Simplified Dropshipping 3.0 Review – Scam or Not?

By Roy Goldstein

January 7, 2021

Should You Join Simplified Dropshipping 3.0? Scott Hilse’s Program Review 


simplified dropshipping



This is my complete review on Scott Hilse’s course called Simplified Dropshipping 3.0, where you’ll learn eBay and Amazon effective selling techniques. 

This is based on my experiences as a fellow marketplace seller, and someone who was in the game for a while.

eCommerce has some challenges. Though, the lifestyle and rewards are well deserved. 

In my case, I never liked working so hard.

I was working enough at my boring 9-5 job, and what I really needed was financial freedom.

And that could only be given to me by lead generation for local businesses, my top recommendation if you’re thinking of starting a home-based business.

(More on that later)

Now, let’s get started!


Simplified Dropshipping Course Review







simplified dropshipping review



There’s many lessons in Scott’s course, which include:

  • Finding the right product
  • How to price your products
  • Setting up your website easily
  • Testing a range of different products
  • Managing your website(s) for the long term
  • Outsourcing and hiring new staff for your store
  • Scaling your new business to 7 figures and beyond
  • How to sell your site for big profits (I really like this one!)

In addition, you’ll be getting lifetime updates to the course. 

It’s already in its 3rd version, with new content and videos added all the time. 

Plus, you’ll be onboard with weekly live Facebook group calls.

Who is it for?

Scott’s really an advocate of having the right people join his group. 

He wants action-takers, preferably beginners who want to create their own dropshipping store. 

These include….

  • College students wanting a side gig
  • Those working in casual jobs with ambitions
  • Newbies looking to build their own online business
  • Motivated individuals aged between 15 and 40 years old
  • People who are prepared to complete the entire course step by step

What I really like the most is the mentoring Facebook group.

simplified dropshipping facebook




Scott’s very active in the group, and does his best to answer as many questions as possible.

 Plus, the group has a lot of successful students too!

I really like the constant engagement within the group.  There’s a real sense of helpful people. 

My personal favourite is the success stories that are often shared, plus tips and advice from those who run successful stores.


Who is Scott Hilse?

Scott Hilse


Of course, whilst the course is excellent, we need to consider Scott. 

Who is he? And what is his background?

Scott’s been dropshipping for a few years. 

Based on his success, he wanted to create a simple course for beginners. 

He got sick of all the other courses out there promising so much, and delivering so little.

In the course, you’ll also get:

  • Intimate videos from Scott
  • Results that Scott has accumulated
  • Lessons from Scott’s direct experiences
  • The worst mistakes that Scott has had in drop shipping

Scott checks out as a really genuine person, especially when you consider his social media profiles.

Scott Hilse Social channels



He’s got a decent following, unlike others in this space.

Plus, he’s also quite closely connected to Tai Lopez whose reputation has improved in recent years. 

Scott’s an advocate of continuous improvement, and gaining the right knowledge.

That’s definitely something that Scott and I share in common.

I firmly believe that education is one of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve your dreams…

But I don’t think it has to necessarily be education in eCommerce.

Here’s the thing: 

You’ve already spent a lot of money in your education. 

And even if you thought that, once finished, you’d be able to get your dreamed life and enjoy everything out there… 

Well, what did you find? 

A boring 9 to 5 job and a stressful routine where you’re always thinking about making meets ends. 

So, if you’re gonna invest in education now, you have to make sure results will be, at least, 90% guarantee. 

Is it like that with eCommerce?

I’ve tried it, and honestly, the answer is no. 

As far as I know, the best thing to do is spend less than $10 in learning about lead generation

You’ll only have to learn one single skill, and then…

Well, just look at me. 

I work less than 4/hours a day, and I can do it from wherever I want. Have no boss, no worries… 

You know what I have?

A LOT of money!

Final Thoughts – Is It Worth It?

Well, I guess yes. 

However, it’s a little expensive. 

At the time of writing this, it’s $397. 

That said, compared to others in the market, it’s really quite cheap. 

It’s quite affordable, even for more college students.

Also consider the price of starting a traditional business that can run into the 6 figure range. 

Also, this course isn’t as in-depth as most courses.

But you’ll certainly get the basics. 

You’ll learn enough to at least get your first product and your store online and generate sales, either organically or through PPC such as Facebook.

I’d recommend this course, but also consider alternatives.

Especially because even if you think that drop shipping is a good way to make money online…

It’s not the best.

But local lead generation is. 

With it, you can build your own online business without much effort, and finally get to earn a 7-figure salary month even if you’re not actively working

You help businesses get more business, and in return, they’ll give you the money you deserve. 

That’s a massive reward! 

Click here to find out how to get it!

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