Misha Wilson Reviews – Is Supper Affiliate Network Any Good?

By Roy Goldstein

August 28, 2021

Is affiliate marketing the right path if you want to earn a living online? Is there a special network that provides a helping hand for newbies? Can Misha Wilson be the savior you are looking for?

You will get the answers in today’s review of Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network.

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as it used to be. Gone is the golden age when you could promote products from a variety of niches. Make thousands of dollars and not have to worry about your future. But affiliate marketing courses continue to grow.

I am not saying affiliate marketing is dead. But it is not what it used to be. You need to approach it differently (more on that later).

First, a little about Misha Wilson.

Who is Misha Wilson?

Misha Wilson is the mind behind the Super Affiliate Network. The website claims he is the fastest-growing traffic and conversion expert. Not sure what the fastest growing means. It also says that he managed to hit 6 figures by the age of 24 and multi-millions by the age of 25. They haven’t shared the name of the companies so it’s hard to confirm.

who is misha wilson

A question comes to mind. If you can create a multi-million company in a year or two, why would you waste time selling a course for $100 or $200?

Misha Wilson created the Super Affiliate Network in 2012. It is a private membership community for affiliate marketers who want to succeed.

You can find some of Misha’s workshops and webinars online. He surely knows a thing or two about affiliate marketing.

Does the course give you everything you need to be a successful affiliate marketer? Probably not.

What is Super Affiliate Network?

The super affiliate network offers many resources or products for wannabe affiliate marketers. Following are some of them.

Profit boosting boot camp:

This is a beginner-level course that gives you an overview of affiliate marketing. It explains how you can work from home and build a business. You will learn the basics of traffic generation and conversions. It comes at a nominal price of $7. You can find this information on the Internet for free in any case.

Solo Ad Success Formula:

The second product is all about Solo Ads. Solo ads used to be an effective way to advertise affiliate products. It was cheap and you didn’t need to do anything except finding someone with the right list. They can still work if you are choosing the vendors carefully. But it’s certainly not some foolproof way to earn commission from affiliate sales. This training comes at $297.

IM Profit Formula:

It is a free product. You get what you pay for. And because you are paying “nothing”, you can’t expect to get much from this one.

Super Affiliate Inner Circle:

This will give you access to the community. You will be able to join the live calls where you can learn from the coaches and other successful students. This is priced at $297.

Super affiliate network cost:

You can sign up for free. But signing up will not give you anything (except a username and password). The actual cost of membership is $47 a month. But that’s not all that you will be paying.

The information in the courses is pretty basic. You will be sitting in the dark even after completing the courses. And this is where the real cost lies.

Super Affiliate Network Pro Mentorship:

This mentorship program has a one-time cost of $2497. You will get weekly pro coaching calls, tools, and resources. Some of these include magnetic selling machine, push-button swipe files, and access to the inner circle.

They keep offering programs like Maui intensive coaching. This program had a whopping price tag of $12,947.

As you can see, there are several levels and upgrades and the entire thing can end up costing you as much as $10,000.

Misha Wilson’s Course – Legit or Not?

It looks quite legit at first, but the more you explore, the more suspicious you get. I am not saying that it is a fraud. Misha Wilson has a reasonable online presence. And the course has some interesting information.

It doesn’t look like the course is regularly updated. This is a huge drawback looking at how affiliate marketing has changed in the past couple of years.

Who is the most successful affiliate marketer?

You can think of names like Pat Flynn, Finch Sells, Shawn Collins, or Zac Johnson. Truth is, we don’t know the name of the most successful ones. This is because they are too busy making money.

Most people who share earnings or success stories are doing it for one simple reason. And that is to impress and convince others to take their courses.

There’s nothing wrong with that though as long as you are not faking it.

Misha Wilson claims to be one of them. But as earlier mentioned, it’s hard to find the details for any of his businesses.

Why I don’t like or recommend Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing used to be one of the best ways to make money online. Things have changed a lot.

The problem with affiliate marketing today is that there is a lot of competition. It is very hard to rank your website and get organic traffic. You need organic traffic because the paid traffic leaves no margins for profits.

My biggest problem with affiliate marketing is the lack of control. For example, Amazon recently slashed its commission rates. For many businesses, it means a 50% drop in revenues. Your affiliate program can change some rules and your business will come tumbling down.

The same goes for organic traffic. Organic traffic is the lifeline for an affiliate business. Google keeps making changes to its algorithm. An update can result in a significant drop in your website traffic and you will have to start from scratch.

You are far more secure and in control, if you are working with paid traffic. This is why I like Lead generation more.

This is also why I don’t recommend most affiliate marketing courses. The strategies are outdated, and all you will learn are exercises that won’t work.


There are several things I don’t like about this course.

The course doesn’t talk much about the real thing i.e. traffic generation or SEO. All they focus on are solo ads. You can’t create a sustainable and scalable business using only solo ads.

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