Start and Scale Course Review (Worth your time?)

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Last updated Jan 3, 2022

Start and Scale Course Review (Worth your time?)

You may have heard of Foundr, a magazine devoted to entrepreneurship. But did you know they also provide courses?

Yes, Foundr began developing content a few years ago, and their course Start and Scale has risen to the top of the success ladders, garnering a name and a lot of attention.

Do you want a course review? I’m, after all, giving you a fair and honest assessment of Gretta van Riel’s Start and Scale Course.

Let’s get started:

What’s Start and Scale?

Start and Scale is a complete online program that was created by Foundr and Gretta Van Riel to take you from zero knowledge of how to start a business and scale it into a long-term money-making machine.

You will learn how to choose a niche, create a website, pick a platform, find suppliers, build an audience for your brand, market it online, and set up automation systems in order to scale your business in the future.

The course will teach you everything you need to know in order to create multiple streams of passive income, including the following:

  • Launching an eCommerce website.
  • Product sourcing.
  • Creating your own products.
  • Creating your own brand.
  • SEO.
  • Social Media marketing.
  • Get more traffic to your site.
  • How to create content your audience will love.
  • And much more!

Foundr at a Glance

“Foundr” is an online publication that talks about entrepreneurship.

They have a print magazine that has won various awards for best start-up media outlet. It mainly focuses on growing your startup or small business to full capacity.

They’ve published stories about entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses to seven figures, fifty figures, and even 100 figures. They have also covered all things startups, from how they got started to the struggles they faced in the early stages to how they finally conquered the world.

Gretta van Riel – Who is she?

who is Gretta van Riel?

Gretta van Riel is a young Australian entrepreneur who has achieved great success in the online world and business.

Gretta has won numerous awards, and in just six months, she was able to create $600,000 for her first eCommerce business.

Crazy, right?

She is a credible and successful eCommerce business owner, as Foundr, a high-profile magazine, cannot allow anyone to lead in their courses. That’s probably why Foundr chose her for their Start and Scale course.

Start & Scale Review: Course Outline and What it Covers

So, overall what does this course include? It covers a wide range of topics, and here’s a brief overview of each module so you can get a sense of the course and all it has to offer:

1. Niche Research

There are five videos in this module. It’s critical to understand your clients when beginning an eCommerce business, making the product you choose and offer even more crucial.

There are several aspects to consider while choosing the perfect niche, and you’ll learn about them in this section.

2. Branding

Now that you’ve found your niche in the first module, it’s time to move on to the next step.

The second lesson focuses on branding, which includes creating a logo, deciding on a name, registering a domain, and other branding-related tasks.

3. Finding Products

Once you have an online store name and branding in place, start searching for product ideas.

finding products

This module discusses how to locate and obtain things at wholesale pricing, hence improving profit margins! It also talks about negotiating with buyers, dealing with them, packaging process, deliveries, and more.

4. Audience Building

You now know where to get your products, but you still need to make sure customers know about the store and how to contact you if they have any issues or complaints after they place an order.

As a result, this module entails audience development. Different social media tactics you may utilize to increase business exposure.

5. Store Launch

Once you have your products, branding, website, and audience, the next step is to launch your eCommerce store on a platform like Shopify or Bigcommerce that can help you manage inventory of products listed, customer orders placed online, set shipping rates for each order based on weight/destination/and speed, and accept online payments through credit cards.

6. Scaling

Finally, this module discusses scaling. Although it’s fantastic to see your eCommerce business expand, you’ll need to keep the brand image consistent if you want to take it to the next level.

scaling your business

The videos in this module will assist you in scaling your business and making it long-term sustainable.

What’s the price of the Start and Scale course?

The pricing might seem high as the current price for the course is $997.

However, if anyone can’t afford it, there is an option for the payment plan consisting of three $397 monthly payments.

Is Start and Scale Course Worth taking?


  • Gretta Van Riel is an expert in the eCommerce industry with a track record of accomplishment. As a result, she is a knowledgeable and trustworthy instructor for the course.
  • You will have lifetime access to the course. Also, the course is up to date, and you can see future updates.
  • There is a lot of great and thorough stuff available. Gretta has also made things easy to understand and apply.
  • The support systems are incredible! Queries from users are swiftly answered. You can also join the Facebook group.
  • Each module has its workbook for implementation. There is no such thing as a theory; everything is based on practically.
  • Lastly, you have a 365 days money-back guarantee.


  • It’s a little pricey, but they do offer a payment plan.
  • Paid Ads discussed in the course aren’t up to par and could have been better.
  • Normally, due to the high demand for the course, you will be required to join a waitlist.

Takeaway: Is Start and Scale worth your time?

Start and Scale is by far one of the best eCommerce courses I have ever seen, and it has been created by a reputable platform, so there is no need to question it. It can help you take your eCommerce business from zero to a million dollars in the next couple of years.

This course is a complete package of all the information you need to get started with your eCommerce business.

The instructors of this program will teach you everything from choosing a niche market to marketing your products effectively. You will also learn what it takes to start and scale your own online business, and how to make it profitable.You will learn how to create your sales funnel, write sales copy, create attractive websites for your products, and much more.

Start and Scale is not only about teaching you how to start an eCommerce business but also about teaching you how to run it successfully.

Ecommerce business is a serious business, and if you want to enter this industry, Start and Scale is a must-have resource.

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