Getting to the Bottom of IXQTV Reviews: Legit or Scam?

by | May 30, 2020

Table of Contents:

  1. Is IXQTV Legal?
  2. Overview of IXQTV
  3. What Was IXQTV Offering?
  4. How the IXQTV Compensation Plan Works
  5. The Affiliate Breakdown for IXQTV
  6. The Direct Payment Structure
  7. Monthly Commission
  8. Residual Commissions
  9. Built in Bonuses
  10. How Was IXQTV as a Product?
  11. Did IXQTV Require Special Equipment?
  12. Partial List of IXQTV Channels
  13. From Hardware to IXQTV IPTV
  14. Streaming Television Isn’t Always Legal
  15. Is IXQTV a Scam?
  16. The IXQTV Shut Down
  17. How Flipping Leads for Businesses in 2020 Can Earn You 6 Figures and Is so Much Better Than MLM

IXQ TV is another entry into the world of MLMs that combines multi level marketing with a product that lets consumers ‘cut the cord’ so to speak.

More and more people are becoming fed up with their cable bills or sick of the cost of satellite television. Combined with the fact people are more comfortable than ever getting services like TV directly from the internet, means that a service that can provide the same channels as the big name providers, but at a simple low price should be a no-brainer for lots of people.

Give people the opportunity to make money from this no-brainer. Well it should be popular as an MLM. Only there are a few catches, besides this fast becoming a crowded market place.

The biggest catch comes down to one central question.

Is IXQTV Legal?

In my IXQTV review, I’ll seek to answer is IXQTV legal, and to find out whether the IXQTV compensation plan is a scam or the real deal. Along the way, we’ll explore whether IXQ TV is a good service and how it delivers as a sports app.

Quick Overview of IQXTV

  • Name: IXQTV also written as IXQ TV
  • Founder: David Bremner. He also founded several other MLMs in the television/entertainment industry, including a failed one called vStream TV networks that sold boxes preloaded with pirated content.
  • Registered in 2018
  • Current Status? DEFUNCT

For now, whether or not IQX TV is worth it or a scam is something of a moot point. It’s been shut down and it’s not possible to sign up. This was a highly popular service. Let’s take a closer look at how it was as a service as an MLM, and if there’s any hope in its replacement.

Read on for my IXQTV review and quest to get to the bottom of the question, is IXQTV legal?

What Was IXQTV Offering: IXQTV Channels

IXQ TV offered what they billed as unlimited streaming services, starting at the price of $39. For that low price, consumers were promised a wide array of channels. There were different levels of service however, that allowed for different number of connection streams. Both price models were offered on a monthly basis as well as annually.

The IXQ TV Price Structure

  • The basic plan of $39/month allowed for 2 simultaneous streams.
  • The middle plan of $51/month allowed for 4 simultaneous streams.
  • The highest plan of $63/month allowed for 6 simultaneous streams.

By paying for the full year upfront on an annual cycle, subscribers could save a month from the total fee.


How the IXQTV Compensation Plan Works

Of course this wasn’t just a television subscription service, but an opportunity to make money through selling the television service. The compensation plan worked by paying affiliates both for selling subscriptions to the streaming services as well as by recruiting new affiliates.

The compensation offered both direct and residual payments, as well as performance-based bonuses.

The compensation plan worked by having a multi-tiered system. This system involved having 15 different levels of affiliates.

The Affiliate Breakdown for the IXQTV Compensation Plan

  • The lowest level of affiliates is the Independent Business Partner. This level is achieved by signing up and paying $60/month.
  • The next level up from this is a Junior Executive.  To achieve this, requires generating a certain amount in sales, but this is waived, if the Junior Executive recruits a new associate.
  • From there the additional 13 levels are calculated based on a ‘GV.’ This stands for Group Volume and refers to the amount of sales generated by subscription sales within a group.
  • Only 75% of the total GV can come from any one level.
  • The levels move through Executives, Senior Executives, Regionals, Nationals, Internationals, 3 Star Levels and 3 Precious Stone Levels
  • The highest level is Diamond and requires that 1,000,000 be generated a month in Group Volume.
  • One retail subscription generates 25 GV while a recruitment equals 40 GV.

The IXQTV compensation plan uses a unilevel structure to pay out. It pays both direct and residual commissions. Whenever a new subscription is sold retail, or a new affiliate recruited, there is a pay out that moves four layers along the unilevel structure.

The way a unilevel structure works is that there is one person at the top with every person they’ve personally recruited directly below them, and then when each of those people recruit that creates a second level. The person at the top receives different amounts based on what level the income is generated from. With IXQTV it was paid out to the third level.

The Direct Payment Structure of IXQ TV


  1. An affiliate is paid $10 for every retail subscription sold and $15 for every direct recruit on the first level.
  2. On the second level, the person at the top receives $3 for every sale or recruit from those in the level below.
  3. For levels 3 and 4 the person at the top receives $1.

With these sorts of structures, success has a lot to do with how large you can grow your network. I personally believe this unilevel structure is a big reason why this was such a popular MLM, because with social networks you can really grow, and there is no limit to how big you can make the first level.

But in addition to direct payments at time of sale or sign-up, on the single level, there is monthly commission paid out.

The Monthly Commission in the IXQTV Compensation Plan

Commissions are only paid on the single level, but they allow associates to make money for every month a subscription or recruit is active, following the first month where the initial payment is made to all four levels.

  • For retail subscriptions, affiliates are paid $10 for each one they sell after the first month
  • For recruited affiliates, the recruiters are paid $15 per month after the first month.

There is an additional way to make money with IXQ TV that also runs along the unilevel track. The compensation plan for IXQTV includes residual commissions.

The Residual Commissions in the IXQTV Compensation Plan

In order to determine residual commissions, a system that uses something called Personal Volume or PV is used. These are the individually tracked sales volume by individual affiliates. Selling the retail subscription generates 25 PV per month, while a recruitment creates 40 PV per month.

The PV is paid down 8 levels of the unilevel team. But the number of levels at which an affiliate can earn certain percentages is determined by what level they have achieved.

  • The bottom level to earn a residual commission is the Junior Executive who earns 5% at Levels 1 and 2.
  • Executives earn 5% on levels 1 through 3.
  • Regionals, Nationals and Internationals earn 5% on levels 1 through 5.
  • All the star levels earn 5% on levels 1 through 6, and can earn an additional 2.5% down to level 8.

And remember, the level is determined by how much GV or Group Volume an affiliate was able to generate on their unilevel team. The star levels require generating a minimum of 50,000 GV each month. And to achieve the star level that creates earnings at Level 8 requires earning 200,000 GV per month.

The options for earnings seem almost endless at the highest tiers, but getting to those highest tiers is a tall order indeed.

There are additional rewards though in addition to residual commissions. There are a whole host of bonuses built into the IXQTV compensation plan. These are also paid out on the unilevel team system.

Bonuses Built into the IXQTV Compensation Plan


  • Matching Bonus: When a certain number of recruited affiliates and PV is maintained, then there is a matching bonus of 10-20% of commission paid on 1-5 levels.
  • Generation Bonus: This allows affiliates to make money past the eighth level of their unilevel team.
  • Rank Achievement Bonus: This is paid out on achieving each rank and maintaining for a minimum of two months. At the highest level, the rank achievement bonus is paid out over the entire year, and the rank must be maintained for the full time. The highest level of Rank Achievement Bonus is an astonishing $50,000.
  • Lifestyle Bonus: For those who maintain many subscribers or recruited affiliates can qualify for a monthly lifestyle bonus ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 a month. They must maintain the same number of subscribers and/or recruits to qualify, and they must come from different levels of the team.

With all of these bonuses and additional ways to make money it is no wonder that IXQTV was quite popular as an MLM. But what happened? Does the answer have to do with the product? Let’s take a closer look.

How Was IXQ TV as a Product?

IXQTV offers a streaming television service. There were hundreds of IXQTV channels, ranging from premium cable, to major sports networks. There was even movies on demand. You could also watch many programs and network shows on demand, but you also had the option to stream live TV.

What Was the Cost of IXQ TV?

The retail subscription cost of IXQ TV was $59.99 per month. It’s worth nothing that it cost the same to subscribe as just a customer as to sign up at the introductory level of being an affiliate.

Did IXQTV Require Special Equipment Like Amazon Firestick?

IXQ TV definitely works better with the right equipment like an Amazon Firestick. Google Chrome also works, as do many devices. IXQTV is not however compatible with Apple devices. You also can watch IXQTV directly in your browser at their website.

In addition to being to watch in the browser, the company offers an app.

IXQTV seriously did not skimp on the channels. They offered hundreds!

A Partial List of IXQTV Channels


  • ABC
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • CW
  • Bravo
  • SyFy
  • FX
  • AMC

They also offered access to premium cable, including HBO, Showtime, EPIX and STARZ. And many of the channels are offered in HD.

This includes the premium sports channels, which makes it all better than a dedicated sports app. You could access the NFL Sunday ticket and the MLB pass. It really was an incredible deal to get all of that television for $60.

There were also channels from all over the world if your tastes ran to international viewing.


Form Hardware to IXQTV IPTV

David Bremner, the founder of IXQTV got his start by selling a box top set that had the pirated content downloaded onto it. This ran into immediate problems, as it is always illegal to download content for which you do not have a license.

For right now, MLMs have been proliferating that offer TV streaming services. This operates by using IPTV. This allows television to stream directly to people’s home through the internet, without cable or satellite.

This provides something of a legal loophole whereby IPTV seems to have found a bit of a workaround for licensing laws.

So it seems like IQX TV might just be the ideal MLM.

  • The provide a great product which is in high demand.
  • They offer a retail-only option.
  • They provide a complex and robust compensation plan.

This MLM has only one major Achilles hill. Is IXQTV legal?

For a while it seemed like it was in the clear. And both the service and the MLM became hugely popular. With the highest tiers promising remarkable payouts in bonuses alone, it’s no wonder so many signed up.

But the workaround of IPTV isn’t always enough.

Streaming Television Isn’t Always Legal

The idea that makes IPTV legal is that so long as you’re not recording the TV you’re watching then it’s legal to stream content, even if you don’t own it. This is why IXQTV had limited access to video on demand.

Except there’s a reason why it’s not always so easy to find streams of premium channels, not to mention movies in theaters! And there’s a reason why they are so careful with sports licensing.

Even with streaming television, someone has to have recorded it in order for it to stream. This often means servers where the television is recorded.

Third party streaming services like IXQTV aren’t necessarily responsible for those servers. Instead, an aggregator purchases content which IXQTV then uses to stream. This is called a carriage deal, and the aggregator is only supposed to purchase content from the owner.

However, this is often not the case, and people who are not the owners tend to be the ones selling the good stuff online.

Usually the price schedule is determined based on how many people will be viewing the content. At just $60 a month, it’s not really possible to pay for all of the premium channels, sports and movies. There had to have been some corners being cut in the carriage deals.

And this proved to be the case. IXQ TV has gone under. Now you can no longer watch IXQ TV or sign up for the MLM.

Is IXQ TV a Scam?

Well the good news first. We found that IXQ TV is not a scam. While it was around it provided a good product that was definitely very sellable.

More importantly it offered a multi level marketing plan that offered many ways to make money. In addition to direct payments, commissions and residuals, there were a whole host of bonuses to allow affiliates to make some serious income.

At the highest levels a single bonus might pay out $50,000!

But now for bad news. It wasn’t actually possible to achieve those highest levels. IXQ TV didn’t stick around long enough. It turns out it wasn’t legal and was shut down.


The IXQ TV Shut Down

Since the fall of 2019 IXQTV has had trouble operating. In October of that year, the Motion Picture Association of America got them shut down. It looks like it may have been the videos on demand which were the final straw.

The website now is even non-functional. The domain name is listed as expired on GoDaddy as of April 26, 2020.

So while IXQTV might have been a worthwhile MLM at one time, it’s neither recommended nor an option for you to join now.

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