The Flipping Formula Review – What I Like & Don’t Like 

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May 1, 2022

Let’s talk about a course that was launched recently called The Flipping Formula. 

In this review, I will cover everything you need to know about the program and share its main pros and cons.

This way you can decide for yourself if The Flipping Formula is the right training program for you or if it is just another fake trick to steal your hard-earned money. 

Let’s jump right in.  

The Flipping Formula Review: Key Details 

What is The Flipping Formula all about?

The Flipping Formula is a real estate investment education program that teaches you how to make money by turning other people’s houses into profit.

It teaches you how to spot profitable real estate transactions, how to get loans without relying on traditional credit sources, and how to make smart investments to make steady and reliable income.

Who is behind The Flipping Formula?

This course was developed by stars of A&E’s successful real estate program, Flipping Boston—Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour.

Pete and Dave worked for major real estate firms before becoming entrepreneurs. In 2002, they started their own business in the most difficult real estate market in U.S. history. Their success has been featured on major networks such as CNBC, CNN, CBS and NBC, A&E.

Desi Soulhleris, wife of Peter Soulhauser, also contributed to the design of the houses. She has served on several city committees and has also appeared on the A&E series Flipping Boston.

What does The Flipping Formula offer?

The Flipping Formula Online Center

Dave and Pete recently worked together to create a website that offers a video blog and an educational center.

The courses on this website basically teach you about the real estate business and how to get ahead in the field, but the site also has a variety of other courses that range from easy to hard. 

You’ll also have access to a lot of information from former students who have used the techniques learned in The Flipping Formula.

3-Days Bootcamp on Real Estate

At this three-day event, you’ll be able to participate in workshops and meet others who share your interest in real estate. 

You’ll be able to learn from Flipping Formula’s expert instructors, and work with like-minded peers to take your business to the next level.

This group learning opportunity combines the fun of real estate investing with the education of a group setting, providing the perfect chance for real estate entrepreneurs to learn more about the industry and make connections.

These are some of the topics they’ll cover:   

  • Overcoming fear to make big changes in life.
  • Setting clear and concrete objectives for your business
  • Tips for starting your own business and keeping it running successfully.
  • How to think like a successful investor – If you want to be a successful investor (which is different from just being an employee) then you’ll need to have a certain mindset.
  • How to take your business to the next level once you’ve finally got everything in place.
  • Real estate strategies that are customized to your market
  • Market research: finding out what people really want
  • You will learn to go to work even if you don’t have a boss telling you what to do.
  • Making offers on properties and knowing when to drop an offer

2-Days Onsite Training

You’ll spend two days with a real estate professional, who will provide you with one-on-one training and help you set your goals.

You will also contact a mentor in your hometown, so you have someone to ask advice from and seek guidance from.

The Flipping Formula Retreat

This is a 3-day retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada, focusing on practical tips for new investors. It’s called the Investor Summit Experience.

The Good & The Bad about The Flipping Formula

The Good

There are lots of good things about The Flipping Formula real estate online program:

  • For one thing, it’s very easy to learn. This is very important because you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time learning the program and then figuring out how the best way to use it is.
  • I love how the program is broken down into short modules, so you can learn the basics or just go through certain parts you need to focus on.
  • It has a lot of videos that are easy to understand and are well made. The program also has resources for you to use as you take your business to the next level
  • It was created by two well-known and popular real estate investing gurus. They’ve been featured on multiple sites and even their own TV show. 
  • In The Flipping Formula, they share their personal experience and journey in flipping houses. They teach the ins and outs of the business to help you achieve success.
  • The course provides a community forum, so you can be part of their online community through a Facebook group that offers additional support if you have questions or concerns about the program or strategies. 

The Bad 

  • Real estate is not for everyone because not every single person has an extra $10,000 laying around in their bank accounts or credit card line or whatever. You kind of have to have the money on hand before even thinking about taking The Flipping Formula program. 

Is The Flipping Formula a high-ticket scam?

The Flipping Formula is NOT a scam

The course itself is comprehensive and very well put together. There are over two hundred videos that cover everything from finding your first property to reselling it after renovations are complete. 

Now, the truth is that it isn’t for everyone. 

You need to have enough capital to get started. So, if you’re still saving money or looking for an easier way to build a business, The Flipping Formula is not for you. 

Bottom Line: Should you join The Flipping Formula?

The Flipping Formula is by far one of the best courses on real estate I’ve ever seen online. 

As I mentioned above, it’s really informative and helpful. And it really helped its students to get their own flipping business started -you just have to check their success stories on the Internet!  


There are so many flipping courses available, but most of them are filled with information that you have to pay for separately. 

The Flipping Formula is extremely comprehensive and has everything you could possibly need for flipping a property. It even tells you what tools you’ll need and where to get them at a reasonable price.

So if you’re thinking of giving it a try and have enough money, I highly recommend you to do it. 

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