships
  • a better chance at making money than with many MLMs
  • real business ownership
  • no product to keep on hand, find a place for, or purchase in hopes of selling later

Disadvantages of this program include:

  • lack of transparency in pricing, company revenue, and customer satisfaction
  • substantial initial investment and some ongoing investment in tools and resources

Although the list of disadvantages is brief, it’s important to note that lack of transparency can be especially concerning; investing in an opportunity without reading reviews written by real clients or seeing company financials can be a risky move.

Is Bossless Forever Legit?

Bossless Forever is not a scam; you’ll receive products and services in exchange for payment. You’ll never be asked to recruit representatives in a downline and you won’t earn commissions from the organization for your work.


While Bossless Forever is a legitimate business opportunity, it isn’t the right opportunity for everyone. The initial investment requires careful consideration, and only those who are committed to working on the business until it succeeds (including overcoming setbacks and obstacles throughout the process) should move forward.

Furthermore, prospective clients should consider carefully their financial situation and ensure they’ll have funds leftover to cover the cost of the platforms recommended for successful implementation of the plan (web hosting, website building, whisper number, etc.). If you spend your savings on the course and then are unable to purchase the tools you need, you might find yourself in a challenging financial position a few months in.

 However, instead of taking a chance on yet another “guru” type course, I highly recommend checking out something called Lead Flipping

In today’s economy, you have to bring value to the table if you want to make money.

One of the most valuable skills a human can have to succeed is knowing how to generate leads for businesses.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

Let’s pick ‘window tinting’ business for our example niche.

If we create ads for window tinting throughout the entirety of San Diego, California.

And every single day we had 20 people calling about tinting services, we could then sell those leads over to an actual ‘window tinting’ business for a profit!

Spending $500 on ads to make $3,000-4,000 every month from one location isn’t bad.

You could replicate your entire process over to another city. Start running the same ads and sell the window tinting leads to someone in that city.

Rinse & Repeat.