Plexus MLM Review | The Real Deal or A Fraud?

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Last updated Jun 25, 2022

Plexus once touted as a “weight loss” product, has grown into a health and wellness MLM with a cult-like following. If you know a Plexus person, you know that the company’s salespeople, called “ambassadors,” are quite passionate about their products. If you’ve ever been approached by one, then you also know they really want you to join them as an ambassador.

If you’ve given this serious thought, then you need to take a closer look at the product. We’ve taken the time to look at Plexus Worldwide reviews from real ambassadors, and have drawn some conclusions.

So is the Plexus MLM a scam, or is this a legitimate product and company? In other words, is Plexus legit?

Our review will tell you everything you need to know about selling Plexus health products, the history of the company, and what the products claim to do, so you can make your own decision about Plexus.


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What Is Plexus?


Plexus is an MLM company that uses customers as direct sales professionals to sell health and wellness products. The sales ambassadors earn a percentage of what they sell as commission along with bonuses for recruiting new people to start selling Plexus. They also earn bonuses for working through the different Plexus ambassador levels.

What Do Plexus Ambassadors Sell?

So what are the products Plexus ambassadors are so passionate about? Plexus sells health and wellness products that claim to improve gut health, increase energy, and promote healthier weight loss. The company and its ambassadors have many testimonies of people claiming to get rid of chronic pain, lose weight, or clear up their skin after taking these products.

Plexus Slim and the Triplex

At the heart of the Plexus, product lineup is Slim, it’s signature “Pink Drink.” This drink contains high levels of chromium, green coffee bean extract, and other vitamins. Plexus claims the pink drink balances blood sugar levels to protect against cravings and energy crashes, so people have more energy and can lose weight more effectively.
Plexus pairs its pink drink with two other products, Bio Cleanse, a magnesium supplement, and ProBio 5, a probiotic. Together, these three form the “triplex,” the signature combination all Plexus ambassadors swear by. Ambassadors claim that by using the Triplex to heal the gut, people can also heal all manner of physical and mental ailments.

Other Plexus Products

In addition, Plexus has other pills, powders, and even skincare products to help people look and feel their best. Plexus Accelerator is a popular one that promotes weight loss, while Plexus Edge adds an energy boost to the daily regimen.
But there’s one problem with these supplements and their claims. Like all health supplements, Plexus and the company’s claims are not evaluated by the FDA.
This means no FDA testing or approval for the products they sell. It also means the company can make any claims they want about their products, even if they aren’t true.

fda approved

Does Plexus Work?

If you’re looking for a work-from-home opportunity and are considering Plexus, you must ask yourself if the products work. Will they help you clean out your gut and lose weight, or is it just a very expensive energy drink?

The answer to this is difficult, because like most supplements, Plexus success is a case-by-case scenario. Some people do find great relief from physical ailments or better weight loss results by using Plexus products. Some people do not. Others find that they’re allergic or sensitive to one of the ingredients in the products.

The Plexus supplements are high-quality supplements, but at the end of the day they aren’t a miracle cure. There may even be other products on the market that do similar things without the MLM structure, and at a lower price.

Plexus offers all customers a 60-day, no-hassle guarantee. If you’re not happy with your product for any reason, ship what you haven’t used back and get your money back. We feel this is a good guarantee that indicates the products likely work well for many people.

The Plexus Ambassador Levels and Compensation Plan


At the core of the compensation plan for Plexus, which the company claims to be the fairest in the MLM industry, are the Plexus ambassador levels.

Becoming an Ambassador

There are no training programs or health lessons for ambassadors. In fact, it’s quite easy to become one, because there are no specific Plexus Ambassador requirements.
All someone has to do to join Plexus is purchase membership for $34.95. This provides access to products at “wholesale” or the lowest possible costs, and gives the ambassador a website and back office should they choose to sell.
Sometimes, people sign on as ambassadors just to get a discount on their products, but many will try their hand at selling once they do. Even without actively selling, ambassadors earn small commissions on their own qualified purchases.

Ambassador Levels

Ambassadors earn commission on their own purchases as well as anyone who purchases under their account. As long as they make a minimum monthly order of around $100, an ambassador earns commissions on their purchases and the purchases of their downline.
Plexus Ambassadors are ranked on different jewel levels. These are:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Diamond

Each step up means a bigger bonus, some perks like free trips or cars, and more potential income. But this is where the Plexus compensation plan gets complicated.

Make money

Advancing in Plexus

In order to advance in Plexus, and earn higher commissions and bonuses, ambassadors must earn points. Ambassadors earn points based on the size of their downlines, with more points for people closest to the ambassador and fewer points for people the downline members recruit.

But that’s not all. It’s not simply enough for the ambassador to have a downline who makes an order. For that downline to count toward’s an Ambassador’s points, they must place an order that’s worth 100 point value (PV), which is over $100 in products.

So ambassadors must constantly encourage their downline to make orders in order for them to rank up.

Does that sound complicated? It is, and this structure is part of what gives Plexus a bad reputation. But does it mean Plexus is a scam? Or, worse, is it just a fancy Plexus Worldwide pyramid scheme?


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Plexus Scam or Legitimate Business?

So is selling Plexus health products a scam, or is Plexus legit? It doesn’t take long to read stories online claiming that Plexus scams ambassadors, but is this true?

No, Plexus is not a scam. It has a legitimate physical to sell.

Also, Plexus pays its ambassadors the way it says it will. Ambassadors make money as promised when the people under them make orders.

However, Plexus is not a fast path to financial freedom. If you look at Plexus reviews 2020, you’ll find quite a number of ambassadors that make very little money in Plexus.

The only way to rank high and earn big is to have a large team under you who are also buying products and building their own teams. Your success depends directly on what your downline does, and in this way, it can be hard to make a reliable income.

Plexus isn’t very forthcoming about their ambassadors’ most recent income levels, but the latest reported figures from 2016 show that the majority of the ambassadors, 82.41%, earn an average of $301 a year. That isn’t even enough to cover the $100 minimum order required to stay a commission-earning ambassador for the year. The first-level silver ambassadors earn an average of $3,778 per year. The average across all ranks in 2016 was $1,706.

Clearly, the majority of the ambassadors selling Plexus do not make a high income. So, while it may not be a scam, it is not the income-earning opportunity advertised by hopeful ambassadors.

Is Plexus Worldwide a Pyramid Scheme?


A pyramid scheme, technically speaking, is a scam set up wherein people earn money when people sign on to the company. There is no product except the business, and in order for people to continue growing, they must continue signing on new people under them or under their downline. Those at the top of the pyramid make the most as they continue to encourage recruitment.

Though the pay structure does work in a pyramid structure, with people earning from their downlines and the people under their downlines, Plexus Worldwide is not a pyramid scheme. Rather, it’s multi-level marketing. To earn in Plexus, you must have people under you that buy products, but there is a physical product to sell.

Pros of the Plexus MLM

Since Plexus isn’t a scam, you’re probably wondering if it’s the right business for you. Weighing the pros and cons can help. Here are some positives about the Plexus MLM:

1. It Works Well (for Some)

The truth about Plexus is that it does work well for some ambassadors. Diamond ambassadors, which there are about 100 in the company, earn over $400,000 a year. Many people get great results from plexus health products. If you’re able to build a big team, you can make big money.

2. It’s Established

Plexus holds the benefit of being an established company. It launched in 2006. It is not a fly-by-night, startup operation, which always makes me a little nervous. Today, it’s a successful MLM that ranked among the top 25 direct selling companies in 2019 with a revenue of $4.7 million.

3. Money-back Guarantee

When I’m considering a product, I want to know that product is of high quality. The people behind Plexus truly believe in what they offer. They believe so strongly in their product, they offer that 60-day money-back guarantee to everyone who purchases Plexus products.

4. Built-in Website

Finally, Plexus gives all new ambassadors their own website when they pay their $34.95 yearly ambassador fee.
This website serves as an online storefront and a place for recruiting new ambassadors. It also comes with a back office. Basically, you get a “business in a box” just by signing up, so you can launch your health and wellness business quickly.

web designing

Cons of the Plexus MLM

People are quick to yell “Plexus MLM Scam!” when they hear about this company, but it’s not a scam. It offers a true product and pays as advertised. That said, it may not be the perfect business solution for every person, and like all MLMs it has drawbacks.

1. High Cost

First, the products cost a lot. The Triplex alone is over $100 for a 30-day supply. If you’re going to sign on as a Plexus ambassador, you either must sell enough to cover those expenses, or plan to spend over $100 a month to stay active.
In addition, you must spend $34.95 every year to maintain your membership. That means you must spend a minimum of $1,234.95 to be an income-earning Plexus ambassador. Yes, some of that gives you products to use, but for some, the cost is too high.

2. Recruiting is a Must

Second, even though it’s not a pyramid scheme, Plexus Worldwide places a heavy emphasis on recruiting. The company has 11 ways it pays its ambassadors. Out of those, nine involve recruiting.
The only way to be highly successful is to build a big team under you. Many people find that they’re forced to recruit family and friends into the business with them to be successful.

3. Earning a Living Wage is Tough

Third, based on the company’s own disclosure statements, less than 1% of ambassadors make over $20,000 a year. This means that very few make a livable wage. This might work for supplemental income or help you buy the supplements, but it’s going to take tremendous work to be successful.

less money

4. It’s an Established Company

While being an established company is a pro, it can also be a con in a company that builds its base through recruitment. Why? Because the longer an MLM is in business, the fewer people remain who can become potential recruits.
To be successful, you’ll have to grow your personal network and work to draw those people into your Plexus business, and that’s something that makes me a little uncomfortable.

Is Plexus Right for Me?

So is Plexus the right MLM or home-based business for you? Successful ambassadors with plexus have a personality that works well for recruiting.

Plexus tends to have a large base of friends and family and uses social media effectively. They also believe strongly in the products.

Feel that’s a good fit? You may be successful in the Plexus MLM but remember. While there may not be a Plexus MLM scam, few people make it big in Plexus, so go into the process with realistic expectations.

What is the Alternative to MLM?

look… there are endless MLM horror stories.

The lengths people go to in order to get their friends and family into network marketing is sickening.

If you want to save yourself the embarrassment of your entire family and social circle knowing you’re an “MLM” person…

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Any business venture you start is going to take:

  • Consistent amounts of work for weeks and months on end
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  • Sacrificing going out on the weekends to get ahead in your business
  • Putting yourself out there in front of businesses and people to earn money.

If you are ready for that commitment, this is the only option I feel is worth it in 2020 and going forward.


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