6 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses You Need To Know

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

6 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses You Need To Know




Making money online is something many people dream of.


I used to be one of those people.


I’m living that dream today, but actually, it wasn’t thanks to affiliate marketing.


Before any other business model, I’ll always recommend the one that I think is the best of all: lead generation.


The job of creating online billboards for money-hungry companies is now the job paying for my dreamed life!


But don’t think I didn’t try to do the same with affiliate marketing first.


And in my adventures with affiliate marketing, I tried several courses without which I probably would have ended up going broke.


Affiliate Marketing can be a tough nut to crack for someone starting out…


But with some expert tuition from any one of these courses I’m gonna show you, maybe you can succeed.


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1. ClickBank University




If you want to become an affiliate marketer by yourself, then you should definitely enroll in this course.


Clickbank University course is broken up into 8 weeks and it guides you on how you can create your informational product.


On the internet, very few courses are available that teaches how you can create your own affiliate products



  1. All the lessons are great for beginners who want to learn how to create an informational product
  2. To be honest, the quality of the videos is really awesome.
  3. They will teach you how to build an affiliate site using the Clickbank platform where hosting is free (but you have to buy the domain)
  4. Members who want personal support: there’s a forum & webinar to help you.


  1. After finishing up to 3 weeks, they’ll ask to submit the tickets which I think is a little bit annoying.
  2. You are given a forum to discuss your problems but for some people, it may not feel personal.

2. 12minuteaffiliate


12minuteaffiliate is another affiliate marketing course for beginners as well as pros who never succeed online.


But hey! Don’t believe in the course name..


Of course you won’t become a successful affiliate marketer in 12 minutes.


It’s a new affiliate marketing course that promises you to teach how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.



  1. It’s the best course if you want to learn how to build a legit business model.
  2. They promise 60 days money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with this course
  3. Their all-done-for-you system is really great for beginners.
  4. Devon Brown & David Sloan are kind and friendly people.


  1. To get success on this on your affiliate business you need traffic.
  2. The initial cost is lower but after that, you have to pay more to continue this course.


3. Super Affiliate System


Super Affiliate System 3.0 is an affiliate marketing training course that teaches how to build an affiliate marketing business.


In this course, you’ll find how to create massively profitable affiliate campaigns.


The main things that are focuses on this course are:


  1. They provide detail training for Affiliate Marketing (i.e best for beginners)
  2. Possible to start earning “quickly”
  3. Provide you ready-made landing pages & swipe copy
  4. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  1. Some black hat sales tactics are used in this course.
  2. Unrealistic Claims
  3. Course is focused only on paid traffic.


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4. CommisionHero


CommisionHero is an affiliate marketing system that’s made for beginners who are still struggling to make money online.


The founder of this training program is Robby Blanchard who’s known for Clickbank as one of the best and super successful affiliate marketers.



  1. Training tactics are really amazing. .
  2. He provides one-on-one assistance.
  3. In this course, you have access to ads and images.
  4. This course claims a 12-months success guarantee.


  1. This course is quite expensive
  2. Is questionable if you’re gonna build a long-term/ steady flow of income


5. EzbizCoach


Ezbizcoach is an affiliate marketing system that teaches you how to boost your affiliate marketing income.


It’s a beginner-friendly course whose founder will guide you step-by-step on how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch in a specific niche.



  1. In this course, the founder doesn’t promise you to make you rich overnight and he genuinely says that it would take you time to make money online.
  2. The founder is avoiding lying here and the sales videos are clear about how you’d be making money online.
  3. The course comes with a money-back guarantee.
  4. The price is lower than other affiliate marketing courses.


  1. The founder is trying to use Vague Content.
  2. Jim Daniel’s (the founder) guide would be for limited niches.


6. Free Affiliate Marketing Course By Tyler Stokes (Udemy)


If you’re a pure beginner in affiliate marketing then this free course is perfect for you.


If you don’t know how to start, which niche is perfect for you, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about affiliate marketing… then this course will teach you everything.


Tyler Stokes is the creator of this course and he has more than 10 years of experience in this industry.


What you’ll learn in this course:


  • Get Started With Affiliate Marketing
  • How Affiliate Marketing Can Work for YOU
  • Setting Up Your Website for Success
  • Attracting targeted visitors.
  • Choosing a Niche – Very Important Step
  • Start Making Commissions
  • Secrets of Profits that Nobody Will Share With You

Those who don’t have a budget to purchase an affiliate marketing course then they can go with this free course.


You’ll learn a lot of things inside this free tutorial about how affiliate marketing works.


Why Lead Generation Beats Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a type of business in which your income is based purely on commissions that can range from a measly 1% upwards.


Yes, there are people who are lucky and get a lot of money.


But you have to understand that in addition to being a MASSIVE market full of competitors better prepared than you …


You’ll have to invest a lot of time and money to get the benefits you expect.

That’s why affiliate marketing ended up tiring me out.


In the list above there are legitimate and interesting courses if you still want to give it a try (and, who knows, you might be lucky).


But I encourage you to ask yourself, first of all:


What is the business model that really fits what I am looking for?


What do you want?


Working long hours to earn a lot of money … and not being able to spend it on anything because you have to keep working?

Fight in an ocean full of sharks to make your mark and stand out?


Or, what you really prefer is …


Work very few hours from where you want and when you want while you reach 6 figures?


I bet the latter, right?


So, you have to look where I looked:


Towards lead generation.


Think of it like this.


For a business to advance, they need potential customers to become buyers of their business or service.


Regardless of the sector a company belongs to, they need quality leads.


The lead generation strategy focuses efforts to capture quality leads in order to increase the possibility of closing a sale on behalf of a business.




For businesses, finding a person with the skills to continually drive traffic to them (and therefore make money for them), hiring them would mean:

  • A saving of time and money
  • An increase in their sales
  • Relevant information about their target audience

And how much do you think they would pay a person capable of doing it?


Well, if my bank account spoke it would give you a lot of numbers.


But I’ll tell you, to give you an idea, that MORE than you could ever earn in your 9 to 5 job (and many times, much more than you could earn from affiliate marketing)


So yes, you can try jumping into the affiliate marketing pool.


And if you do, you better try one of the courses that I’ve told you about first.


But if you want to achieve that lifestyle laptop that you dream of so much …


What are you waiting for?


Click here to get started right now.

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