Jordan Steen Scam – Is Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Legit?

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

If you’re looking for a thorough Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Review review, you’re in the right place.

And if you’ve been considering this Shopify dropshipping course, it’s likely that you:

  • Have a desire to start or grow a business
  • You want a clear roadmap that teaches you skills that prepare you to make more money
  • You want to know whether Cereal Entrepreneur Academy would satisfy the goals you have.

If this sounds like you, keep reading!


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Who’s Jordan Steen?


Jordan Steen has a very interesting background and story.

He got the “entrepreneurial itch” at a very young age.

He says he started his first business endeavor at 11 years old selling candy from his locker in college and earned $1000/month!

Not bad at all (especially considering he was 11).

Can’t even remember what I was doing when I was 11…

From a young age, he decided he wanted to be a lifelong entrepreneur.

He says he was an early pioneer of Facebook advertising even before there was an ad platform on Facebook!

He made money selling the opportunity of increasing brand awareness and customers using Facebook to local business owners.

Then, he took a little twist and decided to get a job.

The job was an anomaly opportunity to get the digital marketing education of a lifetime by working with Gannett: a $4 billion/year media company.

Steen says his experience working at Gannett is probably worth well over $200,000 in education costs because of how much he learned and is able to apply today.

That’s basically what you spent on college, right?

Following his corporate experience, Steen went on to build the business he actively works on today:

Teaching entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs how to personally brand themselves and how to start digital marketing agencies.


What is Cereal Entrepreneur Academy?


Jordan Steen is also known as “Cereal Entrepreneur”.

After leaving Gannet, he began publishing content on Youtube teaching digital marketing best practices.

From his Youtube content, he identified that many people in his audience wanted to know how to start digital marketing agencies and he decided to create a course about it.

Now, he’s made more than one course and calls the education platform where he delivers his courses “Cereal Entrepreneur Academy”.


How Does Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Work?


As of this writing, Cereal Entrepreneur Academy has three main tracks:

The Digital Marketing agency track, the Personal Branding and Influencer Marketing track, and the Facebook Ads track.

If you were to compare the portions of the business growth journey that are covered inside of the Cereal Entrepreneur Academy, I’d say they begin at Phase Five with proving your concept and cover many topics of phases six thru eight as well.

Let me explain…

Digital Marketing Agency Course

Steen created the Digital Marketing School after consistent Youtube publishing that helped him to discover a common interest from his audience.

They wanted more clarity about how to start a digital marketing agency, so Steen decided to offer this support.

Unlike many other courses, Digital Marketing School has a compilation of instructors who teach areas they specialize in.

Digital Marketing School addresses the Marketing, Legal, and Accounting portions of running a digital marketing agency which is really important.


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  • Recurring Income
  • Live Bootcamp
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What Else is Included in Digital Marketing School?

Beyond formation, Cereal Entrepreneur Academy also teaches:

  • How to get clients
  • Principles of Persuasion
  • Pricing
  • How to get clients using social media marketing and social media ads, Pay Per Click ads, Search engine optimization, and thru networking event
  • attendance
  • How to convert clients into customers with landing pages, sales funnels, lead magnets, email marketing, and influencer marketing
  • How to do things systematically, so you can be efficient and scale easily
  • How to hire and scale

In addition to teaching you how to run the digital marketing agency, Cereal Entrepreneur Academy offers you up to 1 year of access to the mentorship accelerator program (which includes personal mentorship with Steen and his team).

Personal Branding Course

Of the two programs, it seems like the Personal Branding and Influencer Marketing Program offers more in terms of traffic generation strategies and monetization methods.

It also helps you to build within any niche, so if you’re starting out in business, I’d probably recommend the personal branding course over the Digital Marketing School.

It includes:

  • Business formation
  • Niche Selection
  • Website building
  • Digital course creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Community building
  • Content marketing
  • Outsourcing and Operational workflows
  • Integrating Coaching calls
  • Integrating E-Commerce

Facebook Ads Course

The Facebook ads course tells you how to use Facebook ads to get more customers and sales.

You learn:

  • How to create a fan page
  • How to set up ads
  • How to optimize ads
  • How to target audiences on Facebook
  • How to convert the interest into customers

Who is Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Good For?


Cereal Entrepreneur Academy provides valuable training for:

  • Those who want to start a digital marketing agency
  • Those who want to start a personal brand
  • Those who are looking for a comprehensive program that covers lots of basics
  • Those who are self-disciplined
  • Those who are looking for an offline and online marketing approach
  • Those who like the teaching styles of Steen and his team
  • and, those who will get a return on their investment by paying to learn skills like SEO, Facebook ads, Social media marketing, and more

In addition, Jordan Steen offers live chat support for potential customers and existing customers through Facebook Messenger.

And according to the app, the Cereal Entrepreneur Academy team typically replies instantly.

Also, each program includes access to a Facebook group, so you’ll be able to network with fellow classmates.

Pros of the Cereal Entrepreneur Academy

  • They provide courses on high demand topics
  • They have highly credible instructors
  • They offer support that responds fast
  • and it looks like they have been making regular updates to their organic content and courses (even the free ones)

Cons of Cereal Entrepreneur Academy

  • They don’t offer software tools that you’d need to implement their strategies (like other similar programs offer)
  • There’s no clear tabulation of the operating costs upfront. Without an idea of what the tools (including advertising) to implement the strategies cost, they may enroll, but find they’re unable to implement.
  • There are no clear prerequisites.

Also, some students have lower skill levels in subjects like math, science, data analysis, or basic computer skills, which would make it more difficult for them to get results in Cereal Entrepreneur Academy courses.

I think it would be good to be upfront about these things, so potential customers can have realistic expectations.


How much does Cereal Entrepreneur Academy cost?


Here’s how the pricing breaks down for the Digital Marketing School, Personal Branding course, and Facebook ads course:

I’m happy to say that Cereal Entrepreneur Academy is a legitimate course that can give a good return on investment to those who decide to purchase.

I didn’t purchase this program, so I can’t say I’ve gotten a return on it from my experience.

However, I have watched the free content and Steen delivers a lot of great value for free.


Is it legit?

I like to include a general idea of what the market is saying about products and services I review to help you to have a realistic idea about the program.

When briefly searching for “Cereal Entrepreneur Reviews”, I was pleasantly surprised.

All of the reviews I found were positive.

I decided to also go into the Cereal Entrepreneur Academy Facebook group and onto the Youtube comments to see what positive feedback and negative feedback was coming from existing customers or potential customers.

Common Positive Feedback

The courses are legit
You get a high value for the price
They’ve helped me to grow a business

Common Negative Feedback

I’m trying to balance a job, family, and startup…when can I do all of this?
This is a lot to learn

Final Thoughts

I didn’t find case studies from students that substantiate the claims made on the sales pages like new entrepreneurs who say they’ve built 6-figure or more businesses or built digital agencies from scratch in 90 days.

However, it does look like the core competencies taught could yield those types of results.

Bad things I see?

The networking is inside of a Facebook group

The costs for the tools aren’t clearly tabulated up front…

But, even though there are simple additions I’d prefer, I really believe the program could be very helpful.

It’s a good value for price in comparison to similar programs I’ve seen and reviewed in the market.

Anyway, still, I recommend you to think twice before joining.

I can tell from experience that even if it’s a program that looks good (and actually is), it may not be what you need.

Let me explain what I mean…

A couple of years ago I was living in my parents’ house while trying to develop my dream career at that time.

I wanted to be an artist, and I knew it wasn’t easy…

But I worked hard and was happy to be busy.

Yes, I was tired when I couldn’t sleep through the night, or didn’t even have enough time to take a nap.

But I was excited about planning and dreaming about where I’d get.

As the years went on though, I was still adapting, searching, testing and learning.

That elusive balance between work life and family life was always just out of my grasp.

I was getting more and more exhausted trying to make it work.

I was stressed out.

Saying ‘Yes’ to every project that came my way to keep cash flow going and saying ‘No’ to pretty much everything else in my life.

I chose to be an artist because I thought it was a flexible job.

That I could have more freedom…

But it was actually preventing me from spending time with family, my friends, and myself!


The Breaking Point


I was working late nights and weekends and staying available to clients, even on holidays.

I never had a break.

I never had time.

I never saw my friends.

When I was with my parents I was checking my phone for emails.

My neck hurt.

My stomach churned each time I saw ‘urgent’ or ‘further changes’ in the subject line.

I needed to take a step back.

I needed to make changes.

But I didn’t know where to start.


Cereal Entrepreneur Academy – Why I like the Lead Generation more?


I was about to turn 23 and still sleeping in my old bedroom.

I worked CRAZY hours in my parents’ garage, dreaming about the time I could afford my own apartment.

But as the day passed, it seemed more and more impossible.

My stress levels were through the roof.

Why was I carrying on like this?

I was putting my health at risk.

Putting a strain on my relationships.

And pretty much feeling like sh*t all the time!

I was stressed about not having enough work, then stressed about having too much work!!!


The cycles of feast and famine meant that there was always something I was worrying about.

I needed help but I didn’t know how to ask for it.

When I finally saw the potential in online businesses, I quit my old job and decided to give it all.

But, again, I kept making a lot of mistakes.

Instead of paying for support, I’d take a course or buy a book.

I wanted to do it all.


Email marketing.

WordPress website best practices.

Digital marketing.

I invested my time even when I had none!

The truth is that I was terrified of making a big financial investment.

I felt that spending money on my business was a huge indulgence.

A waste even!

“I can figure this out” I thought. “I can do it all alone”.

So I continued to invest my time until I was at the edge of burn out!

And then, one day I found THE way.

I found the best method to reclaim my life.

And at first, I didn’t spend more than $10.

Crazy, right?

I got to move from my parents’ house to my dream apartment in Miami, Florida.

The training program I found showed me how to set up what they call online billboards (I call them best friends… You know why once you’ve tried ‘em out)

I didn’t know making money online and living the way you wanted was that “easy”.

Yeah, it took me a couple of months and some effort, but soon I was enjoying time with friends while these online billboards were bringing me money!


It paid off (phew!!) and is still paying off years later.

My business and life are now unrecognizable.

I have more control.

I get to work less than 4 hours/week and I’m genuinely excited to do it. No more late nights and weekends working. When I’m with my family, I’m fully present. When I’m with my clients, I’m fully dedicated and focused.

Sure, there are some hectic times, but life’s awesome!

Does any of this sound familiar?

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that YES, you can make it work all alone, but you don’t have to.

My work is all about helping businesses get leads and clients consistently.

You can literally be a lead generating machine that drives leads their way every month.

Making a 6-figure monthly/salary!

And the truth is, it’s not all that complicated.

Click here if you want to learn more about this business and get the right guidance.

I’d love to hear what you think about it!

And if you’ve tried lead gen before, or the Cereal Entrepreneur program hit that keyword and let me know what’s your story in the comment section below!

Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

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