The Amazon Freedom Course Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?

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Last updated Sep 11, 2021

You’re tired of reading about how other people get rich off Amazon while you keep hanging your head at your 9 to 5 job, right?

Then you may have heard of Dan Vas.

Who’s this guy?

Well, someone with over 60k subscribers on YouTube who has launched some of the most popular Amazon courses out there.

There are many courses that teach you how to make a fortune with e-commerce.

And Dan Vas has created a lot.

But doesn’t the saying go: buy for quality, not quantity?

They’re not the same thing.

In this article I’m going to teach you all about the one that has had the most success lately: E-Com Freedom.

The Amazon Freedom by Dan Vas

Dan Vas claims you’ll learn how to get that work-from-anywhere job you’ve dreamed about your whole life and generate huge money from it.

There was a time when I also thought that this type of business would be my thing.

Who hasn’t dreamed of having something like their own online store?

Time for a reality check:

Searching for the winning product and selling it isn’t easy.

No more than dealing with marketing, customer complaints, and your reputation.

There came a time when I discovered that it wasn’t profitable for me.

I was investing too much time in something that had secured my freedom.

And in the end, what freed me from my job was lead generation (always my top recommendation).

I learned to be my own boss from my living room, using my lifelong laptop and phone.

And it’s a great job, because you help businesses generate more business.

And what happens when you bring a lot of clients to a business?

Well, they make enough money to make you earn even more money.

Amazon FBA works in a completely different way.

But if you’re still interested, keep reading!

I’m gonna break down the whole thing for you.

Who is Dan Vas?

Dan Vasiljevs (our Dan Vas) is a Canadian marketer who has allegedly made huge money using Amazon.

You may have seen his YouTube channel, where he has around 60k followers.

It isn’t a large enough number to consider him an internet god, but apparently he has a lot of online background and claims to be the right person to help you.

His company is currently based in Thornhill, Ontario.

And if you do a quick search on Google Maps for his company, Vas Group Inc, you’ll see that it’s based in a residential area.

So, it seems he has succeeded, right?

Enough financial freedom to work from home with ease.

But, is it real?

He claims to have created the Ecom Freedom Course to help you get to where he is now.

But then again, will it really help?

Let’s find out.

How Much Does The Amazon Ecom Freedom Course Cost?

First things first, right?

Before venturing into any course, I bet you scroll down the page to find out how much the joke is going to cost you.

Here it is:


The Amazon Ecom Freedom course costs $997.

Dan gives you the opportunity to split the payment into two installments, of $598 each.

It can come in handy if you don’t have enough money right now, but keep in mind that in the end you’ll be paying $199 extra.

There are much cheaper and as good courses …

But let’s see if the content is worth every penny.

What can you expect from The Dan Vas Course?

Once you’ve bought the course, you’ll have access to:

  • Step-by-step guides in video and PDF format of all content.
  • One-on-one tutorials with Dan and the people on his team (this, apparently, as many times as you like)

On his site, we can see this one-on-one thing is available only for a limited time.

But it sounds more like something to rush you to buy, cause I’ve been seeing that “limited” offer for a while now…

  • A template created by Dan himself that you can use to fish for a potential customer early on.
  • More than 5 hours of content
  • Indefinite access to the course (that is, even after finishing it, you can return to it whenever you want)
  • Access to the Facebook community of the course.

According to Dan himself (and his website), those interested in becoming a millionaire in the world of Amazon will learn how to find winning products, build a strong brand and attract customers to generate huge income.

You’ll also get to know what tools are the best to develop and keep your business, and the right techniques to contact the best suppliers and negotiate with them (believe me, you’ll need this)

Among other things, you’ll also learn to create your seller account on Amazon and get good reviews to maintain a great reputation after launching your product.

But it doesn’t end here.

The course also covers how to send your products, how to get the most out of marketing and how to get influencers to do part of the promotion work.

These are some of the bonuses it includes:

  • How To Run Insanely Profitable Facebook Ads for Your Amazon Product
  • How To Get Social Media Influencers to Promote Your Product
  • How To Hire VAs to Handle Customer Service
  • How To Upsell Your Customers To Your Brand’s Other Products

What’s good about The Amazon Ecom Freedom Course?


Let’s be honest:

It’s an extremely comprehensive course.

If you’re a little lost, it’s okay to give it a try, just for all you could learn.

In the course he talks about almost everything you need to know to grow and develop your Amazon business from scratch.

Want to know how to become a seller on Amazon? Dan has a video on it. Want to discover the best products? Dan has a video for that too.

Want to know what good marketing practices are to boost you? This course got your back.

Although, it must also be said:

While some lessons last up to 20 minutes, others are too short (less than a minute!).

So there is also a lot of fluff in the content, very basic things that you can discover by going to the Great Google Oracle.

Still, it’s good if you don’t have a lot of time.

And everything is very well organized.

And look, that one-on-one tutoring thing with Dan?

There’s no denying it:

It’s a good point.

It’s always good to be able to ask directly the creator of the course all the questions you may have

If he can answer them all…

That’s another story.

What’s the problem with The Amazon Ecom Freedom Course

I think you know what I mean, right?

It’s damn expensive.

Is it really necessary to spend that much money to learn dropshipping?

I don’t think so.

You have many free resources at your fingertips (and a couple of clicks) that can serve you just as well.

However, the real problem isn’t even with the course.

But in what it teaches.

You want to build an online business that pays you to live your dream life, right? Being able to really enjoy life while you work from anywhere and earn a lot of money, right??

Why then do you think Amazon FBA is the answer?


Let’s be honest:

Amazon is a great site with tons of buyers. It’s crazy to think how many people come in ready to melt the ground, and the popularity it has achieved in recent years.

Yes, it’s an internet giant.

And although the Amazon FBA program has come out as an opportunity for people, like you and me, to start an online business, there are many problems to keep in mind before going blind:

You’re totally dependent on Amazon

And? Didn’t you just say that it’s an Internet giant? Why would I care?

OK, yes.

But are you aware of how much this limits you?

You’ll want to sell a ton of products, but Amazon can perfectly drive traffic to your competitors (and completely legitimately).


Recommending to the buyer similar products that have nothing to do with yours, or with sponsored products that your competitors have paid for and that…
Surprise! They’ll put directly on the page of your product.

You’re going to have to be very, very patient.

It may take you MONTHS to get your products ready.

So in addition to large investments of money, you’ll have to spend a lot of time preparing the launch of your product …
Without any guarantee.

If you want to launch the business as soon as possible, you won’t be able to test the product before putting it on sale.

And do you know what this means?

That you risk being wrong and carve out a terrible reputation thanks to the reviews of those who you’ll later call haters.

But those haters will make you spend a lot, a lot of money, on paid ads.

Just so you can send them to the last page and not go bankrupt.

The competition is crazy

Answer honestly:

When you enter Amazon, and click on a product …

Do you buy it right away or do you look at the recommendations and go from one page to another until you buy where you didn’t even imagine you’d end up?

It happens to all of us.

And it’ll happen to your potential buyers.

There’s a ton of competition on Amazon, and you’ll need to find a REAL way to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Also, you’ll have to adjust your prices by always comparing them with those of others, and depending on what products you do, that may mean that you’ll hardly have benefits.

Is It A Scam?

Not really.

The Amazon Ecom Freedom Course is a very complete program, in general, perfect for those who’re starting in this niche and want to learn a little about everything.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to leave the course with the security of achieving those 6 figures that you dream of so much.

Don’t listen to Dan:

It isn’t so easy to achieve financial freedom with Amazon FBA.

I’ve already taught you why.

And I’ve also told you about the method that CAN get you to quit your boring job from 9 to 5 and start drinking margaritas on the beach while making a lot of money.

There’s no question why it’s my top recommendation, right?

Conclusion – A Better Way To Make Money

Dan’s course can help you start your business with Amazon FBA from scratch, but it’s somewhat expensive and doesn’t teach you the best way to get what you really want:

Financial Freedom.

Or just freedom.

I’m not saying you can’t give it a chance, because if it’s your thing, go ahead!

You can also take a look at other cheaper courses if you don’t have that much money in your pocket yet.

I also tried creating an online business with Amazon FBA.

And, I’m not going to lie to you, at first it went well for me.

I had some good months, and some VERY good ones.

But as time passed, the competition, the time and the money that I had to invest destroyed my motivation …

And my business.

When I thought about getting rid of my old job from 9 to 5, I imagined working at home, or spending my holidays in Thailand while money kept knocking on my door …

Not arguing with suppliers about the quality of their products or reading customer complaints for Christmas.

Nobody said it was easy, but why did it have to be so complicated?

Before Amazon FBA, I had tried everything.

For real:

Dropshipping, coaching, affiliate marketing …
I thought this was my last chance.

And he couldn’t be more wrong.

A few years ago I discovered what really fit with me (what could really fit with everyone):

Lead generation.

Look, it’s simple:

If you’ve tried to create a business, or even if you’re thinking about it, you know that what moves the business world are customers.

Without customers, there’s no money.

And without money, there’s no business.

Businesses desperately seek to attract more customers to buy their products or services.

And in that desperation they usually end up investing huge amounts of money to rank their websites and differentiate themselves from the competition.

And although this may seem like the solution, when it comes time to do the math, it’s all tears.

Is it necessary to spend so much money to generate money?

Why, despite that, sometimes the money that’s expected is not generated?


It’s much better to get free traffic than to pay for it.

In the long run, those businesses will be more stable and always generate a much greater amount of profit.

My point is:

Many times people try to build businesses by going to the more popular and seemingly easy niches (like Amazon FBA).

But they don’t realize that there’s something that’s much easier.

Something that, in addition to giving money, will give you a very profitable skill for life.

That’s what I achieved generating leads with ads.

With my laptop and an afternoon off, I created a couple of online billboards to rank the websites of businesses that were screaming for customers.

I didn’t spend more than a few weeks in the beginning and …



I got the formula to multiply my income month after month.

There’s no other business model that allows you to do something like this.

There’s also no other business model that makes YOU the essential element of the business.

When you drive web traffic for a business, you’re the most important element in the chain.

Thanks to you, they can earn real money.

And they’ll be more than happy to pay you double what you’d earn elsewhere so that you keep doing it for a long, long time.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go crazy looking for how to do it.

You can click here and discover how to stop investing in stinky programs and go sit in the living room and watch the zeros in your account rise like foam.


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