Is Alex Becker a Scam? Or Does His System Actually Work?

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

What You Don’t Know About Alex Becker’s Courses – Is He Legit?


If you’re wondering if Alex Becker is legit I’m here to help you find out.

You’ve probably seen his YouTube videos and are wondering if the guy is for real.

You’re probably like I used to be; every time you see someone who has managed to make millions while still being young, your first thoughts are skeptical.

That they must be scam artists or at least somehow dishonest, right?

Because honest people don’t make fortunes when they are young, right??

Well, first of all: Wrong.

There are plenty of self-made millionaires that made their millions in their twenties or even as teens.

And I’m not talking about the unicorn movie star or pop queen.

Or scam artists for that matter.

I’m talking about legit entrepreneurs that managed to build companies that were so high in demand that they generated fortunes for them.

I’m sure you know people like these exist, but they probably seem so far away from your personal bubble that they might as well be fiction.

But let me assure you, they are real and they are just regular people just like you or me.

Many of them aren’t even exceptionally intelligent or gifted.

But they all have something in common.

They believe in themselves and don’t talk themselves down from trying.

They have the right mindset and behavior models.

This seems to be the secret behind the success of Alex Becker as well.

Before I keep talking about him, I’d like to remind you that these types of people sometimes get what they get because they look in the right direction.

Towards business models that can really work.

Towards good opportunities.

And the best of all, my top recommendation, is lead generation for local businesses.

It’s the kind of online business model that allows you to earn a 7-figure salary without leaving your couch …

And one who writes this post tells you while the commas roll into my bank account!

Right now, it’s your best option if you want to look like people like Alex Becker (or me)

Now, let’s get started!


Who is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker is known to be a multi-millionaire author and also an online marketing entrepreneur.

He’s the founder of some successful companies like Spekter Labs and Marketing hero which are now doing good in its industry that is all about online marketing.

He ‘s considered as a social media influencer.

On Youtube, he currently has more than 400k subscribers, 266k followers on Instagram, and has a Facebook page of more than 60k.

These numbers make him a social media influencer and also the reason why a lot of people are thinking that his services and courses are just a scam.

While I am doing this review and had my own research, I found something interesting about Alex Becker.

During his 20’s he needed to find a way to support himself and the good thing is he had the mindset of an entrepreneur so he came up with a lot of ideas and products to offer.

And that’s by helping internet marketers earn money in some niches.

Now he is a multi-millionaire artist known for his courses and products about online marketing.

Alex also does live events to give advice to those people who want to have the same mindset as he has in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

He has a special mindset that will surely help to generate more profits for his target market as he continues to grow and deliver value.



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Alex Becker net worth (Hero Consulting Academy)

Alex Becker is an internet entrepreneur, and even though he has been making and building a lot of money for a long time, he’s not a recognized face in the media.

Alex  is the co-founder of the SEO company Source Wave Marketing that has helped many e-commerce shops to rank their products at top positions on Google search results. He also owns a successful online business and earns around $10,000 to $60,000 per day.

The estimated net worth of Alex Becker is around $15 million as of January 2022. The credit goes to his job as an internet entrepreneur and search engine optimization expert. Moreover, he earned millions of dollars by selling his SEO company Source Wave Marketing in 2012.


What does he offer?

Most of his services and products are more focused on courses about internet marketing and dropshipping or also known as e-commerce.

And let’s discuss some of it, those services that I think you can use.

The Ten Pillars Of Wealth

Alex is also known as an author, and one of his famous books is The Ten Pillar Of Wealth.

The reason why he wrote this book is to show people how to create their own future by being an entrepreneur.

This book has 10 different chapters or in the book itself, Alex called it pillars.

  • Rejecting Getting Rich Slow
  • Separating Time From Money
  • Accepting That You Must Be Better Than Everyone Else
  • Knowing Every Little Thing Is 100% Your Fault
  • Adopting And Abundance Mindset
  • Forgetting “What If” And Focusing On “What Is”
  • Mapping Out Actions That Achieve Goals
  • Focusing Solely On What Gets You Paid
  • People Give Money To People That getting People
  • Find Competitive Friends And Suitable Mentors


It’s his advice for an action plan to help you become wealthy and financially secure.

Market Hero

This is an email marketing platform that is personally owned by Alex Becker and has given him a lot of money…

I’m not talking about a small amount of money here, but millions of dollars per year!


This platform will help internet marketers to increase their ROI or Return On Investment and help you in making more money with the use of their email marketing.

Market Hero is a SAAS service and that means Alex Becker is getting income from its customers, that’s why he gets millions of dollars per year.

SEO Training

This is another business that Alex Becker established, but this time he has a partner company which is Source University.

With this SEO training, you’ll be provided with SEO techniques and you’ll learn how to use PBN or Private Blog Network.

E-Commerce Training

One of his niches is about e-commerce.

For sure you are aware of what Shopify is and how it works, right?


It’s one of the most successful dropshipping across the internet.

Alex Becker has come up with a course where you’ll learn to use the dropshipping business model.

Basically, he earns money on providing this course plus a bonus from Shopify every time one of his customers sign up for a Shopify account.

What I Don’t Like About Alex Becker

So let’s be honest with this review.

I actually don’t find anything to hate about Alex Becker and its services.

He did nothing but to share with people how he came up to his position now and earn money at the same time.

There are proven things that his services work and it shows by having a lot of followers all over the social media.

But there’s one thing that I want to warn you about.

Most of his courses are expensive and I kinda think a bit overpriced.

This means that, in order for you to get some of his services you need to invest like $2000 just for one course!

This is a big amount of money that not all of us have, right?

Anyway, you don’t need to worry as there are a lot of alternative ways to earn money online.

It just depends on what you want to try.

Alex Becker hit the 7-figure income by selling courses or working with dropshipping, right?

But I did the same just with my laptop and phone, generating leads for local businesses.

It’s by far the best online business model.

And the cool thing about it, it’s that you don’t really have to spend $2k to start.

I got my dreamed lifestyle spending about $10 to start learning what lead gen was about, and look at me now!

What I Like About Alex Becker

There’s one thing that I’m excited for you to find out about Alex Becker and its services.

Here’s the thing that I like about him and his products:

Alex Becker offers free webinars

This is something to look forward to.

Having this free webinar is a big help especially if you are someone who’s just starting with the business.

This is also the way Alex promotes his other paid services.

Free webinars work like a free trial of what you will get when you buy the service.

It’s also a way to prove that you have legit tools and services to offer.



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Final Thoughts – Is Alex Becker a Scam?

After all the research that I’ve done to give you enough facts about Alex Becker and its services, I can say that he’s not a scam.

Alex offers legit tools and courses that will definitely help you in earning money with your business through online marketing.

However, I can only recommend this to someone who does have a budget to invest in courses.

For beginners, you can still take advantage of the free webinars he offers.

So, is Alex Becker legit?

Yes, in my opinion the guy is legit if it isn’t clear by now.

He has created wealth on his own terms very young, he lives life on his own terms and gives away a lot of useful information on his YouTube channel.

I personally find that you can probably get the most value out of his free YouTube channel, especially now that he has transformed it into something that’s not meant to sell his MMO products.

Sure, his former marketing campaigns might have given him a bit of a MMO Guru rep but he’s definitely turned a new chapter in his life.

The fact that he stopped doing MMO stuff and actually talks openly about unethical marketing and other problems that go on in that niche is a really respectable move.

He might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think he’s actually highly intelligent and knows what he’s talking about.

You can learn a lot just by watching how he presents himself.

One last thing I love about his message is that he has mentioned several times that the thing that’s actually holding most people back is their own behavior and patterns.

If you want to become successful, you will have to learn how to change your behavior. How to stop procrastinating and start focusing on your work, do it consistently etc.

The sad truth is that it’s a lot harder than you think.

Especially if you plan to follow in his footsteps.

And that can put you back, right?

Because at the end of the day, getting up early every morning to go to your boring job from 9 to 5 isn’t easy.

Neither is trying to make ends meet with such a poor salary, right?

That is why it’s VERY IMPORTANT to think carefully about the type of business in which you’re going to embark.

Dropshipping and e-commerce seem like good options, but I have tried to tell you that although they generate benefits …

The cost is sometimes too high.

For me, the easiest and most VALUABLE way to get money was lead generation.

I learned a single skill, I didn’t have to sell a kidney to learn it …

And to this day, even while I sleep, I have online billboards that took me no more than a couple of hours to set up, generating business for other businesses while they generate money for me.

Sounds amazing, right?

That’s because it is.

Click here and find out for yourself.

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