Abraham Hicks Review – How the Law of Attraction Changed My Life

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Last updated Jun 23, 2022

Abraham Hicks Review – How the Law of Attraction Changed My Life


In today’s Abraham Hicks book review, I want to tell you a bit about myself.

The first time I read the Secret & Law of Attraction I was in high school.

Today my life’s awesome: I work from my sofa, make a 6-figures income from my online business, and have enough time to do what I want to and take care of friends & relationships.

Right now, life couldn’t be better!

Did Abraham Hicks book have something to do with it?

Well, here’s what I think.


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Did Abraham Hicks Teachings Really Work?

At the time, I was only thinking about two things: money and women.

I wasn’t very good at any of them, and the law of attraction seemed like a good solution.

Thinking it over now, it only helped me to continue on the path that I thought I was predestined to.

Continue studying, finish my degree, get a job, a wife, children …

And then the cycle would repeat itself.

The worst thing is that I became obsessed for a time.

I didn’t understand how it seemed to be so real and yet I never got results.

If you keep trying over and over again and it doesn’t work, you end up becoming an irritated and negative guy.

And although I didn’t understand it then, I came to discover my mistake.

It’s simple:

Thinking positive is only part of everything that will truly make you successful in life.

What I really needed was something to increase my value as an entrepreneur.

And that‘s skills.


Now there’s this “fashion of positivity” that tells you that only by thinking positively you can achieve everything you set your mind to.

“Ask for it, and you’ll have it”

Well, I think visualizing things positively helps a lot, but being realistic can also be a strong point.

Accepting the bad, coming to terms with it and understanding it is an important part of success.

It’s much more important to be aware and live in the present.

People who have truly succeeded in life haven’t followed Abraham Hicks to the letter.

Before his law of attraction, there were people who managed to stand from the crowd; people who’d never tell you what he says.

What all these people have in common is that they’ve developed a skill, and they’ve made the most of it.

Yes, they had passion, motivation, believed in themselves and made an effort …

But what would they have done without their skills?

How can you get something if you have nothing to contribute?

Life isn’t easy, but that’s what fun is all about!


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Pros & Cons of Abraham Hicks Teachings

Pros of The Law of Attraction

  • Things that used to make me envious, then made me inspired..
  • I found that I attracted like-minded people wherever I went.
  • Alignment before action works (sometimes).
  • I generally felt tons of amazing emotions most of the time.

Cons of Living The Law of Attraction

  • When out of alignment, I wasn’t doing anything but trying to get back in alignment, using any method.
  • I got easily upset when something wasn’t complete or done.
  • Since I was still growing, I was hyper-aware of the lack of alignment, which turned sometimes into judgment.
  • It was hard to be understood by other people.


What happened after?

Although now everything is different, for a long time I had a very spiritual part.

And thanks to those internal reflections that I did very often, I began to realize the things that were going wrong in my life.

I realized I was stuck in a 9 to 5 job I hated, I lived at my parents’ house and I barely had money.

And even before getting that job, I realized that for years I studied something even though I didn’t like it either.

It seemed that all my life I had sacrificed my time and my efforts in things that didn’t give me any benefit: neither financial nor personal.

I wasn’t happy, but I was willing to be.

As I already had some experience in the world of internet marketing, I started looking for online businesses that I could run.

And after a couple of failures and a lot of scammers …

I found a mentor who was teaching the method that was making him earn more than 7 figures a month.

Step by step.

It seemed incredible to me that someone like that could give you all the chewed up work.

I was used to competition: in my work and in other online business models.

But when I called this guy, I soon realized that he really wanted to help me.

So I went full-in.

After 10 months in the program, I managed to make over $42k and was able to quit my job and move into my own apartment.

And since then I have managed to continue growing with my lead generation business.

Today I’m doing 6-figures a month, and I still have a long way to go!


My life has taken a 360º turn.

And no, it wasn’t thanks to Abraham teachings.

If you think about it, it doesn’t make much sense.

Bad experiences matter, and most of the time it’s impossible for us to create them ourselves.

There are many things that are beyond our control.

And many times, it’s those bad experiences that drive our growth.

Sometimes something happens that we didn’t want to happen, and although it hurts, reflecting on it later we realize things that we would have otherwise overlooked.

Also, what do you think would happen if everyone could manifest what they wanted?

Weren’t there millionaires everywhere?

Wouldn’t the law of attraction be something recognized by each and every one of us? Almost like a religion.

If you look at the reasons for his success given by a millionaire, few have to do with the teaching of Abraham.

What they tell you:

  • Work hard.
  • Develop a skill
  • Have enough determination.
  • Try and fail over and over again until you achieve your goal

You’ll need to have positive thinking during your journey, but that’s something evident if you want to have enough strength to keep going.

Reaching your goal will take time and effort, and just thinking positive won’t be enough.

You need skills, a strategy, a plan.

And what’s the best way to achieve them?

Get a mentor and learn.

Having a helping hand that guides you to success can change everything.

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