Does Chris Winters’ Course Work? Kallzu Ads Review

By Roy Goldstein

Last updated Sep 15, 2021

Does Chris Winters’ Course Work? Kallzu Ads Review


If you watched Kallzu Ads video webinar as I did, you’d see that Chris Winters has an awesome story and looks like a legit guy who knows what he’s talking about.

So, of course, I had to do some background checks for myself to show you the truth in this Kallzu review.

Curious about what I found?

Let’s dive right in!


It contains nine training videos with lengths varying from 6 minutes to an hour and more.

Some of the topics that will be covered include pay-per-call affiliate setup, the various tools and resources you can use in the business, and better offer selection.

Additionally, you’re going to learn about keyword research, how to build your website, page optimization, and scaling your website.

The Founder: Chris Winters

Chris Winters is an internet marketer who developed products including the kallzu ads, kallzu SEO, kallzu pay-per-call software, and kallzu ecom.

He leads a team made up of internet marketers and internet marketing coaches.

What Will You Find In Kallzu Ads?

Here’s what you get if you join:

Kallzu Konnect

The Kallzu Konnect allows you to call affiliate offers that already have guaranteed approval.

They also have seven-day commissions payout, so you can scale your business.

This is already included in your monthly subscription.


Kallzu 2.0

The Kallzu 2.0 is also included in the monthly subscription.

This is a cloud-based call only software management system that helps you manage Call Only affiliates and business clients.

Kallzu Vault

Have leads and want to make money off of them?

Then the Kallzu Vault allows you to generate income from these leads by getting business owners to contact you to purchase those leads.

This is also part of the monthly subscription.

Kallzu Live

Get a chance to rub elbows with Chris Wallace and Kallzu’s top-performing members in Las Vegas.

Learn everything you need from so you can boost your Call Only online business.

You’ll receive instant access to the Kallzu Live the moment you sign up.

Other tools and resources you’re going to receive include exclusive customer support, two live coaching calls every month, and Call Only ads training.


Kallzu Ads Modules

Let’s take a look at the content of the Kallzu Ads pay per call affiliate training.


Module 1: Welcome to Kallzu Ads – Start Here!

The video stars Chris Winters’s partner and Kallzu Team member, William Meers.

Although the course has Chris’s name on it, all the lectures will be discussed by William.

In this section, you’ll be given a quick overview of the training program, as well as how to look for Adword vouchers.

The video has a total run time of 6 minutes.


Module 02: Pay Per Call Affiliate Setup

In this section, you’ll learn about the tools, software, and platforms that can make you more productive.

There’s also an interview with an affiliate manager who can give you valuable information about PPC and affiliate marketing.

Some of the things you’re going to learn to include the top niches in affiliate marketing and the qualities affiliate managers want in affiliates.

The whole video lasts for 44 minutes.


Module 3: Tools and Resources

Here you’ll learn about different tools and resources that can help boost your business.

These include the Kallzu 2.0 software, iSpionage Keyword Tool, Mergewords, and AdWords Editor.

You’ll also learn about SpyFu, Ubersuggest, SEM Rush, and AdWords Wrapper Keyword Tool.


Module 4: Offer Selection

In this section, you’ll learn about the best offers.

You’ll also learn how to use Invoca, an AI-powered call tracking platform.


Module 5: Keyword Discovery

This is all about keyword research, and how to find the best keyword that will boost your content.

William will guide you with how to maximize the Keyword Planner.


Module 6: Website Build Out

Learn how to build your very first WordPress site in this section.

You’ll also learn how to build a privacy policy page, terms of service page, place URL inside your pages, and how to find royal-free photos.


Module 7: Optimization and Scaling

Learn how to optimize your website and scale your business in this module.

You’ll also learn about the different types of conversions, bidding strategies, phone-through rate, and dynamic keyword insertion.

Low search volume keywords and psychographic verticals will also be discussed.


Module 8: Advanced Strategies & Tools

Here you’ll learn how to increase your affiliate platform payout.


How Much Does It Cost?

Chris Winters’s Kallzu Ads training program costs $797 for the first three months.

You need to pay another $39.99 every month thereafter to maintain your membership.

You can pay with your credit card (it accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa), as well as via PayPal.

It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can request a refund within 30 days from the date of your purchase if you’re dissatisfied with the product or if it didn’t work for you.


Pros of Kallzu Ads

  • Pay-per-call affiliate marketing well-focused training.

There’s no perfect training program, but almost everything you needed to know about pay-per-call affiliate marketing is covered here.
Other topics are clearly explained here too, including keyword research and selection, building a website, and even some helpful tools and platforms.

  • Real Life Examples

Module 2 contains an insightful interview with an affiliate manager, so you, the newbie, will know what it looks like from the top.
The affiliate manager will cover topics including what they look for in affiliates and trending niches you can get into.


Cons of Kallzu Ads

  • The rest of the topics are very ambiguous.

The only thing that stands out in this training program is the pay-per-call affiliate marketing topic.

What about other topics?

Well, you can easily find them online if you know the right keywords.

  • It’s so expensive

The training program is available for $797 for the first three months. Then you need to pay $39.99 thereafter.

There’s no doubt that the initial cost of this training is expensive (roughly $265.67 every month).

But you can save more money in the succeeding months because you need to pay only $39.99 for months.


Does Kallzu Ads work?

The good news?

It isn’t a scam.

This is a legit training program where you will learn everything about pay-per-call affiliate marketing.

It covers a lot of topics including how to build your first website, the right tools for your business, and other resources to ensure your success.

Although this is not a scam, the topics are still so generic.

I believe that you don’t have to pay for something like this because you can easily find the topics on YouTube and other websites.

You just need to know the right keywords to find them.

Is it worth your time and money?

Well, it never hurts to try.

But if your finances are in a bad place and you’re banking on this to make money quickly, then I’m afraid that this is not the right product for you.

Here’s A Better Opportunity

There’s still plenty of ways to make money from home and online.

I started making money online as a complete beginner and have made over 6 figures since.



By the way, I also welcome you to leave your honest feedback (negative or positive) below the comment section if you’ve enrolled in the training.

Share with the community your experience because…trust me, this will be very helpful for other people who may want to invest and not sure if they should pull the trigger or not.

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