Global Affiliate Zone Review – Is it a Scam?

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Last updated Jun 25, 2022

GAZ – Global Affiliate Zone Review


Have you ever heard about The Global Affiliate Zone?

It’s a “done-for-you” program to create a complete marketing plan that offers their students the easiest and fastest way to use an affiliate program for a high-class product.

Does it sound interesting to you? Well, this Global Affiliate Zone review sure is. In today’s post, I’ll be uncovering everything about this program.

So, let’s get to the fun part!


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What is the Global Affiliate Zone?

Global Affiliate Zone, also known as GAZ and founded by Mathie Jang and Julian Sherman, is an online marketing training platform that claims to provide training, education, and a “done-for-you” formula to make money online as a successful affiliate marketer.

This is great for small-scale bloggers who are just starting out. They can use this opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing with the hope of making it big one day.

However, there’s also some confusion about what Global Affiliate Zone actually is.

While they mention that it’s a ‘training platform’ and that affiliates will need to apply, many also believe that it is an ill-reputed network marketing company that offers a “useless” training platform and connects you with one of its more famous associated companies normally selling water filtration and ionization machines (Enagic)

The reality is; it’s hard to know what’s the truth. Their site seems no longer to be accessible, and given all the lack of information on their business, I’d take that as a huge red flag.


Who Are The Founders?

The guys behind Global Affiliate Zone are Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang.

If you Google a little about Julian and Mathieu, you’ll see that in addition to being coaches at AWOL Academy, another somewhat controversial affiliate network, they don’t even have a website of their own.

And that’s a huge red flag. Here’s why:

They’re incredibly passive.

Julian and Mathieu have never put a site on the net. Nor do they have their own websites.

Yes, they have some followers on Instagram and Facebook -but the GAZ’s site doesn’t even hint at the existence of a product or service. Actually, it doesn’t even work.

Are they really into affiliate marketing or have they just gathered some information and are trying to sell you the course as “experts”? Do they actually make real money with what they teach you?

How much does it really cost to join The Global Affiliate Zone?

To start (although you won’t find anything letting you know you’re going to need more), the Global Affiliate Zone program tells you that you’ll have to invest $99.

According to them, by saying that “small” registration fee you can even access a personal coach.

What’s the reality, though? From the info I’ve gathered, I can tell you you’re going to pay $99 and then get into a private group.

Something more like a waiting room, from which you can only get out once you pay the $495 it’ll cost to get them to really give you something to learn from.

At this point, with the how-to-make-6-figures guide that you’d probably received in pdf, you’ll wonder …Well, where is that “done-for-you” thing that’s gonna make me rich?

And that’s when the guys at the Global Affiliate Zone tell you that their super-formula could be all yours for another $2475.

So yeah, it’s easy to think that images like this:


Are pure clickbait.

What Does It Include?

Here’s what they say you get when buying the program:

  1. A “done-for-you” formula to promote this program to your list and make money off the affiliate referrals it delivers.
  2. Video tutorials for new affiliate marketers.
  3. You will get access to training for Facebook and Facebook PPC campaigns.
  4. Global Affiliate Zone also provides a sales team that will help you promote and sell it.
  5. Access to GAZ’s FB private group, where you can find support in like-minded entrepreneurs.
  6. One-to-one mentorship and live sessions every week.

Global Affiliate Zone – How Does It Work?

As you can imagine, this is a hard question. There’s very little information about it, and finding a GAZ page that does not (curiously) refer you to the Affiliate Institute website (the other Julian and Mathieu’s business) is almost impossible.

But the whole program would supposedly revolve around giving you everything you need to know to be successful with affiliate marketing.

For those of you who don’t know, affiliate marketing it’s all about learning how to optimize your website’s links so you can easily and quickly generate sales for whatever you sell.

My top recommendation, though, is lead generation, the best business model of 2021.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problems with affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

It’s a great way to bring in some cash flow on top of what you’re earning from your side hustle, sometimes even more than you’re earning from your full-time business (though this is uncommon).

The problem with Global Affiliate Zone (AGZ) is that it seems like a complete marketing scam.

Once you have registered and made the payment through … (your website?), What guarantee do you have that they will send you the content they promise?

What guarantee is there that this content has value? Considering the bad reviews, little information, and the outdated website, I don’t even think the program is working today.

The Global Affiliate Zone Compensation Plan

They have a compensation plan where they pay out monthly to members who recruit new affiliates and keep them active for at least 12 months.

That compensation comes out to be $29.70 per $99 monthly membership you sell.

This compensation plan seems straight forward but the details are not. The 30% source from personally enrolled members comes from a distributor pool – meaning affiliates must purchase this product from authorized distributors who are also enrolled in the program.

Distributors are not required to purchase products from their own company website.

There is also a much larger upfront retainer that goes toward marketing and administering the compensation plan as well as supporting ongoing costs associated with running the program.

Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam?


I know from experience that if a program charges you higher amounts upfront, they’re usually good investments.


Julian and Mathieu’s Global Affiliate Zone has a problem. And that problem is that there’s a lot of misleading information that confuses the buyer.

If from the beginning they said what you REALLY get with the first registration fee, maybe they’d avoid the huge amount of negative reviews they have on the Internet.

In the end, what they’re doing is looking desperate.

They use those $99 of registration as a clickbait to fish the more students the better …

And get at least a handful to keep paying more money later.

It’s normal for people to get angry.


But, before you get into something like this, remember:

You’re not going to build a fortune with just $99.

If you don’t have enough investment to start your business, save enough first before jumping into the pool …

Or it’ll hurt!

So, Does the Global Affiliate Zone work?

The Global Affiliate Zone is based on the “done-for-you” formula, which basically means that they’ll do the work for you.

They’ll be the ones who will choose the niche you’ll enter, and they’ll even provide you with web templates so you don’t have to waste a minute and launch your affiliate marketing business as soon as possible.


Ok, but, does it really work?

Depending on how you look at it.

I personally see it like this:

Do you want to pay that money for someone else to make your business, his own business, and go to sleep without having learned anything new?

One of the most important things to create an online business is skills.

In my case, what I did was invest in a local lead generation training program.

The Global Affiliate Zone doesn’t seem like a good way to start a business that will change your life. And that, in any case, if the system continued to work today.

For me, it isn’t clear whether the affiliate network itself is delivering leads — or whether the affiliate program is even helping affiliates make money.

After some research, I found some affiliates reporting disappointing returns on their initial sales investments. I contacted these people, as well as other ex-students with positive experiences, but received mixed responses in response to my questions about the GAZ affiliate program effectiveness.

While many indicated they were pleased with the effectiveness of the affiliate network, others declined to comment on what they found out once they bought or the actual status of the overall Global Affiliate Zone program.


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Look, I’m going, to be honest: The basics of affiliate marketing work really well.

The low barriers to entry are attractive, even if you don’t have a lot of time. There are only a few steps to join this Global Affiliate Zone program and you can do them all online.

That said, affiliate marketing is no cakewalk. You have to work hard to get good at it and attract new affiliates by providing value each time they click through to your site.

No matter how much you bake, it takes time to bake a brand worth buying. And to this day, Global Affiliate Zone is not the company you would go to for this.

Have you had a different experience with GAZ? Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section!

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