Matt Parr’s Tube Mastery and Monetization Review (2021)

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You can make money online in almost every possible field, but what about YouTube? It’s the age of the internet video.

YouTube has become the biggest hub to make big bucks, and there are already millions of users around the world making 6-figure incomes while doing what they love.

Sounds awesome, right?

The problem is getting the right training and guidance to start a successful channel -and that’s why today I’ll be reviewing Matt Parr’s Tube Mastery program.

Want to find out if it can help you make a living off YouTube? Keep reading!

What is Tube Mastery?

what is Tube mastery?

Tube Mastery and Monetization is an in-depth training that teaches you how to create your first YouTube channel, scale it and generate loads of money. It’s not for beginners only; everyone struggling with YouTube can join the course.

Matt Parr is the mastermind behind the course, and he’s well-known on the platform for generating six figures from seven channels (at the time of writing this article.)

Matt teaches small YouTubers to make money with cash cow YouTube channels -without showing your face or recording your voice. It makes Tube Mastery and Monetization one of the best YouTube courses for camera-shy people or introverts. ..

For example, you can use a 3D animation tool that creates cartoon characters and explains the Top 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower.

These are in high demand, though. You can use some paid or free text-to-speech tools for voice. Enter a script, and it will create a human voice for you. Or you can hire voiceover artists from Asia at lower costs.

voice over artist

Besides this, you will get different techniques and step-by-step modules to help you scale your channel.

What will you learn from Tube Mastery & Monetization?

However, the main agenda of the Tube Mastery program looks like this:

  • Choose your niche
  • Create your YouTube channel
  • Create videos
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Grow your channel
  • Monetize your videos
  • Scale your income
  • Sell your channel (Totally optional)

As a growing YouTuber, listening from other people’s experiences, and based on research, Tube Mastery clears all the basic and essential parts of growing and scaling a relatively new YouTube channel.

You will learn how to get more views on your videos, how to obtain high-quality video footage, how to edit your videos and get them ready for publishing, and how to use YouTube’s analytics functions so that you can optimize your content effectively.

What’s inside the Tube Mastery program?

Matt divides the Tube Mastery course into seven different steps to help you get the most out of it.

After advancing to another level, you will get entirely different and useful information about the world’s second biggest Search Engine.

Since it’s for beginners and experts alike, it starts with the basic principles and then moves on to the strategies that can help anyone make a living off YouTube videos. In addition, you will get mentorship from Matt and other alumni in their private Facebook group.

Tube Mastery also includes video script templates and niche examples as a bonus.

Let’s take a closer look at its modules:

Module 1

Tube Mastery’s first module starts by providing you with Matt Parr’s success story -he’ll tell you all about his six-figures channels.

It also introduces the most critical thing even before creating your channel: selecting your niche and your target audience.

Alongside, Matt gives an overview of the member’s area and the course. Then, Module 1 splits in 4 parts:

  • Choose an evergreen niche
  • Plan your content
  • Upload 33 videos on your YouTube channel
  • Outsource the work.

You will get the exact blueprint and a basic understanding of how it all works.

Module 2

Module 2 gets deeper into the niche selection training, but with a focus on choosing a high ticket niche. Matt Parr will lead you through the hefty process and help you do it with templates and market research.

Plus, you’ll get a 100+ profitable niches list.


Here’s what you will learn throughout this module:

  • Market research
  • Digging a profitable niche
  • Finding High CPM Niches
  • Ways of Going About YouTube

Module 3

The third module is all about setting up and getting ready for your channel. Well, it’s not about creating a channel or just filling in details, but also, you will learn how to do it in the light of Matt and his “33 Rule”.

He will also introduce a YouTube Search Engine Optimization tool to help you find the best and long-tail keywords to rank instantly.

Here’s what you will learn inside this module:

  • Matt’s 33 rule
  • The Best YouTube SEO Tool and how to use it
  • Matt’s secret YouTube SEO process
  • Planning Your Content Strategy

Module 4

You will discover the methods that have proven effective in growing channels as you begin learning how to improve your channel’s views and subscribers.

This is the module to use if you want to go viral. And Matt has made dozens of viral videos of his own, making him a qualified instructor to teach you to go viral.

Here’s what you will see:

  • Optimize your videos
  • How to create or find free content
  • Free video editing tips and tricks
  • Create a high click-through rate thumbnails (Clickbait)

Module 5

However, keep in mind that your objective is to get money from the channel, not to learn just the theory behind building a channel.

So, this module 5 covers tips and information for monetizing your YouTube channel. Even so, Matt will show you even more effective ways to make money on the channel.

Module 6

You might want to scale up after your first channel is a success, and you will learn how to do that in this module.

Module 6 is all about Tube Mastery teaching you how to scale your channels and grow here, using time-tested and proven methods.

scale your channel

Pros and Cons of Tube Mastery & Monetization


  • Easy to use
  • One-time payment
  • Great teaching methods
  • 60-days no questions asked money-back guarantee
  • You get seven modules of step-by-step training


  • $597 one time is not affordable to everyone
  • Extra costs down the road (outsourcing)
  • Just for YouTube
  • Initial outlay might prove very expensive

Tube Mastery Review – The Bottom Line

Matt Parr’s Tube Mastery and Monetization program has created an excellent option for those looking to make money using YouTube. This course comes with a well-written roadmap that guides you step by step.

It also provides training in the form of videos and emails that will help you understand how to build your YouTube channel the right way, using the actionable content inside the Tube Mastery course to get additional views on videos and increase exposure to your content.

All of this helps to generate more revenue for your online business in turn. My verdict? The way I see it, Tube Mastery is well worth the money to anyone looking to enhance a YouTube channel or start one from scratch as it provides outstanding value for the price.

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