Top 42 Best Future Business Ideas to Make Real Money from 2020 on.

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

Top 42 Best Future Business Ideas to Make Real Money from 2020 on.


Do you want to start a new business and benefit from the innovative trends that are coming?

If the answer is hell yes, I’ve prepared here the 50 best business ideas of the next 10 years!

The most difficult phenomenon to predict is the future, especially if you’re still struggling to find out what’s going on in today’s economy, right?

But predicting the future is exactly what you need to do if you are enrolling in college, starting a new career, or investing in new skills.

Many of these future business trends have long been predicted.

They are worth examining more closely.

It’s time to start preparing for the future. Today, the only way to stay in the game is to stay ahead of it.

This is a selected list of businesses of the future, or perhaps, of the present, that can come to dominate the market and that, if you do it well, may make you a millionaire.

Some are so interesting that I may even decide to venture into them!

But to be honest, I couldn’t do it if it weren’t for the FREEDOM and MONEY that lead generation for local businesses gives me (always my first choice)

That’s why it is, for me, the best business model that exists (and will exist). Businesses and customers just grow, and the same will happen to your pockets!

In any case, all these businesses of the future, and as the lead gen, have the potential to be very profitable.

Let’s dive into them!


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What to keep in mind when creating a business of the future


To think about creating a business with a future, one must take into account the social and mental changes that society has suffered in recent decades. As well as the very radical changes in the customs, values, ​​and way of life of today’s society.

To do this, the following points must be taken into account to create a business with a future:

  • The advancement of the Internet
  • The new technologies
  • The need for security
  • Telecommunications
  • The new devices
  • The globalization
  • Cultural and social changes

Top business ideas of the future


A) Businesses with a future due to the advancement of the Internet


The Internet has caused a radical change in our lives.

Now, we have access to a world full of information and answers to the needs of the moment.

Thanks to this technological advance, there are many opportunities and businesses with a future:

  • Being influencer & Social eCommerce

Being a leader of the masses is nothing new, but with globalization and the advancement of the Internet, anyone can become an influencer and leader of an important community of followers.

Now it is no longer necessary to go on television to reach many people.

You can see how many Instagramers, Youtubers, Gamers or Bloggers build an influence business through social networks.

  • Business Web 3.0

The Internet today is everything.

Such is its importance that most of humanity has one or more devices with an Internet connection.

And since we cannot live without the Internet, many jobs and businesses are created to meet that need.

Creating a Web design or Digital Marketing agency is one of the options.

  • Apps Design

Apps are in continuous trend so much that it’s one of the most demanded professions in the world.

This trend is progressing so much that search engines lose strength because of them, as can be seen in the war that Google and Amazon are currently having in the search for products on the Internet.

Setting up a service business-oriented to application design can be a business with a future analyzing this situation.

  • Create an online business

Every day we see new news about digitization.

The online market is a real showcase of opportunities for small and large companies, and for small and large entrepreneurs.

Due to its low cost of access and implementation and its high demand growth, this is one of the businesses of the future.

For example, you can do like me and invest $10 to start learning a skill that will make you grow a steady flow of passive income: creating online billboards.

If you build your lead generation business, you can work from home using this tool to generate business for other businesses.


What I do is spend a couple of hours setting them up, but the rest of the time I’m sleeping, traveling, or writing a post like this one …

And even so, they keep making me money!

Awesome, right?

I told you it was the best online business model

B) Business in the future due to new technologies


Innovation and technology is in eternal growth.

To succeed in business you have to be opportunistic and stay ahead of the competition and technology is always a business opportunity.

Businesses aimed at new technologies such as:

  • IOT. Internet of things

One of the businesses in the future is the Internet of Things.

It’s a concept that refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet.

Many companies are working to make life easier for us and we currently have little time and many things to do.

The Internet of Things will make our lives more productive and more economically efficient.

  • Wearables

They are the smart electronic accessories that are going to “dress” us little by little.

In the future you’ll stop using garments and products that clothe you in a static way and will use dynamic products.

See examples of google glasses, Apple Watch, etc.

Cool, right?

  • eCommerce – Sell online

Now almost everyone sells online.

This, added to the great advances of brands and their optimization of costs in online sales, makes consumers increasingly prefer to buy more online.

Anyone can now have a free online store and even sell products without actually buying them.

  • Innovation technology or services

Technology is essential in our lives, we do not have to explain this reason because it is obvious

.Especially that have to do with current trends such as video playback or mobile devices.

And why not, offer a service to companies that want to do business online either through Cloud hosting, managing online stores, social networks, increasing visibility on the Internet, etc.

  • Big data

Companies require people with extensive technical knowledge in rapid data management of large amounts of data.

Hence the term “Big Data” was born, since in this information age, companies store a multitude of data.

In order to progress and optimize their processes, they need experts in “Big Data” (Deep Profiles) who technically manage a large information content.

Creating a Big Data consultancy or becoming a freelance consultant in this area is one of the businesses with a future.

  • Editors and Content Filters

Currently one of the most demanded professions are journalists and communicators.

With the digital age, the information movement has multiplied and brands and people who know how to communicate are required.

Technological trends have made journalism a key part of this change and a clear example is the company that generates content for brands and web pages.

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented reality is one of the most important trends of the moment.

The Internet brought us one of the great current problems, the lack of meaning.

Augmented reality fights so that this does not happen and we make each experience with the greatest possible senses, a totally real experience.

You better start having smart robots at home like those that clean, cook or do other types of housework.

Without a doubt, focusing on this sector is betting on one of the businesses of the future!

  • Personalized medicine

A type of medicine that uses information from a person’s genes, proteins, and environment to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.

Each patient is different and so is their treatment, but not only when they’re sick, but in their day-to-day life.

Already many Hollywood actors have recognized this type of treatment and have their own personalized medicine.

Little by little, these treatments will be imposed on the entire population and not only on the chosen ones.


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C) Businesses with a future due to the need for security


  • Data protection and privacy on the Internet

We live in the age of data, I’ve already said it…

But what about that data? Are they public? Where and who are seeing them?

Dedicating yourself to serving hundreds of people and companies in need or who’ll need to erase their public footprint, as is the case with debtor companies, can be a business with a future.

  • Cybersecurity

Because everything moves on the Internet, more and more criminals appear online.

There are more and more computer attacks on companies and state institutions, as has already been seen in the last US elections.

To avoid these attacks, cybersecurity deals with crimes committed in cyberspace and the prevention of them.

It’s a HUGE growing market! Everything that has to do with cybersecurity is a business with a future.

D) Business in the future for telecommunications


  • Mobile and social commerce

Currently, mobile phones and social networks are a very important part of today’s society.

Therefore, this trend of social commerce is growing to the point that future businesses will move practically 100% with these platforms.

Either they update or they die.

Sell ​​products on Amazon or Facebook, promote yourself on Google or Instagram, or what’s better, all together.

  • Smartphones

If you want to know about business in the future…

What a better future than the Smartphone?

Currently the number of mobile phone lines that people in the world have exceeded.

So this trend summarizes that everything will be through the mobile phone.

Applications, entertainment, business, banking, etc. A great opportunity to undertake in any subject that has a smartphone as a channel.

  • Payments from smartphones

All banking entities are focusing on linking their businesses to smartphones.

And above all, that the way to pay through them can be implemented.

Not only banks are betting on this, but other small or larger entities such as Google or Facebook that are betting on it.

  • Apps

This innovation has been quite strong in recent years, being a highly demanded profession and paying high salaries to app programmers.

Brands and companies saw a great opportunity, and above all results, to better reach their customers.

Mobile telephony together with IOS and ANDROID brought us apps to stay for a long time and in 2018 they have increased their income by 35%.

  • Web Pages

Google dominates the present but its search engine that has revolutionized this digital age so much, may little by little be losing strength due to social networks and the world of Apps.

However, the Google search engine is not suspected of dying, but rather that it adapts to voice search engines such as SIRI that will use this search engine as a source of data reception.

The future of web pages continues and it may be a bet to focus on this market as a business with a future.

E) Businesses with a future due to new devices


  • Interactive Screens

Digital whiteboards, flat screens or also called smart boards are a product that is slowly gaining ground on the electronic market.

Is it here to stay?

The answer is yes.

Touch screens, 3D and other innovations, how come not?

  • Home automation

Home automation has been making a lot of noise for many years and want to start being marketed in small homes.

Clients seek confidence, comfort, and personalization in their homes, and it seems that now with the habitual use of mobile devices and all the electronic devices this guarantees their incorporation into average homes in a short time.

The turnover of the sector will increase, in a sustained manner, by 26% annually in the next 6 years.

  • Drones

Drones are revolutionizing the audiovisual market, being an essential device for all those people who are dedicated to visual businesses: media, social networks, photography, cinema, etc.

Being a drone pilot is one of the professions most in-demand and with the least supply of the moment.

So this BOOM can be considered a business with a future.

  • Electric and autonomous vehicles

Tesla is one of the most valued brands of the moment, so much so that they wanted to enter many markets such as the naval.

For now, it brings you the future with its electric vehicles and little by little bring it to the middle-class consumer.

If you’re a mechanic or you like the automotive sector, definitely focus on this invention because it’s a business with a future!


And if you’re a driver, I don’t predict the best future for you…

Trains are already implementing an automated driving system.

It’ll soon be imposed on airplanes and there are already the first versions of cars without drivers.

Like in science fiction movies!

  • Products created by 3D printing

Little by little each home turns into a small factory.

Until recently, products, especially wood products, could be created at home, but now 3D printing is here!

Although for now it’s not very cheap, the costs will go down little by little.

Anyone can manufacture products as if it were a small factory.

The most interesting thing about 3D printing is that it’ll begin to be used in an ordinary way and for anything. I

It’s already entering the medical services for transplants (including organs) and they’ll reach homes normally in a few years, and this makes it one of the most prosperous businesses in the future.

  • More efficient and intelligent inventions and materials

The industry is automated and robotized very quickly.

But not only factories are ahead of the future, but the construction market has brought out multiple inventions and products that are changing and making the way houses are built.

In a short time, you’ll see homes for $10,000 and many household products that you’ll be surprised by.

  • Virtual glasses and contact lenses

Google has revolutionized the market by bringing out the Google Glass that surprised us all but it has done more.

Smart Contact Lenses are lenses that more or less will do the same as our smartphones do so far.

Surprising right?

Imagine how much money this business will bring!

F) Business with a future due to globalization


  • Electronic commerce

Online sales are growing non-stop (it grew 21% in 2016) and business opportunities on the web are growing.

Markets are becoming more and more global but…

Be careful!

Because they depend on the protective laws of the countries that are increasingly powerful in their customs.

However, the global competitiveness that exists means that each country is specializing in the products and services that make them leaders and that encourages the business movement in the world.

  • Glocalization

It’s a term that comes from the fusion of two words: globalization and localization.

Try to think globally and act locally.

It seeks to adapt global standards to a local environment and conditions.

Creating a business model with global ideas and adapting them to an internal market can be a business with a future that is already being implemented successfully today.

  • Companies outsourcing their services

Businesses are increasingly subject to a maximum adjustment in their margins and that makes it best to outsource the functions that they do not know how to optimize.

In the future, this activity will be increased and there will be no business that doesn’t have the departments outsourced that make it uncompetitive.

Giving this service to companies is one of the businesses with a future since many companies already provide this service from emerging countries, as was already discussed in the previous point.

G) Business in the future due to cultural and social changes


It’s proved that in the times we live in, the way of living, thinking and acting has changed a lot.

People have more and more free time and leisure.

New movements emerge and make you place yourself in great business changes:

  • A business of legal procedures

Performing legal transactions are more and more required as people are increasingly unstable.

That is why dedicating yourself to serving people can be a business with a future.

The great globalization produces the territorial change of people, the increase in divorces, the upward trend in layoffs, the increase in the creation of companies…

All of this increases insecurity and makes it necessary to mediate legal procedures.

  • Leisure time entertainment and culture

There’s more and more free time and more people without work, so there’s a tendency to seek more satisfaction in those leisure times.

There will be more and more searches for these time gaps that people have and all businesses that focus on this issue will be businesses with a future.

  • Gambling and betting

It’s a continuation of the previous point, as we have seen a sportsbook invasion in recent years.

This trend will have no limit as there are more and more followers of this type of practice.

It’s an activity that is focused on a sector quite aimed at the tastes of the majority of the population (football, wrestling, etc.) producing a large number of followers.

If you also add to the fact that this activity generates addiction, you can see why gambling and gambling have multiplied in recent years.

  • Physical appearance

People increasingly take care of themselves more physically, their appearance, and also with the great medical advances and their sharp drop in prices, they make this business of the future a trend day by day.

More and more people on social networks boast of perfect teeth or manicures.

And the lifestyle is a must for success!

A business in constant trend, for example, is the care of the body (massages, bodybuilding, etc.), of the teeth, the modification of parts of the body and its decoration.

So some businesses in the future will be related to this cult of the body.

  • Health and longevity

With some relation to the previous point, and adding that happiness is something that many long for but many others enjoy, it makes few people want to die and be able to enjoy their days with the best possible health.

Nobody wants to miss this chapter of our life and more and more money is being invested in this.

Health comes first and is without a doubt everyone’s present.

Every year new advances are discovered that help to see a near-immortality and more and more businesses are focused on this type of activity.

  • ECO-Social awareness

Climate change and all the news around this negative trend of mistreatment of our planet earth and all its fauna and flora, has led us to an extreme concern and with which we want to take maximum care of our planet and everything that exists on it.

From this great abuse that has been done to the planet’s resources, people are becoming more and more vegetarians, buying organic products, etc.


Without a doubt, this would be a business for the present and the future.

  • Video games and gamification

Every time virtual and real life are more united and the youngest hardly even differentiate it.

This makes the entire virtual market and video games increasingly in demand.

One of its new variants, the technical learning gamification that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational-professional field in order to achieve better results, don’t stop growing and is prevailing in the educational and business sectors.


Due to the pandemic that we’ve been experiencing in these times, events have been accelerating and the post coronavirus era has arrived, the digital era.

Every business that wasn’t prepared now doesn’t run but flies to do so.

Perhaps it’s time to create a business with a post-coronavirus future.

A business that allows you to earn a lot of money whatever happens.

A business that does nothing but grow and evolve for the better …

I can’t help but think about lead generation when I write things like that.

Think of it like this:

There are millions of businesses in the world, and every day there are people willing to create new ones.

Businesses need to generate business to survive.

That is, customers.

And they often spend HUGE amounts of money on lousy marketing techniques.

If they’re able to invest so much in something so bad …

How much do you think they would be willing to pay you if you could drive traffic to them 24/7 and make money all the time?

What’s more, what would you tell me if you could do it 24/7…

But working only 4 hours a week?

Sounds great, right?

It is.

Lead generation is the answer to the question you’ve been asking for so long.

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