Top 10 MLM Companies With The Best Compensation Plan

By Roy Goldstein

January 7, 2021

Top 10 MLM Companies With The Best Compensation Plan


If you’re just getting into the world of multilevel marketing, you probably have a lot of questions about how you’re going to get paid.

The industry of multi-level marketing (MLM) is showing massive growth lately. 

Every 10 seconds, someone starts a business based on this model. 

And yeah, you can make a great living if you know how to close deals.

But a lot of people don’t fully research how they can earn money.

You need to understand the ways compensation works in the industry.

Unlike in a normal business, in multilevel marketing, your pay is a result of your commissions and the commissions of the people who you recruit. 

A bit of everyone’s revenue flows upstream to the person who hired them into the company.

Different compensation schemes play with the number of people who have income flowing to them and flowing from them as well as everyone’s share of the pie.

Companies add their twist to each compensation plan to sweeten the pot for prospective associates.

Some companies add bonuses or perks upon reaching certain sales or recruiting benchmarks. 

Other companies offer “levels” which you can climb based on your merits to get a larger share of commissions.

Even if you understand the basic concept of a given MLM’s compensation plan, be sure to read the fine print before making the commitment.

To make your life easier, I bring you 10 MLM companies that you can take a look at if you’re interested in this field.

They’re the ones with the best compensation plan you can find on the market.


MLM has never caught my attention.

Honestly, basing your salary on commissions and having to get people under the stones just to get enough money to make ends meet …

Well, it’s not my thing.

My thing is to live relaxed, work when I feel like it, help small businesses to get leads while they pay me a good amount of money for the work that my online billboards ads do for me. 

Lead generation is my #1 recommendation if you’re looking for a way to achieve financial freedom. It’s the business model that allowed me to radically change my life a year ago, and in which I’m still involved, growing, and getting more benefits than in my entire life.


I’ll tell you about it later.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 MLM companies with the best compensation plans!

Top 10 MLM Companies With The Best Compensation Plan


  • Tupperware

Tupperware is one of the oldest and best known multilevel companies.

People have been selling Tupperware since the 1950s!

    The founder of the company was one of the pioneers of direct selling, realizing that it offered women a way to earn money when many weren’t working outside the home.

    Today, there are 2.9 million Tupperware sales representatives. 

    The average consultant made about $710 in 2019.

    You can get paid this way: 

    • 35% commission based on personal sales.
    • Royalty bonuses paid depending on the sales your organization does.
    • 4-12% on bonuses depending on your rank.

    • Nu Skin

    Nu Skin is a multilevel company that sells anti-aging skincare and nutritional products.

    It was founded in 1984 in Utah.

    In the early 1990s, the FTC investigated the company for making unsubstantiated claims about its products; the company eventually had to pay a fine of 1.5 million dollars.

    Active Nu Skin distributors earn an average of $150.53 per month, according to the company’s Distributor Compensation Summary.

    You can get retail commissions (from 5 to 25%), a 5 to 40% of your CSV (commissionable sales volume) depending on the rank you hold in the company, and a leading bonus that grows depending on how active you are growing your downline (2.5-10%)

    • Mary Kay

    Established in 1963, Mary Kay is a multilevel beauty company known for its distributor incentives. 

    In 2018, the company was named the sixth largest MLM company in the world by Direct Selling News.

    Mary Kay is one of the most popular MLM companies for a reason:

    They take care of you.

    Their rewards are what set them apart, their most popular being the iconic pink Cadillac.  


    They also offer luxury travel and rewards like jewelry and tech gadgets.

    The earning potential is clear: 

    Every retail distribution you make allows you to take home 50%, which is one of the highest percentages in the MLM industry.


    • DoTerra



    What they sell:

    Lifestyle products, including their renowned line of essential oils. 

    Compensation plan: 

    They offer three ways to win: 

    • Retail Profit (paid monthly): 25% of the profit made from retail customers.
    • Fast Start Bonus (paid weekly): You earn on new affiliates’ personal volume (PV) for the first 60 days.
    • Power of 3 Bonuses (Paid Monthly): You build three levels of matrices and win at each level.


    • Thrive (Le-vel)


    So, Thrive is focused on lifestyle products geared towards weight loss.

    Their payment plan is suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

    As a brand promoter, you earn 20% on your customers’ orders. When customers enroll in the Autoship Program, you get free products every month.

    You also earn in the single-tier method: Up to 8% at each tier in your placement tree.

    The best part of the Tier payment plan: 

    The bonuses. 

    You earn cash bonuses for luxury vehicles and you even enjoy Lifestyle Getaway trips.


    • LifeVantage

    LifeVantage is all about selling biohacking products related to fitness, beauty, and nutrition.


       You can join in two different ways:

      • Preferred customers – buy products at wholesale prices.
      • Distributor: You earn commissions from your downlines and your deliveries.

      They provide a complex plan for beginners. 

      But you can prosper if you know how to market and commit for the long term.

      Here are the ways you can generate income:

      • Retail distributions – paid per order.
      • Smart Start Bonus – paid weekly.
      • Launch Bonus – paid weekly.
      • Royalty Commission – paid monthly.
      • Generational Leveling Bonus – paid monthly.
      • Elite bonus – paid monthly.
      • Achievement Bonus Rank – One Time Bonus.
      • Business Center: An additional stage to earn commissions.


      • WOR (L) D GN


      You’re gonna sell lifestyle and training technology.

      Their payment plan is simple, making it perfect for you if you are just starting out with MLM companies.

      You simply add to your downline as you level up.

      You start as a member of the team, where you distribute products. 

      Next, move into a set constructor, supporting your two groups (or lines).

      As you build your groups, you can add even more downlines within the left and right set as a team builder.


      • Total Life Changes


      They sell lifestyle products, including beauty and hygiene, skincare, and essential oils

      Join as a representative, then start earning on the products you distribute.

      Their payment plan is a hybrid binary. Here are several ways to win:

      • Retail benefits and commissions: You earn more as your customer base buys products.
      • Quick Start Bonus: 50% commission on first order from recommended Independent Business Owner (IBO).
      • Binary payment: Commission to which you refer and the purchases made to the referred persons, also through your two teams.
      • Matching Bonus: Up to 50% of what referred IBOs earn from their binary commission.
      • Lifestyle Bonus: Refunds of up to $ 1,500 to offset your business expenses, paid monthly.


      • 5Linx 

      5Linx is an MLM company focused on home essentials, business solutions, and wellness products.

      Their compensation plan is a bit complex for beginners. 

      But it offers many extraordinary opportunities.

      You can move up the ranks of earned positions, taking home additional bonuses and residual commissions on personal orders referred deliveries, and team distributions.


      • ARIIX 

      If you work with them, you’re going to distribute lifestyle brands, including Nutrifii, Puritii, and Nucerity.

      They provide the industry’s first multi-line compensation plan, called Activ8. You’re not limited to the width or depth of typical matrix plans.



      They provide a 50% payout, which is the highest commission structure available.

      Another incredible benefit: They use a cost of living increase algorithm to fully support you as you grow over time.

      Why I didn’t choose the MLM business model

      Have you ever dreamed of achieving a laptop lifestyle? 

      That was my dream for a long time. 

      Joining an MLM company seems like the easiest option …

      To fall into a dirty old trap.

      When I lived with my parents, I’d sign up for any job offer I saw.

      I spent my afternoons on the internet looking for ways to earn money and fend for myself.

      But they never called me, and if I tried to make some money online, I would end up failing over and over again.

      I had the account at $0 and had no idea what to do.

      My parents aren’t rich, so they couldn’t afford to keep me home as a “parasite” until 40.

      One day, I received a call from a very nice and cheerful girl.

      “We’ve loved your profile, can we arrange an interview this Friday?”

      Because of the job offer, I still didn’t really know what was going on.

      But I was desperate, and it sounded good.

      Have you seen any?

      They basically say that you have to sell, you can meet amazing people, earn a lot of money, and work whenever you want.

      Pretty good, right?

      So, believing that I finally had a chance to change my life, I went.

      And instead of an interview, I found myself at a convention that seemed more like brainwash.

      What’s known, in full rule, as a pyramid scheme.




      I ended up working for that company for a couple of months, and although it seems ironic, I don’t regret it.

      I had a really bad time:

      I worked long hours, tried to get people everywhere, didn’t have time to enjoy my friends, family, life (and I was only 23 years old!)…

      But I got to such a point of despair that, at night, I kept looking, even more eagerly, for another way to earn a living.

      And when I discovered lead generation, I dropped everything.

      By generating leads for local business you don’t have to recruit anyone or spend the money you earn on meaningless conventions.

      You have a computer and a phone?

      Awesome, you can start now.

      Ten months after starting my lead gen business, I had already made over $42k.

      And now I have a steady flow of a 6-figure semi-passive income every single month.


      It all boils down to this:

      Online billboards ads.

      I did an amazing online training program that showed me EXACTLY how to set up one of those, in just an afternoon. I learned about the wide range of niches I could get into, which were the hottest ones. I saw real-life examples, met people that were doing a huge amount of money after a couple of months of starting. 

      At first, I was scared of another failure. 

      I didn’t really have any coding or high-level knowledge, so…

      How could I get there?

      But the truth is, this course gives you all the resources and tools. 

      They explained everything to me step-by-step and with the help of the mentors and the awesome community…

      Now I own an apartment in Miami, Florida, and I’m living by my own rules.

      If this sounds like something you’ll wanna try, just click here

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