Cashflow Channels Review: $10,000+ a Month from Youtube Automation?

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Last updated Apr 4, 2023

Cashflow Channels is a brand new video course aimed at teaching you how to build a 6-figure income on YouTube and quit your job. Its creator is claiming you’ll be able to do this while working less than 4 hours per day and without ever having to show your face.

While some of us may have a hard time believing this, let’s take a look at the program and see if it’s as good as it sounds.


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Ryan Hildreth – The founder of Cashflow Channels:

Ryan Hildreth is the brain behind this YouTube course. He is an American YouTuber and entrepreneur. 

He is best known for creating the Cashflow Channels course, where he teaches others how to start their own online business and make passive income stream from YouTube. 

He has over 300K subscribers on his YouTube channel where he posts videos related to personal finance, business advice, lifestyle, motivation and more. 

His videos have become very popular among the audience and people subscribe to his channel just to watch his latest video uploads.

He was a former employee of the food industry and he struggled to start a business of his own. But he found success when he discovered how to make passive income from YouTube.

He started creating videos that were good enough to draw in likes and comments from his audience. Eventually, he got an idea to create a system that could help him automate his channels and get a passive income stream.

He has become a self-made millionaire thanks to this strategy. Today, Ryan Hildreth is teaching others through his Cashflow Channels course how to have similar success and live their best life too.

Ryan Hildreth Net Worth

As far as his earnings go, he has an estimated annual income of $80K-$100K as a youtuber and he makes money from other sources as well like brand deals and endorsements etc.

However, those numbers are pretty strange when you see he’s got only 300k subscribers on his main YouTube channel. 

That’s probably why it’s so difficult to determine Ryan’s real net worth. There’s a lot of misinformation online about Ryan Hidreth’s net worth, so it’s difficult to know for sure what’s the real number.

However, it’s said to be anywhere between $30,000 and $70,000. But again, this number is not confirmed.

Here’s what you need to know about the course:

Cashflow Channels Review: Course Summary

As I mentioned above, Cashflow Channel is a step-by-step blueprint for building and monetizing an automated Youtube Channel.

Their system involves getting pre-qualified talents that offer great content at a low price to work on your channel.

These are professional video creators who have great content and ideas that you can use to grow your channel. This way, you can increase your profits while also improving your channel quickly.

The concept of using other people’s content instead of creating your own is not new, but Ryan Deiss has been able to create a good system for doing it. This gives aspiring YouTubers an opportunity to create their own channel without worrying about the creation process of videos.

While the course outline isn’t clearly stated anywhere online, what we do know is that Cashflow Channel also offers access to a private community, coaching calls and a bunch of resources that’ll help you set up the foundation of your YouTube business.


Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

  • Semi-Passive
  • Recurring Income
  • Live Bootcamp
  • 80% of the Work Done for you
  • Proven Experts


How to Join Cashflow Channels:

Step 1: Fill a 15-Questions Survey

The first step is to fill out a short survey. The questions will be pretty straight-forward and easy, and will enable Ryan to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for the course.

Step 2: Hop on a call with Ryan

One of Cashflow Channels’ coaches will set up a 1-to-1 call with Ryan, so that he can get a better idea of where your business is at and what you want to accomplish.

The goal of the 1 to 1 call is to understand your situation, your personal goals and aspirations. It will be an opportunity for you to ask anything you want about the Cashflow Channels course and the business model behind it.

If Ryan is confident that Cashflow Channels could help you achieve your goals and if you’re happy with what you learn from him during your call, you’ll be invited to join the program.

What is the price of Cashflow Channels?

Cashflow Channels’ price is currently a mystery. Ryan hasn’t listed its price anywhere online, and if you search for it, you won’t find it.

This is pretty suspicious.

It makes you wonder what they’re trying to hide…

(We’ll get to that in a second)

Pros and Cons of Cashflow Channels


When you first look at this course, the first thing that you’ll notice is the amount of social proof used.

Ryan Hildreth has a large following on YouTube, and as I’m sure you know, a large following means some level of trust. So, it’s easy to assume that someone with so much success must know what they are doing.

Also, in their promotional videos and on their landing page, the team behind Cashflow Channels show off some impressive success stories and testimonials — including video testimonials from two former students who each have more than a million views on their channels.

That’s no small feat.

(Disclaimer: We can’t assure the veracity of those claims, so do your research!)

The main appeal of the course though, is that it teaches you how to make a profit by doing nothing. Ryan started making multiple YouTube channels and just let them run without touching!

Cons of Cashflow Channels

The Cashflow Channels course took me by surprise in the sense that I was expecting a lot more details and walk-throughs, and the biggest con is the lack of transparency.

When you purchase the course, there’s no clear indication of what you’re getting or even how much it will cost you.

This is VERY shady. If you’re going to promote products, you should at least be upfront with your students about how much their investment will be for your training program.

Can you really build an automated YouTube channel with CashFlow Channels?

This question is hard to answer. 


Well, there are no testimonials or reviews of the program, which makes it difficult to say how successful it is.

In fact, the only evidence that you can find on the internet is from a few people who claim to be affiliates for Cashflow Channels and have a website promoting it.

But there are also many complaints about this program online. A few people have reported that they’ve been scammed by this company and they haven’t received any help from them when they contacted them. 

Others say that they tried to contact them but never got an answer back.

If you’re looking for a real way to make money online with YouTube, then you should probably look elsewhere because this may not be it.

Youtube cashflow channel

Ryan Hildreth and Tanner Fox used to sell the “Affiliate marketing Masters” course. This course taught you how affiliate marketing can make you money online. Ryan now offers his new course, “Cashflow Channels Systems”.

Cashflow System shows you how to make a 6-figure living by creating and monetizing a automated YouTube channel. Ryan says that you only need to devote 4 hours per day to this business model. This Cashflow Systems review will discuss YouTube automation, who benefits, what to do when creating YouTube channels, how Ryan’s course compares with the popular local leads model, and how YouTube Automation compares with that of the popular business model.

Ryan Hildreth YouTube Automation

Ryan Hildreth offers a variety of courses and programs designed to help people make money online. And one of his most popular courses is YouTube Automation, which teaches students how to create and monetize YouTube channels. The course covers everything from creating engaging content to optimizing your videos for search engines. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced YouTuber, Ryan Hildreth’s YouTube Automation course can help you grow your channel and make money online.

Passive Channels Review

Passive income is the holy grail of online business, and Passive Channels is a program that promises to help you create multiple streams of passive income. The program teaches you how to create and monetize YouTube channels, build affiliate marketing websites, and generate income from other passive sources. The program is designed for beginners and includes step-by-step instructions on how to get started. If you’re looking to create multiple streams of passive income, Passive Channels can be a good option.

Is CashFlow Channels a scam or legit?

Is the Cashflow Channels course a scam? Well, it’s not. But the truth is a bit more complicated.

According to them, Cashflow Channels is a revolutionary new way to make tons of money on YouTube with almost no effort. They claim you’ll be able to create multiple streams of income from your computer within minutes.

They also try to convince you that they’re not like other internet marketers who only care about making fast cash at your expense…

Thing is: the website is very shady in terms of information. They don’t give detailed descriptions of what they teach or how they teach it, they only talk about it in general terms, so there’s nothing to back up their claims of what they teach.

They do show some “proof” (I use quotes because I’m not sure if those are actually real or not) that people make money with Cashflow Channels but there’s nothing specific about their experience – and you won’t get much information after giving them your email.

I’m not saying it’s a scam but it’s pretty shady and doesn’t really give you any details other than telling you that you have to pay money in order to learn more about starting an online business.

Can you Make money with Youtube Automation?

If you’re looking to make money with YouTube, one of the best ways to do so is through automation. There are a number of different software programs and services that can help you automate your YouTube channel, making it easier to post new videos and keep your audience engaged.

With automation, you can schedule your videos to be published at specific times, ensuring that they go live when your audience is most likely to be online. You can also set up automatic responses to comments, likes, and other engagement from your viewers. This helps you build a relationship with your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Plus, automating your YouTube channel frees up time that you can use to create even more great content. If you’re not spending all of your time managing your channel, you can focus on creating new videos that will help you earn more money.

Final Thoughts on CashFlow Channels

So, should you consider joining CashFlow Channels?

CashFlow Channels is a program that promises to help you build an automated YouTube channel. It claims to be able to do this by helping you find some of the best keywords, choosing the right types of videos, and creating content that people will want to watch.

And while I’ve already said that CashFlow Channels isn’t a scam, there are quite a few things about it that make me skeptical about how effective it really is.

First of all, with no testimonials or reviews available for this program, there’s no way for us to know whether or not it works as promised. 

While there are plenty of positive reviews for CashFlow Channels online, they all seem suspiciously similar and could have been written by people who have never used the product before.

Second of all, while it’s true that you can use your own videos on YouTube (or any other video platform), it doesn’t mean that they’ll become popular overnight just because they’re posted on YouTube or Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform. You still need to create quality content if you want people to watch what you’re doing!

In a nutshell, it’s difficult to get a good idea of what the program is actually about from the sales video or website.

There aren’t any opportunities for getting more details about the program before making a decision or hopping in a call with Ryan, which is also a bit disappointing.

With that in mind, it’s unlikely that CashFlow Channels will be able to help you quite as much as other programs

That said, the CashFlow Channels train hasn’t left the station just yet. It’s possible that the program could turn out to be everything that it promises, but we wouldn’t recommend getting on board right this minute.

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