Joaquin Corrales Ecom Master Program – Don’t Join Until You’ve Read This

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Joaquin Corrales Ecom Master Program – Don’t Join Until You’ve Read This


This guy here is an entrepreneur who claims he will show you how to make $1,400 per day with your very own dropshipping business, in his course eCom Masters.

I’m not against drop shipping, but my first recommendation will always be lead generation. It not only completely changed my bank account but my life as well.

Can Ecom Master do the same for you?

Well, let’s find out!


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What is the Ecom Master Program?


Ecom Master Program is yet another dropshipping course that happens to constantly be advertised on YouTube.

And I’m sure the reason why you’ve found yourself on this review is because of how much it’s advertised, right?

You’ve probably seen the owner Joaquin Corrales on his YouTube ad saying “do you wanna know how I bought this Lamborghini?” before he makes a joke about how he sold a million-dollar start-up company…

And that his parents are rich and bought it for him.

ecom master

After this, he tells you that it was by selling socks on his Shopify store.
He says how through just selling socks on his store he was able to generate 6 figures in income.

I’ve seen my fair share of YouTube ads, lots of which try to entice you with luxury items (which in this case is a lambo)

And a lot of the time, I feel like the luxury items can be a turn-off but, the fact is, dropshipping works so I do understand why some people may give Joaquin a chance.

Then again I also completely understand why you’re here.

It’s always a good idea to do research before purchasing any kind of course, especially one as hyped up as EMP.


A Little Backstory On Joaquin


Joaquin is actually originally from Cuba and he’s always had a fascination with money and business – I mean, who hasn’t?

In fact, when the guy was a kid he made over $5,000 through selling gaming cards online before he was out of high-school.

The dude’s been a hustler since he was just a kid.

Now, he has a decent-sized YouTube channel (a bit over 8.5k subscribers) whilst also working on EMP with another pretty huge dropshipping Influencer, Franklin Hatchett.

This Franklin guy has well over 200k subscribers on YouTube, so he’s a pretty solid business partner in my opinion.

Moreover, the guy also has his own course, eCom Elites, which of course I’ve already gutted for you. You can take a look if you wanna know my opinion about it, or ask me any questions below once you’ve finished reading the review.

But don’t worry, I’m going to explain everything to you so well that you’ll have a few left.

So, the thing with YouTube influencers selling courses is that it tends to give off that “guru vibe”, as in most of the time they’re only in the market to make a quick buck from you.

YouTube ads campaigns

However, considering the influence these 2 guys have, I’m sure they’re not just after a quick few bucks nevertheless, I’ll try to be critical of what’s offered so you can make a confident purchasing decision (or not) in the end.


How does it work?


According to Joaquin, there are a few things you can expect to achieve after taking his course and acting upon the training:

  • Generate $1,500/day in new sales using a store that takes only an hour a week to maintain.
  • Choose products that generate sales immediately.
  • A proven store design template that can be used to sell a multitude of products.
  • You can see the advertising account that they get 1000% ROI from.
  • Access to software and app free of charge.
  • One-on-one coaching with an experienced mentor.

Now, on the surface I’m sure a lot of you would be intrigued at this point right?

I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to generate $1.5k in sales with fairly minimal work.

I can tell you now that whatever Joaquin is claiming is actually realistically possible however, it won’t be easy to achieve.

First and foremost the dropshipping model itself is 100% legit.

However, as easy as it may sound, the majority would find it quite tough to succeed purely because of how much money (and time) you’d need to put into it before you find a winning product.

At the end of the day, it’s always better to learn the strategies that can take you to financial freedom for real.

I mean, without having to spend all your hard-earned cash before, or work 24/7 just to maintain your business.

I’m not gonna lie to you:

When I tried dropshipping, of course I was making money.

And at first I thought it was worth it …

But what was the use of having money if I couldn’t go out and enjoy it?

My situation was something like:

“Hey mom, found a winning product!, let’s get out of this prison and celebrate. Where do you want to have dinner?

Oh, oh, wait.

Now that I think of it…

I have to stay in front of my laptop for 8 more hours because I haven’t yet answered my clients’ reviews, gotta call the provider, calculate how much money I’m gonna spend in marketing, in ads, on the web, in the search for the next product …

Ok, mom. Want to have dinner? Let’s order pizza, but you’re the one paying. Love you”

As you can imagine, my mother was close to kicking me out of the house.

But I was lucky to hang on until I found a way to achieve that dream life: lead generation for local businesses

The only online business model that takes you out of the hole you’re in, fills your pockets with money, and lets you live in peace, work from wherever you want and whenever you want.

However, perhaps what I lacked to succeed in dropshipping was a course like the eCom Master …

What do you think?

If when you’ve finished reading the review you think I should have dedicated myself to something else, let me know in the comments.


Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

  • Semi-Passive
  • Recurring Income
  • Live Bootcamp
  • 80% of the Work Done for you
  • Proven Experts



What does it include?





As for what you’ll get in the course, it includes the following :

  • 130+ video training lessons including how to set up your own Shopify store and Facebook ads training to drive traffic to your products.
  • Hatchett’s eCom Turbo Theme
  • 1-on-1 coaching with your own coach/mentor
  • Several bonuses such as 30+ videos and more.

From my research, I found that the contents of the course are actually quite solid.

With them, considering how many videos there are, you should definitely be able to get your Shopify store up and running and possibly even become profitable.

However, I did also learn that Joaquin’s course is very similar to what ecom elites offers (Franklin’s course).

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the truth is good information within any field does often overlap.

However, TAKE NOTE:

If you’ve already bought into the ecom elites course, it’s definitely not a good idea to spend even more money on EMP.

Anyways, the video training does appear to have solid coverage on Facebook ads training (the most important part to dropshipping) as well as how to install software that’s relevant for producing a converting shopify store.

Ecom Turbo Theme

In regards to this theme, everyone will get access to it along with training on how to use and bolster the conversions of your products on shopify.

Ultimately the theme is meant to increase your store speed, which in turn will also benefit your user experience and may even result in more sales

Side note: The training should be a lot better overall in helping with conversions.

1 on 1 Coaching

This may be one of the best features of the course!

You get the opportunity to talk to an expert within dropshipping and in turn, he’ll help you learn certain things you’re confused on and ultimately improve your results as a whole.

This may arguably be the biggest seller of the course…

Although, at the price that you’re paying for EMP, I’m still not completely convinced.

What do you think?

The Bonuses

The bonuses just include a few other miscellaneous things.

Such as 30 more videos and a weekly Q&A where you can ask the authorities within, questions or problems you may have struggled with in the week…

And hopefully, come out with a helpful answer!

How much does it cost?

Now, moving onto the price.

There’s no denying EMP offers a lot of value within their course but, whether or not the course is actually worth…

What’s being asked of you is a different story.

The price tag for EMP is going to fall under 2 categories depending on how you decide to pay for it.

You either pay for it at once for $1,750 or in 4 monthly increments at $497.

That’s a lot of money to part with, especially considering EMP is more a less a clone (minus a few differences) of the business partner Franklin’s course.

Also, there are a fair few courses out there which offer the same kind of learning experience for a lot less, for example, Proven amazon course or Dan Vas’s course.

If you’ve tried any of them, speak up now or shut up forever friend!

There’s no denying that the content is nothing to write home about, and surely in other courses you can find even more things.

Then again, I don’t doubt what’s offered in EMP is good, so purchasing it’s a matter of how much you’re willing to part with.

There are also cheaper alternative online opportunities you could look into too such as lead generation which is taught within my #1 recommended product (which I might add does cost a helluva lot less than EMP).




From the research I’ve done on the course, it does seem like EMP is very much a legit course and I’m sure it does have solid training on ecommerce, primarily dropshipping.

However, the biggest concern and arguably the main reason why I wouldn’t just recommend anyone to buy into EMP is the insanely high price tag of around $2k.

I’m not new to Internet marketing so I understand sometimes you have to spend money, especially if you want the knowledge in one place.

However, this doesn’t mean I can’t question a program because of its price.

It’s true that once you’ve had your dropshipping in place you can definitely make back your initial investment.

But I also know that paying for ads, testing out products, dealing with customer refund etc. will mean the business can cost a lot more than you might have initially thought.

So, personally I wouldn’t recommend just anyone buy into EMP, I’d only suggest those who have the money or want to support Joaquin, purchase it.

And even then, I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives out there anyways which you can look into instead.

I’d suggest you check out my personal recommendation if you still want to make money online.

So, what’s this method that I’m talking about?

C’mon, you should know it by now!

This method I’m talking about is lead generation.

It has no competition.

The reasons as to why I recommend it is because:

– expectations toward success are a lot more grounded

– it’s a legitimate method that has been working consistently and continues to grow as more businesses want individuals to promote products

– it’s a very scalable business

– and because it’s free to start up, no unnecessarily large start up funds needed.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me regarding EMP, feel free to do so in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have your own thoughts about EMP and would like to talk about it, again feel free to do so in the comments below!

The fam will thank you!

Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

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