8 Best Amazon FBA Courses – Unbiased Review [2021]

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Best 8 Amazon FBA Courses – Unbiased Review


You’ve been looking for ways to make real money online and you’ve seen loads of ads everywhere telling you to give “Amazon FBA” a try, right?


So now you’re wondering…


“What the hell is it? And, can I really make money with that?”


Amazon FBA program is very useful to help you scale up your business and reach a lot of customers.


Basically, if you join this program, your products will be eligible for Amazon Prime, free shipping, and many other offers from Amazon.


But, how to do it?


Amazon has a free Amazon FBA course for teaching you some basic knowledge and skills for starting a new Amazon FBA business.

You only need to learn about how you can sell your products, and then Amazon will be the one who’s responsible to pick up and ship your products.


However, you can buy some paid courses for getting some shortcuts for being a successful Amazon FBA seller today.


And here I’m gonna show you the best proven Amazon FBA courses for you.


But before diving into it, let me tell you something:


Remember that Amazon FBA isn’t the only way to earn money online.


It’s not even the best.


My #1 recommendation will always be lead generation with ads.


For the simple reason that the time and money you’re going to invest in developing your business with Amazon FBA, you can save and invest in a vacation to your dream place while earning TONS of money through your lead gen online billboards.


This is how I was able to adopt my lifestyle laptop and not in any other way.


Now, let’s dive into the best Amazon FBA courses out there!


1. Amazing Selling Machine


It’s one of the best Amazon FBA courses on the Internet today.


You will learn how you can make 6,7, and even 8 figures on the Amazon marketplace.


You can get access to its 8-week online web class. These class sessions will give you the latest and hottest marketing strategies for building a long-lasting Amazon FBA business.


Some top Amazon sellers will teach in this program, including Dan Ashburn, Mike McClary, and also Rich Henderson.


You will also get lifetime platinum access to the Amazing Alliance Community!


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2. Marketplace Superheroes 2.0


This proven Amazon course is created by Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey.


They are well-known as successful entrepreneurs in Amazon.


This course will teach you how you can find some popular products to sell.


You can use its unique product finder software that is created for all members of MPSH.


There are more than 95 training videos that are divided into 12 different modules.


Its proven blueprint can help you scale your business to achieve $1,000 worth of sales every day.


You can also get access to its regular online streams that are conducted by Stephen and Robert.


3. Proven Amazon Course 2.0


This is another best Amazon FBA course that is available on the Internet today.


This course covers many different topics in some teaching materials, such as videos, PDFs, webinars, etc.


This program is led by Jim Cockrum, one of the most successful Amazon sellers.


You will learn how you can own private label products easily.


Some interesting topics are covered in this program, for example, ways to find high-margin and low competition items on Amazon, tips on selecting the best wholesale manufacturers from around the world, and ways to find the right partners for marketing your products.


4. Amazon Boot Camp V4.0


This Amazon FBA course is instructed by Jessica and Cliff Larrew.


They are very well-known as one of the most successful FBA sellers on Amazon.


This course is very famous for its unique retail arbitrage method.


This method allows you to buy discounted items from any stores and resell them on Amazon.


There are some tricks and tips that you are going to learn from this program.


This lifetime Amazon FBA course allows you to get access to 14 training modules, bonus materials, discounts, and also support the community.

5. Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass


If you want to learn about how you can be successful in the Amazon FBA business, you can take this Amazon seller course now.


Hundreds of students are successful in following all strategies and tactics mentioned in this course.


When you buy this course, you can get access to some materials, including product research, listing optimization, product launch, suppliers and shipping, email follow up, reviews, Facebook ads, etc.


You can also get access to its private ninja group, free updates for life, and also some secret hacks for being successful as an Amazon FBA seller.


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6. The Wholesale Formula


You can read a lot of good reviews about this Amazon FBA course.


It is one of the best Amazon courses on the Internet today.


This course is created by Eric Lambert and Dan Meadors.


They can generate more than $20 million in sales yearly by using their effective formula.


You can learn how you can find and identify any wholesale products to be offered in your store, how you can negotiate to get the lowest price on any products, and also how you can automate your business to the next level.


When you buy this course, you can get access to its private TWF Facebook community, transcripts, case studies, etc.


7. Amazon FBA Ninja


It is one of the best courses by Kevin David.


A huge part of this Amazon FBA course is available in PDF format. There are some additional video training materials that you can get access to from its membership area.


This program is suitable for all beginners who want to be successful in the Amazon marketplace.


You can learn some interesting topics, such as Business licensing, product sourcing, brand awareness building, product pricing, product launch, reviews, pay per click ads, Amazon marketing services (AMS), influencer marketing, etc.


You can get the best ways for promoting any of your products to be successful with your Amazon FBA business.


8. Online Retail Mastery


This program is created by Beau Crabill, one of the most successful Amazon sellers.

If you want to scale up your FBA business, you can consider buying this course today. You can get a steady income flow by following all tips and tricks from this course.


This 16-hour long course will teach you how you can set up a business, get sales, do product research, find suppliers, work with suppliers, build relationships with suppliers, and also source any products.

The Cons of Selling on Amazon

Yeah, as you’ve seen in the list above, there are really good things about learning how to sell on Amazon.


But not everything is perfect and there are many factors to consider before taking the big leap.


Factors like high competition, high sales fees, and inventory management will have a big impact on your strategy and the price of your products, and because of this, you must be very careful.

High competition

You probably expected this already, and yes, the competition is tough.


You will need to have a long-term strategy, otherwise you will lose to the competition and go last in terms of price.


If you are selling the same product as other merchants, then you are competing with them for the Amazon Buy Box.


Unlike Google Shopping, which organizes product pages by sellers, Amazon’s product pages are organized by products.


So when multiple sellers have the same product for sale, Amazon will decide which seller is better.


When a customer clicks the “Add to Shopping Cart” button, the items from the best seller will be added to their “shopping cart”.


Other sellers will also appear in the “more buy options” option, but as always, the winner takes all.


With the rise in mobile sales, winning the “Buy Box” is especially important.


Getting the Buy Box code right is almost impossible, since Amazon constantly changes the variables considered when determining the Buy Box winner.


Some things are in your control and you should focus on mastering them: very good feedback, timely distribution, responding quickly to customer questions, FBA, having competitive prices and an up-to-date inventory.


And that takes a LOT of time.


That’s why lead generation with ads is better.


In contrast with the extensive training you need to make your collaboration with Amazon a profitable job, in lead generation you only need to master one single skill.


Once you learn to configure money-making machines (online billboards) for other companies, you will create something that’ll remain active even when you go to sleep.


And that’s it.


Your billboards will generate business for businesses and, they in turn will make sure to pay you very well.


As simple as it sounds.

high competition

Commissions – So Which is The Best Amazon FBA Training Course

All these benefits that we mentioned above are not free.


Amazon charges retailers hefty commissions for every product sold through its platform.


While in PPC channels you pay for each click, regardless of whether that click is successful or not, in marketplaces like Amazon, you pay a percentage for each sale.


Because of this, you need to make sure your profit margins are high enough to be successful.


Depending on the category, Amazon CPA Commissions range from 8% to 15%.


If you are selling goods in low-margin categories, you probably need to go to other categories because the numbers will not be enough.


Inventory management

If you are selling your products on multiple marketplaces, synchronizing orders is the first thing you need to consider.


You need to ensure that Amazon orders are directly coordinated with your system for constant updating of the central order management system.


Final Thoughts- What do I recommend?

As you’ve seen, there are very good courses out there that can give you the boost you need to start your Amazon FBA business.


Also, all the courses that I have compiled in the list I can assure you are the best.


The problem is that the model they teach is NOT the best.


If it were, believe me, I too would be trying to build my empire on Amazon.


But lead generation has allowed me to earn a salary of up to 7 figures working less than 4 hours a week, from home, without pants …


So, what else can I ask for?


There are no headaches, commissions, or customer problems.


Lead generation is the business model that makes you the product. You put a price on what you can offer. And companies expect it to be a very high one.

Try Amazon FBA if you want, but the only way to achieve your desired financial freedom is by clicking HERE.

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