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Ravi Abulava’s Lead Generation Training Reviews: 5 Things You Need To Know

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Jul 7, 2022

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few months, then you know I’m a big fan of lead generation.

The lead generation industry is currently worth $3 billion, and it keeps growing at a fast pace. 

This means that there are more and more people who are looking to profit from the market, and enter into it as soon as possible…

That’s probably the reason why over 5,000 individuals have already joined Ravi Abuvala’s online lead generation training course. 


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And due to the huge popularity of the program, I’ve decided to put together a review dealing with some of its current features. 

My goal with this Ravi’s training review is to give you the facts about his program and help you decide whether it’s worth your time and effort. 

So, let’s find out!

1.Who is Ravi Abulava?

Some of you may know who Ravi is, others may not. 

But trust me, if you’re in the industry, it’s a name you should know. 

Ravi is pretty popular for his incredible method of amassing a small fortune in start-up ventures after dropping out of a top-rated law school. 

He was featured in Fox News and Forbes, respectively

What’s more impressive is that he did all this while being completely self-taught in finance, investing and entrepreneurship.

Despite the perception that he was born into the family business and that it is his birthright, he is just like any other young person who has worked hard to get where he is.

Ravi Abuvala is now a successful entrepreneur, with a company valued at over $1 million, more than 30 employees, and over 500 customers. He started his company from scratch in less than two years. 

In 2014 he created his lead generation training program, Scaling With Systems .

Ravi also has a YouTube channel where he talks about marketing, public relations, and being an entrepreneur. This channel is useful for beginners who want to learn from his tips. 

He has also been featured as a guest expert on various business podcasts.

Is Ravi a scam?

Ravi has been the subject of a lot of controversy recently, with people on both sides of the argument claiming to have the proof that Ravi is or isn’t a scam. 

The thing is, no one actually does.

Not a single person has ever come up with any kind of proof for the claim that Ravi is indeed a scam.

The reality is, Ravi’s legit and he’s a young entrepreneur making his way in the world, just like yourself. 

So far, Ravi has proven to be a successful and genuine marketer. 

As I mentioned above, he dropped out of law school and now he’s running one of the most popular entrepreneurship courses out there. 

2.Ravi’s Lead Generation Training: What’s Inside?

Scaling With Systems

Scaling With Systems is a 60-day intensive training program that will supercharge your business, helping you to build a lucrative enterprise in record time. 

In this program, they’re going to cover how to:

  • Automate tasks and streamline processes
  • Build an evolving team of contractors and employees
  • Develop systems that make it easy for you to scale your business

Scaling With System is divided into three sections: 

  1. The first section is about how to manage your team and how to set up systems to scale. 
  2. The second section is about handling sales calls. In this part, you will learn how to handle incoming calls and convert them into leads or customers. 
  3. The last section is about delegating and automation.

Ravi says that the key in scaling a business is by automating your business process and by delegating all the tasks that can be done by others. 


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  • Recurring Income
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So, in his training, he shares his strategies on how you can delegate and automate your business so it can grow faster without you having to do anything else but just work on projects or tasks that only you can do.

3.What’s good & bad about Ravi’s training

The Good

  • Ravi is a great instructor

What makes him different from other “entrepreneurs” is that he puts himself out there as a real person — not just some guy behind a screen who wants to sell you something. 

His honesty about his failures shows how hardworking he is when it comes down to it.

  • The content is well organized

Ravi provides several examples for each strategy so you can see how it works in practice. 

He also gives his own personal stories from his own business where he used these strategies. This makes the material relatable and helps you understand how it relates to your own situation.

  • There are helpful “takeaways” at the end of each module

These takeaways are short videos that summarize key points from each module. They make it easy to review what you learned in each module if you need a refresher at any point in time.

The Bad

  • It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme

Ravi’s approach is holistic, which means that he will look at your whole life and help you improve it. This method is great because it helps you to realize that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts. You have to work at it every day.

However, this can be hard on those who are used to getting results quickly with minimal effort. 

  • No refunds 

There are no refunds on this product because there are no physical products involved (no DVDs or CDs)

  • The price might be too high for some people

The price might be too high for some people, especially if they don’t have any experience with internet marketing and sales.

If you’re on a budget, there’s a cheaper and better option you can check out here

4.How much does it cost?

You can register for Ravi’s “free training webinar”, which will cost you nothing. 

Once you have done so, you will be invited to purchase the system at its full price of $12,000. 

5.Is Ravi’s lead generation training a legit opportunity?

Well, there’s no shortage of testimonials and reviews praising Ravi and his product. So the answer is that Ravi’s training, Scaling With Systems, is probably legit.

In fact, most of the reviews online are positive—some users even claim they were skeptical at first but after trying it they could finally believe in its effectiveness. 

There are also plenty of videos posted on YouTube and other sites showing people getting results from using Ravi’s training.

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