Rainmaker Challenge Reviews – Is Rainmaker Academy Scam?

By Roy Goldstein

August 28, 2021

Rainmaker challenge is a course offered by Stephen & Chelsey, the couple behind Rainmakers Academy.

Before we get down to Rainmaker challenge review, keep in mind that it is not a new course. They have picked some modules from the course to create this shorter version. It can give you an idea of the quality or depth of the course (priced at more than $6k).

Such courses are used to get the foot in the door. The actual goal is to get people to sign up for the complete course. There’s some upselling too. You will be encouraged to get the Rainmakers workbook at an extra cost. There’s nothing wrong or fraudulent with the technique. It’s something many online courses or products do.

There are bonuses like Power Profit Tool, Instagram course, or some sourcing agents. The bonuses are not much to write home about. They have also mentioned some prizes and giveaways.

You shouldn’t be signing up for the course for bonuses or lucky draws. The real thing is the training or help you can get to become a profitable seller on Amazon.

How does Amazon FBA Works?

Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) allows you to store products in Amazon warehouses. These products can be shipped worldwide at Amazon rates. It was launched in September 2013 and is still growing rapidly. In October 2016 there were over 2 million active sellers on the platform.

The Rainmaker Challenge Process:

rainmaker challenge process

Rainmaker challenge is meant to get you started on Amazon in next to no time.

The first step is to prepare your products for sales. You will need to create a listing with product photos and descriptions. Include information about the manufacturer and specifications (if such exist). The product goes on sale at a specific price in a new or existing Amazon listing. When sold, these products will be shipped from your storage (FBA). Customers buy your products and receive them directly from Amazon.

This is a good initiative for beginners. But you don’t need to get the training to create a listing on Amazon. They will also share the tools and resources that can save you some valuable time.

Can the 7-day challenge help you make money?

If you are just starting, you might find it hard to digest all this information. You may be overwhelmed because the course is condensed into a few days. The content can be made available for another week at an extra $147.

It can give you a general idea of how Amazon FBA works. It will work as an appetizer but you will probably need to sign up for the complete course. Once you are up and running Amazon FBA can be a passive income source.

Rainmaker Challenge Reviews on TrustPilot:

The Rainmaker challenge listing on TrustPilot has a rating of 4.9 stars with 170 reviews. But almost all these reviews are “invited”. This means that these people were invited by the businesses to leave reviews. This doesn’t mean that the reviews are fake. It just means that the rating is not 100% organic.

Here’s the thing. All courses have some students who find some level of success. You can invite happy students to post reviews. There can be 1700 students who were not as satisfied but haven’t bothered to post a review.

How much does the Rainmaker Challenge cost?

The best part about the Rainmaker Challenge is the cost. It is priced at just $27. It’s not a bad deal to learn the basics of Amazon FBA and interact with sellers who are selling successfully.

rainmaker challenge cost

There are many questions left unanswered. For example, what’s the name of the tool that helps you pick the right products? What about product reviews? Reviews or ratings are one of the most important parts of Amazon’s ranking algorithm. I can’t think of an Amazon store doing well without a proactive strategy to get the reviews. What about the paid ads? It’s incredibly hard to get going in your first few months without investing in the paid ads.

They also offer a Product Feedback Session at $247, which is quite expensive.

Who is this course for?

Rainmaker challenge is intended for stay-at-home moms who want to earn some extra income. The course promises a lot more than “some extra income” though. Stephen Diaz and Chelsey Diaz claim to have the secret technique that can “make it rain”. This sounds more like marketing lingo.

Also not sure where the “challenge” word comes from. This is more like a short course. There are a hundred different courses out there that provide pretty much the same thing. The only difference is the marketing angle towards a stay at home moms. But this again is a simple tactic used to target a specific niche.

What should you expect to learn?

Rainmaker challenge will give you a quick rundown of what’s Amazon FBA and how you can get started.

Let’s have a look at what you will learn on a day to day basis:

Day 1:

You will learn everything about Amazon FBA. Things like why you need to consider selling on Amazon, what do you need to start on FBA, what is an Amazon FBA warehouse.

Day 2:

They will give you an idea of how long it will take to set up and build a profitable business. They will tell you how you can do it sooner than others. You will also get to hear from some fellows who have taken the 7-day challenge before you.

Day 3:

You will get an idea of how much money you will need to invest. They will give you access and show you how to use their power profit tool that helps you with decision-making.

Day 4:

They will give you an overview of some tools or techniques you can do to start earning in next to no time. For example, you will learn how to find the right products to sell.

Day 5:

The fifth-day lesson is all about choosing the right product. You will learn about the 4 most important metrics to check before finalizing a product.

Day 6:

You will get an idea of how to find the right suppliers once you have picked the products. They claim that this training will change your life forever. Finding the right supplier is important for sure but not sure how can it change someone’s life.

Day 7:

You will learn about the secret that Rainmakers academy students have used to speed up results. Again, if there ever were a secret, they won’t be giving it away at $27.

Is Amazon FBA a good way to make money in 2021?

Amazon FBA is a great addition to a long list of legit ways to make money online. But, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It certainly makes it easy to store and ship products but there are some drawbacks.


Amazon FBA is not cheap. Amazon charges $0.99 per item for storage. There are other fees based on the type of fulfillment you use (Amazon Fulfilled, Merchant Fulfilled). They also have inventory management fees for how much you want them to handle. This cost might sound small for big brands or established sellers but not for beginners. The cost will spike if your products are not sitting there for an extended period.

Lack of branding:

You cannot do much for branding purposes. All the orders will be shipped in boxes with nothing but Amazon logos. They will not mention your brand name anywhere.

Inventory lag time:

Amazon requires a certain amount to get and update your inventory. If you have sudden spikes in sales, you need to make quick decisions. Inventory management is a challenge too. Some products are perishable. So what do you plan on doing with those? Stop permanently or ship them back if they don’t sell?

Too much competition:

Amazon is growing at an incredible rate. Amazon Prime has more than 200 million subscribers. That is an insane amount of buyers. But the sellers are growing at an equally high rate. There are more than 9.7 million sellers.

Stephen and Chelsey claim many students are earning between one and three hundred dollars a day and you can do the same.

Rainmaker challenge – Final Verdict:

The course provides you some valuable information for sure. This is not a scam or fraud. But most of this information is easily available on the internet. You will not get a lot of value unless you are ready to sign up for the $6k course.

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