Optavia MLM Review 2020 Update | What You Need to Know

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Last updated Jan 23, 2022

Optavia MLM Review 2020 Update | What You Need to Know


Maybe you’ve heard of Optavia (also known as Medifast) by now.

Medifast / Optavia’s mission is compelling:

Achieve a lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time.

Optavia, strictly speaking, is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, part of the Medifast conglomerate.

Its stated goal is to achieve complete transformation of people in terms of health and well-being.

After all, who doesn’t want to be transformed?

Well, maybe you’re okay with yourself, but want to transform your economy, right?

And it turns out that Optavia seems to have an answer for it too.

The question is:

Can we trust it?

Is this business model worth considering?

What exactly will you get into?

What turned my laptop into a gold mine was not Optavia, but lead generation with ads for business (always my FIRST recommendation). And it’s a bottomless mine, believe me.

But this option may be worth considering.

So keep reading and discover the truth.

Let’s go!


What is Optavia?

Optavia overview

This company is confusing to evaluate, ‘cause you see many different names starting with the parent company and various other subsidiaries.

But I’ve found this:

Medifast is the parent company.

It’s been recommended by more than 20,000 physicians since 1980.

Optavia is a subsidiary of and is the MLM marketing arm of the company.

Before 2016, it was known as Take Shape for Life.

The company was founded by a great duo: Bradley MacDonald (who has passed away), Chairman of the Medifast Board of Directors and an expert on large companies, and Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, a leading critical care physician.

Their Medifast products are backed by medical and clinical studies.

They also have a personal component included in the form of their distributors, or “health coaches.”

So they have some science and research to back them up.

Although, to be honest, there’s no evidence to suggest that their supplements and shakes work better than any other brand.

In a simple way of putting it, their products may work.

But in any case there’s no reason to think that they are milestones superior to the products of other big brands like Amway or Herbalife.

Things I like & Things I don’t like

Things I like

  • Optavia’s products are backed by scientific research. 
  • You can get extra bonuses for things like leadership and personal growth
  • They have more than 37 years of experience in the market.
  • In 2018 Optavia earned $117.3 million, and since then they’ve done nothing but keep growing!

Things I don’t like    

  • It’s really difficult to make a full-time income out of Optavia’s business model. 
  • Their compensation plan is a bit difficult to understand. 

What does Optavia sell?

Optavia sells a line of food products called “Fuelings,” available in kits or as individual items, ranging from whole meals to light snacks.

The complete line is divided into two categories: Essential and Select.

What has made them famous are their more than 37 years of experience, products used by more than 1 million customers and recommendations from more than 20,000 doctors since its founding.

health related products

But their real money makers are their Optimal Health Programs.

These are weight loss programs and kits that allow you to buy large amounts of their food and snacks on a regular basis, along with a “free” Health Coach …

  • The Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan is for people looking to lose significant amounts of weight
  • The Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan is for people who have already reached their weight loss goals and want to make sure they stick.

However, the products aren’t cheap.

It costs over $300 to buy a 30-day BeSlim kit, and that includes just a sample of the shakes, bars, and meals you would eat for the entire month.

How much does it cost to join Optavia?

Optavia products are sold through company distributors.

To become a coach, you’ll need to purchase an Optavia Business Kit, which costs $199 and contains tools, plan information, and 12 months of free access to your personalized Optavia website.


Optavia’s Compensation plan


Optavia’s compensation plan is very different from other MLM companies, but this in itself doesn’t make it completely clear.

Instead of giving their distributors (Health Coaches) a wholesale discount and allowing them to make retail profits, Distributors and repeat customers pay the exact same amount for the products.

In fact, new customers only order products directly from the company.

And this isn’t all that differentiates the company when it comes to distributor rewards.

Health coaches also don’t get discounts on personal orders.

Health coaches are also not compensated for recruiting new distributors.

On top of all that, if you want to become a health coach, you need to purchase a health coach business kit (training and marketing materials) for $199.

Then wait …

How are you supposed to make money?

Well, compensation is paid as a percentage of the retail dollar amount of commissionable goods in an order from one of your customers.

You receive a commission from your clients because they actually have to pay for your training and support in addition to buying your food products.

There are also bonuses for team growth and leadership, there’s simply no direct commission for recruiting.

Also, there are no long-term rank advancements.

Your payment is based only on your current monthly performance.

A little weird, but hey, they’re pretty frank when it comes to their business opportunity.

And generally they’re telling you, if you don’t work month after month or have a team that does it hard for you, then you won’t generate money

Sometimes it’s better to go easy and stop complicating life.

Complicated enough, the job does it, right?

Why don’t you grab your laptop and a phone and start making money from your couch generating leads for businesses? There’s nothing weird!

Just loads of money waiting for its owner (you!)

make money onlne

Is Optavia a scam?


Optavia is a brand of a publicly traded company, Medifast.

It’s ranked number 18 on the Direct Selling News ‘Global 100.

And it’s expanding impressively around the world!

Better Business Bureau even gives an A + rating to Optavia.

The company rarely shares Optavia-specific financial information, but publicly traded Medifast (the parent company) reports strong earnings that are constantly growing.

The second quarter of 2018 marked the largest revenue and earnings quarter in Optavia’s history, reaching $117.3 million.


Their compensation plan is a bit more honest, based mostly on training and product sales, much more than other MLM businesses.

And your weight loss program is healthier and more effective than many weight loss programs on the market.

That’s great, but does that mean you’ll make great amounts of money month after month?

To be honest:

You can get some additional cash if you build a strong customer base, which can help you build a steady and solid but modest source of income.


The truth is that you won’t get rich in Optavia

The only way to go to the club of the 7 figures is to generate leads with ads.

There is no other way!

And believe me, I’m not saying just to say.

I’ve tried them all.

And it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I understood that the key was to create online billboards in less than an afternoon to bring potential clients to the doors of businesses that needed me…

…In exchange for a stable and great income month to month, in the long term.

My first client is still paying me, and it’s been years!

Click here if you want to find out how to maximize your time and earn a lot of money working less than 4 hours a week.

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