Sellosity Review: The Smart Commerce Platform (What You MUST Know )

By Roy Goldstein

February 19, 2021

Sellosity Review: The Smart Commerce Platform (What You MUST Know ) 



Sellosity is a revolutionary new eCommerce platform built to help you create beautiful, fully functional online stores within minutes.

In this Sellosity review, I’m going to be revealing everything you MUST know about this platform. 

If you’re running on a low budget or if you are sick and tired of spending a ton of time setting everything up, then keep reading. 

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What Is Sellosity, exactly?



Sellosity is a powerful new platform, built on top of a proven eCommerce framework that powers over one million online stores.



Have you ever had to deal with huge monthly fees and limited functionality when building your store?

If not, but you’re thinking of starting an ecommerce…

You’re going to deal with all of that. 

Now, here’s the thing:

Sellosity solves all those problems.

Sellosity has packed everything into one powerful eCommerce platform that every eCommerce entrepreneur not only wants but desperately needs to create a successful and profitable store.

What Makes Sellosity Different?

Here are just a few of Sellosity’s powerful features:

1. Instant Store Builder

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can deploy and launch a beautiful, fully-functional ecommerce store… just add products and branding and you’re ready to rock.

2. Drag & Drop Simplicity

Sellosity has a powerful, built-in drag & drop page builder that lets you create professionally-designed, high-converting product sales pages and OTO pages within seconds.

3. Easily Source Quality Products

Sellosity helps you find reputable vendors & high quality products to sell from AliExpress as well as importing existing stores from Shopify, Amazon and Ebay…

4. True eCommerce Automation

Thanks to Sellosity’s powerful dropshipping engine, you can now build a wildly profitable eCommerce empire without ever personally seeing, touching, or shipping a single product.

5. Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic

Without passing trade, your ecommerce business is doomed to fail. We give you the tools and training you need to not only generate masses of traffic, but convert that traffic too.

6. Puts You In The Driving Seat

Advanced marketing analytics allow you to see at-a-glance where your customers are coming from and what’s driving them to buy so you can optimize conversions.

7. eCommerce Done Right

Sellosity is built upon a secure and stable ecommerce framework for WordPress that has over 1 million installs and powers over 37% of all online stores, more than 3x that of our nearest competitor. Best of all, there are NO monthly fees!

8. Print On Demand Integration

Sellosity integrates seamlessly with all the leading print-on-demand vendors so you can sell your t-shirts, mugs, and more… without having to pay extra for apps or add-ons just to have the basic functionality you need.

9. Unbeatable eCommerce Training (for me, this is the best part)

Sellosity doesn’t just help you build your store and then leave you in the dark. 

Sellosity takes you by the hand and teaches you how to build a profitable and successful eCommerce business that practically runs itself with powerful step-by-step training.

Who is behind the Sellocity?

Most people don’t know that Sean’s background is eCommerce.

Just a few years ago, Sean Donahoe owned the second largest art store on the Internet. 

Sean stocked over 3 million products and turned over 7 figures a year in revenue. 

Best of all, Sean never personally saw, touched, or shipped a single product. 

The business was 100% automated and products were drop shipped from the vast network of vendors he were in partnership with.

(Automation also played a HUGE part on my journey to financial freedom. Check here how!)

Sean has also built huge Amazon-style stores with over $450 million in inventory, and has personally consulted with multi-million dollar eCommerce giants such as Walmart, Kroger, and Costco to name just a few.

Bottom line? 

Sean Donahoe knows his stuff when it comes to eCommerce.


Sellosity solves a genuine problem for eCommerce business owners. 

You can create multi-product and funnel commerce stores fast without spending $500+ a month for other platforms and apps just to get the basic features you need.

The best part?

They have top-notch customer service. Great customer service is the backbone of any successful business.

Sellosity’s dedicated customer support team is on hand to deal with any questions or queries you may have, in addition to providing the ongoing help and support you need to succeed.

So, if you’re looking to start in the e-commerce world, go and give it a try!

But, before…

Let me tell you a short story

(I’m going to keep it really short. I promise)

My first e-commerce attempt, I mean my first REAL attempt, I thought I found the golden goose. 

All my competition was selling a $10 product for $60, and I’d happily sell it for $30. 

It was supposed to work fine on Etsy, Ebay, even Amazon.

Turns out they sold at that price because the average cost of acquiring customers was about $6-10/ea.

I learn really fast that just because successfully getting 100%~ after expenses on platforms does NOT mean you can replicate/scale that on your own website. 

Customer acquisition is something you have got to factor in to cost or else you’ll

1) lose money to make sales or

2) not make.

So, this is the truth:

If you’re thinking about building an online store…

I don’t recommend it. 

What do I recommend instead?

Lead generation

It’s my top online business model recommendation for a reason. 

I’m making 6-figures while living by my own rules thanks to what I learned in this coaching program.

How much did I spend?

Less than $10.

That’s how I know for a fact that they offer best-in-class features at a price their nearest rivals simply can’t match.

Combine that with the extensive training, tools and resources they provide…

And you have absolutely everything you could ever need to get started in the HUGE local lead generation industry.

I’m serious. 

I was able to grow from $0 to a 7 figures revenue… without the large monthly overheads, transaction fees, and need for expensive apps or add-ons.


Click here!


Thanks for reading, guys. 

I’ll keep an eye on the comments section!

See ya!

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