Can You Make Up To $10,000 Losing Weight? (Here’s My HealthyWage Review)

By Roy Goldstein

February 12, 2021

Can You Make Up To $10,000 Losing Weight? (Here’s My HealthyWage Review)

Would you wager $1,000 that you’d hit a specific weight-loss goal?

I bet you’ve seen the ads:

Cody Smith, 31, staked $1,000 that he’d lose 65 pounds in 10 months using HealthyWage, a platform where people place bets on their weight-loss efforts.

Interesting challenge, but legit?

In today’s post, I’m going to break down what’s really behind HealthyWage.


Here’s what you have to know:

HealthyWage: Can You Make Up To $10,000 Losing Weight?

Would be totally AWESOME, right?

Now, HealthyWage says it’s easy.

You just have to put money on their app, lose weight, take the profit and repeat the process. 


With all the vigor of a multi-level marketing scheme, they say things like “win up to $10,000 in a weight loss challenge!” or “Become more active and earn money doing it!”

The idea is to help you stick with it. 

But let’s face it:

It sounds like a BIG scam, right?

Spoiler alert:

It kinda is.

(If you want to make $10k in a few months, from home, there’s nothing better than THIS. Promise.)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for an individual, group, or team challenge at their website.



2. Determine winnings using the HealthyWage calculator, which asks for goal weight, length of diet, and how much you want to bet. You can make payments in one sum or monthly installments.


  3. Verify your weight by uploading an image of your scale using the Healthy Wage app or by submitting a video online.


  4. Complete weekly weigh-ins, and one final verification to show your goal was achieved.



Does it Cost Anything?

At first, you’ll choose how much you would like to “wager” each month. 

You can choose to pay for the entire amount up front when you sign up or to pay each month.

To participate in a team challenge (a three-month weight loss challenge), the entrance fee is $25 per month (or $75) if you’re participating through a company

If you are not participating through a company, the fee is $99 (or $33 per month).

If you lose 10% of your starting weight six months after your challenge ends, you can receive a full reimbursement of your registration fee

What’s The Catch?

As always, there’s a catch. 

The thing they don’t tell you is that you are competing against yourself: 

Once you sign up, you give the app your money and bet that you will lose a certain amount of weight in a specific timeframe.

If you succeed, you get your original back.

If you go above and beyond, you can win even more money. 

For example, a 5’8” 200lb person might bet $1,000 that they’ll lose 65 pounds in 10 months – $100 per month installments, or $1,000 paid up front.

The more money they put down and the more weight they vow to lose, the more they gain to win (this scenario would earn them $2,205). 

The thing is:

Losing more weight in the same time span or in even less time does not necessarily result in more money.

The logic is that the pressure added by the financial stake provides accountability for people who need that extra push.

But there’s a problem:

These apps don’t actually help you lose weight over the long run.

Is HealthyWage A Scam or Legit?


From influencers toting scammy detox teas and pseudoscientific stomach wraps to the tech-tinged bullshit of the Keto diet..

Diet culture thrives despite all evidence of its failures, to the tune of a $70 billion dollar industry.

I’m not the only one saying it.

For decades now, study after study has proven that dieting doesn’t work and that diets have a failure rate of 95 percent or more

That’s crazy, right?

Because even if losing weight remains among the most common New Year’s resolutions, it seems a game no one can win

So of course the atmosphere is ripe for companies like HealthyWage to yoke people’s anxieties about their bodies to a hope of financial windfall. 

But when 95 percent of dieting attempts fail…

“Weight wagering” looks more like tricking vulnerable people into gambling away their paycheck on a losing bet.

Do me a favor:

If you’re gonna spend your hard-earned cash, at least put it into something that’s paying you back either in more cash, or real freedom. 

Look at it from my perspective:

If I want to lose weight, then I:

  1. Go and ask my doctor what’s the best way to do it
  2. Pay a professional to help me do it / Ask for advice 
  3. Get a gym membership, start my new meal plan and keep it rolling (at least, try)

But if what I want is to MAKE MONEY, then I:

  1. Get this lead generation training course
  2. Learn from A to Z how to set up my own 7-figures agency
  3. Start doing it right from day one, with a huge community of people that are already doing it backing me up. 

There are alternatives, guys.

If you’re still on the fence, check out my blog post on “7 Ways To Make Money Online in 2021”

I’m already generating leads for local businesses and getting paid 6-figures – why would you sacrifice food for money?

Final Thoughts: Is It Worth Your Time?

I’m going to be honest:

I wouldn’t get into HealthyWage, so I don’t recommend it.

When you break down the numbers, it’s clear that even the winners don’t win much at all. 

Let’s say you’re one of the few people who meets your goal. 

You join a challenge and bet $100 to lose six percent of your total body weight in 12 weeks to earn your share of a $30,600 pot. 

405 people took the same bet, and 223 (a little more than half) completed the challenge. 

That means the payout came out to roughly $136 per person. 

Amortized over 12 weeks, that’s a little more than $11 per week – you’d earn more working as a sandwich artist at Subway.

Do you REALLY want/need to lose weight?

Then here you have the truth:

Fatness depends heavily on genetic factors like body-fat distribution and metabolism and environmental issues.

My advice?

Get a certified nutritionist, ask your doctor.

Don’t fall into the trap of apps like HealthyWage just because you’ve seen some “positive” testimonials. 

When getting into these kinds of things, you should really do your research in a HEALTHY way. 

And if you not only want to feel and look good, but also make real money, this is the site you should be looking at.

I’m open to hear what you think about HealthyWage!

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