Second Income Center – Legit or not?

By Roy Goldstein

Sep 26, 2021

You can earn between $500 and $1,500 a week with Second Income Center. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to succeed, and you can begin earning revenue immediately without working.

Such dreamlike promises easily fool people.

Is it effective? Or are you putting your hard-earned money at risk by using the Second Income Center?

My goal is to review online schemes such as the second income center because there are hundreds of them. In addition to exposing them all, I also want to promote and endorse the helpful ones.

The goal of this review is to determine if Second Income Center truly is a legit earn-from-home opportunity.

What Is the Second Income Center?

The Second Income Center may sound an odd name for a website, but it claims to help you make up to $1,500 a day of extra income. The best (actually the worst) part is, it doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge or experience. The claim is absurd in a world where many skilled people find it difficult to earn this much in a week.

A lot of ways are available for you to earn money on that platform. There are at least 38 different ways to make money online.

A cheat sheet and video are mentioned on the sales page as tools to help you make money. The video is from a news site, which is used by many other scams. I noticed that right away.

It is already clear that you cannot earn a reasonable income using any of these 38 methods. Is there any money to be made? We’ll see.

Is Second Income Center legit?

second income center scam

No, it is not. It is another example of an online scam. You must not fall for it, and I’ll show you why.

There are problems with the whole system. I can tell you right from the get-go that the entire Second Income Center thing is a get-rich-quick scam despite the so-called success stories posted on the website.

Second Income Center does not offer you help making money as it promises. You will lose money instead. Its sole purpose is to make its creator rich at your expense.

The Second Income Center is nothing more than a gateway to other websites. Essentially, it’s an effort to earn affiliate income (more on that later). A scam named Personal Computer Success is also linked to this website.

Programs like Personal Computer Success are scams. Making money with this is impossible for you or anyone else.

I believe the entire thing is an attempt to trick you into signing up for many different work-at-home courses based on complete lies.

Who Is Melissa Johnson – The creator?

Second Income Center is one of those online earning platforms whose owners and programmers are unknown. Wouldn’t it be a little weird for you to work with them without knowing who owned the platform? There is a name, i.e., Melissa Johnson, but she does not exist. It is a made-up name. Melissa even claims to have gone from zero to hero in just seven. It seems that no one knows who Melissa Johnson is. Her imaginary character made it all seem real.

When you dig into her background, you can’t find any information, and every time you look at her, it’s different. It is like an invisible person giving you advice on how to succeed in real life.

How much does it cost?

This program will ask you for $97 in exchange for access to another program, Personal Computer Success, which is weird.

This service charges people for access to a non-existent program. The people behind it are trying to charge thousands of dollars for “online coaching.”
Coaches aren’t coaches, though, and that’s the problem. They are just salespeople who bleed their victims dry before leaving them to figure out their fate. The truth is that the students get nothing from this and never find success despite spending thousands of dollars.

People are being lured into signing up for the main system by misleading ads and copy.

It is just an affiliate marketing website:

There is no system whatsoever behind Second Income Center – it is just a “doorway page” set up by affiliates of the Personal Computer Success. The entire Personal Computer Success program is a scam, so any campaign promoting it is likewise a scam.

It has 38 ways to make money online that I noticed and went through it. And all are linking to some other site or paid program. What does that mean?

The second income center is just an affiliate program.

People who sign up for the Personal Computer Success program are resulting in commissions for the creator of the Second Income Center. Second Income Center has nothing to do with making money – it is merely designed to get you to join Personal Computer Success.

Things I don’t like about Second Income Center:

Link posting is how Second Income Center claims to help you earn that $500-$1,500 per day.

You need to understand that this is an illogical way to market and a big waste of time. Their primary marketing strategy includes link posting. You are instructed to post links on various websites.

While affiliate marketing can be lucrative, if posting links everywhere and getting the sales were as easy as that, everybody would be wealthy.

The cheat sheet:

Second Income Center promises you’ll get access to a “cheat sheet” demonstrating how to make as much as $1,500 a day online with a few easy steps.

In truth, there is no cheat sheet. You are being enticed to enter your name & email via the promise of a “cheat sheet.”.

At the very least, the people behind this program should have offered you some simple, legitimate information on getting started online. That’s not the case. Your success is not their concern.

What about all those testimonials?

Almost certainly, they are fakes.

Second Income Center uses fake testimonials on their sales page because it is so easy to counterfeit testimonials.

In one of the posts, “Melissa Johnson” is shown, who claims to have earned $12,500 in 7 weeks. Such photos are easily found in stock images, which anyone can use.

Fake testimonials can be easily obtained for a business by hiring people.

Actors aren’t to blame either. Considering that actors are also doing their work, which is acting and reading a given script.

Poorly maintained website:

There is no SSL certificate on the website. The majority of browsers display security warnings.

I’ve been watching everything closely at the second income center site since I scrutinized it to write my review.

There is something that annoys me. Every few seconds, an email-catching software was running and requesting emails.

There’s no investment on the website.

There are also plenty of advertisements. By keeping these ads on their website, the second income center can earn money. There’s nothing wrong with it. Many sites around the world make money from running Google AdSense on their sites.

Let’s say the second income center can earn roughly $5 on a site with every 1000 visitors a month. This site and the second income center claim that you will make 500 to 1500 dollars a day. However, they are trying to earn a few cents from Google Adsense. Couldn’t these tactics be used to earn money for them?

Is Second Income Center a Scam?

Yes, it is.
I’d call the Second Income Center a scam because it is basically designed to trick you into signing up for as many scams as possible.

I was surprised at how many scams I was presented with after submitting some dummy details to test the site. One of the first scams that appeared was Personal Computer Success, but there were many more.

Thus, I am confident that Second Income Center is a poor choice, and I will never recommend it to you since you will lose money if you join it.

Hopefully, my honest assessment here helped you dodge joining the Second Income Center.

Please feel free to add any comments or questions you may have below. When I have time, I will reply.

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