The Truth Behind eCom Elite | Franklin Hatchett’s Dropshipping Course Review

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

The Truth Behind eCom Elite | Franklin Hatchett’s Dropshipping Course Review


Franklin Hatchett is a well-known person in the dropshipping industry and on the youtube platform.

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online, I’m sure you’ve come across his Ecom Elites course

But, the big question:

Is it a scam?

I discovered that lead generation (my top recommendation) isn’t one, and yet it’s what allows me to earn a 7 figure salary even if I spend most of the day sleeping.

So let’s see what eCom Elites can offer you and, above all, if it’s worth it.

First things first…


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Who is Franklin Hatchett?


Franklin Hatchett is known mainly for the YouTube platform and for being one of the first people to start teaching how to make money with dropshipping.


Since 2015, you can find his training, so he was one of the first if not the first to start teaching dropshipping.


He is from New Zealand and has been making money online for over ten years.


His origins with making money online were with affiliate marketing, but then he discovered dropshipping and started his own company.


With it, he got numbers that he had never had before.


Franklin has a YouTube community of over 300,000 YouTube followers and he uploads videos almost daily.




His channel is a way to make himself known and sell his course, but it also helps you to see if what he teaches has something of value or is very generic content.

What can you find in eCom Elites?

The main characteristic of its course is its length, being one of the longest courses and with more content on dropshipping.


This can be good or bad, as long as there is content of real value.


In the $197 course you can find the following modules:


  • Set up a shop with Shopify
  • Product Search
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Email marketing
  • Benefits of using Chatbot
  • Build sales funnels
  • Google ads
  • SEO
  • Bonus content, such as questions and answers and industry news.


Another very positive part is that it has a Facebook group, where a lot of information is shared about success stories and doubts you may have.


As you can see, it has a great module list and is totally focused on people who barely know what dropshipping is.


If you have some knowledge or experience, you can skip the first few classes and go to what you think costs the most to be successful with dropshipping.


The extra part that he adds for the price of $297 is access to the academy of funnels, the academy of google ads, a funnel of 7 annual figures, two of his best-selling books and his two niches in which he has sold the most.




As you can see, the difference between one and the other is the target audience.


While the first price is focused on people with little knowledge, the other is for people who already know or really want to dedicate themselves to it.


The truth is that the price difference is not much for all the additions that come.


Regarding the modules of your course, they are very well structured, but above all what is important and remarkable is advertising.


Like many in the dropshipping industry, they’re really good at Facebook ads and Instagram, which is when they add the most value. However, the SEO part, if you have knowledge about it, won’t help you much.

Something interesting is that it teaches google ads, which is often not taken into account in dropshipping and can be a very profitable and powerful platform in some cases.

As for example, in the case of lead generation.


The difference is that to generate leads with Google Ads you only have to learn a very simple skill – so simple, that you can learn it in a couple of hours: create online billboards.


For companies, this asset is a gold mine. And, for you, as for me, the money machine that will allow you to triple your earnings year after year


Can you see now why I say it’s the best online business model?


Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

  • Semi-Passive
  • Recurring Income
  • Live Bootcamp
  • 80% of the Work Done for you
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The course has a very affordable price from what I’m used to seeing in dropshipping courses.


The positive part is the number of topics it touches, such as the chatbot or google ads, that many courses only comment on the basics.


This helps you not only for dropshipping, but to learn about online sales and digital marketing in general.


Another aspect is the possibility of updating the course: so for the price, you paid you’ll have more content with higher quality.


This is very important in an industry that has become so well known, with a lot of changes happening every year. So, yeah, you can have new content to help you adapt better to the evolving dropshipping market.


On the other hand, being so generic and so long it can make many people tire of the course or have the feeling that what is there to learn is really basic.


With the amount of information on YouTube or google itself, some classes or aspects can be found for free, but not all.


If you are a person with some knowledge, this course can be useful for some extras, but it isn’t as deep as other courses out there.


I could recommend it …


But, being honest, I prefer to recommend something much simpler and with much more value.


If you are going to invest time and money in something, it’s much better to do it when you are sure that what you receive has a value that you won’t find elsewhere.


Instead of trying to be successful with eCom Elites, you can play it safe with the cheapest training program out there.




Because here you have a friend who is the clear example that you can achieve it.


I first invested $10 dollars because what I earned from my 9 to 5 job was swallowed up by the bills.


And in a couple of months, I had already fired my boss and was making A LOT of money helping companies win customers to stay afloat.


Working about 4 hours a week!


Click here if you want to change your life for real and earn real money even sleeping.

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