Usborne Books MLM Reviews Scam or Legit Direct Sales Opportunity?

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Last updated Jun 25, 2022

Is the Usborne Books MLM a legit direct sales opportunity or a scam? Here’s the good news. Usborne Books reviews from even the most critical direct sales analysts judge this company as completely legit. You will get high-quality, popular children’s books to market and a fairly simple compensation plan.

As with any other MLM, making a decent income will generally rely upon your ability to recruit. Most sellers don’t make a full-time income; however, they may have other reasons to feel satisfied with their experience. Plus, top sellers and recruiters can indeed make six figures, though that takes some exceptional effort.

In order to find out if Usborne Books MLM offers the right opportunity for you, learn more about the products, compensation plan, and typical experiences from people who have tried it.


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The Complete Usborne Books MLM Review

Most people want to know something about the history and general reputation of any direct sales company that they’re considering.

A Brief Overview of Usborne Books

Founded by Peter Usborne in 1973, Usborne books has developed a great reputation for publishing high-quality, educational books for children. The MLM part of the company began in 1989. They offer over 1,800 titles, including sticker, 3D, sound, flip, and of course, regular books.

More than one consultant review disclosed that the reps bought these books for their own children or even had them as children before selling them. Peter Usborne’s original idea was always to produce books that would incorporate other media in order to engage children, and he says that many adults even use the educational books as references.

kid reading a book

Is Usborne Books a Pyramid Scheme?

As with all of the best direct sales opportunities, the company produces a good product. And because Usborne Books is in the business of publishing and selling books, they are definitely not any sort of pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme refers to a company with revenue largely dependent upon earning money from recruiting new members into expensive membership plans and not from sales. You can feel confident that Usborne Books offers consultants a legit business.

Of course, you still need to ask if you can best earn money as one of their distributors or by seeking other opportunities.

How Does Usborne Books Work?

Usborne Books MLM

To sell with Usborne books, you first need to invest in a distributor kit. The good news is you can start with the Mini-Kit for only $75. For this modest investment, you get:

  • Your first year of Usborne Books consultant status
  • Business supplies, including a 6-month eCommerce package
  • Ten books to use as samples

Instead of the Mini-Kit, you may also choose the $30 Virtual Kit, which includes a website you can use to take online orders and one free sample book. The Usborne website says that the Virtual Kit may only be offered for a limited time. After you begin throwing parties, you can earn more free books.

At the other end of the price range, you can pay $125 for a Consultant Kit, which provides you with everything included in the Mini-Kit, 10 more books, and some additional information about working with the company.

You also start earning a base commission of 25 percent on your home or online party sales right away. As you hit certain milestones and goals, you can also earn bonuses over this base commission. When it’s time to purchase the second kit, it will cost you $125 for the Consultant Kit.

Of course, by this time, you should have a good idea if Usborne Books has provide a good business opportunity that’s worth an additional investment.

How Can You Sell Usborne Books?

Similar to the Tupperware parties that you’re probably already familiar with, you can sell books through home parties. You will bring your sample books to show guests. You will place your customer orders directly to Usborne, and the company will deliver orders to your customer’s homes. That means you don’t need to worry about delivering orders.

Besides home parties, these are some other ways to sell Usborne books:

  • Online parties: Besides having home parties, you can also have online parties through Facebook and other social sites. You simply give customers your link in order to get credit for sales. Usborne used to let their reps sell through Amazon and eBay but have now discontinued this practice.
  • Booths at events and trade shows: You will have to pay your own booth fee, but you are free to showcase your products at such events as craft fairs, neighborhood carnivals, and in some cases, through direct sales to schools and libraries. You will learn more about the compensation plan in the dedicated section below.
  • Directly online: These days, eCommerce has grown increasingly popular. You can also market your website to attract sales. Again, you’re not allowed to list books on such sites as Amazon or eBay.

Besides earning money for yourself, you can offer your hostesses incentives. These include free gifts and discounts on orders. For example, one customer reported holding an online party for her friends and earning over 20 free books for her own child’s library. Naturally, the size of the incentives will depend upon the party’s sales.


Usborne Books Compensation Plan for Your Sales

Naturally, you want to learn more about the company’s compensation plan to figure out if you should invest your time and money. Unlike some MLM companies, Usborne is pretty straightforward and transparent about compensation.

Usborne Books MLM

According to the company, consultants average about $100 per party. Unless you’re booking a party every day and maybe twice on the weekend, you would either need to exceed this average or become a successful Team Leader to truly earn a generous income by just holding home parties.

Getting Paid as a Team Leader of Other Consultants

Like other direct sales organizations, Usborne rewards consultants for recruiting other consultants. In fact, they even say on the company website that becoming a Team Leader offers you the key to earning a six-figure income. You start earning an additional 8.5 percent of your own retail sales and 8.5 percent of the retail sales made by any of your direct recruits. Usborne refers to your direct recruits as your Central Group.

Using the example of an average party with $400 in retail sales:

  • You would earn $134 instead of $100 for your own party sales.
  • If a distributor from your Central Group threw this $400 party, you would still earn $34, in addition to the team member’s $100 income.

Even better, your Central Group can also recruit more consultants. Usborne considers these your first, second, and third levels. You will typically get compensated like this:

  • First level below Central Group: 5.5% of retail sales
  • Second level below Central Group: 4.0% of retail sales
  • Third level below Central Group: 1.0% of retail sales

The rules get a little more complicated as your downline progresses. Still, this chart will give you the basic idea.

*** IMAGE: Chart Title: This Chart Shows How You Can Grow With UBAH ***

Beyond rewarding you more for becoming a Team Leader, Usborne also gives you plenty of room to grow your business and your income. It also strongly encourages to recruit and train active consultants. For example, strong recruits and personal sales can qualify you as a Supervisor, which entitles you to a greater percentage of your own sales and your downline’s sales.

After you reach Supervisor, you can keep growing to earn promotions to Executive Supervisor, Senior Executive Supervisor, and even Director. At these higher levels, you can also start qualifying for trips and other reward bonuses.

How Much Can You Truly Earn Selling Usborne Books?

Usborne Books MLM

As mentioned above, Usborne freely publicizes that the average sales party brings in $400 in revenue and earns the distributor $100. Of course, your results may not be average at all. For one thing, lots of parents with young kids tend to get drawn to these products and this company. Many of them only want to earn a part-time income, so they may not have the motivation to try to climb to higher earning levels within the company.

In fact, many of the distributors liked the fact that the company did not impose any minimum sales to keep their Consultant status. That meant they could work when they wanted or even just use their consultant membership to order discounted books for themselves or as gifts. For example, some distributors wanted to take time off in the summer and work more when their kids attended school in the winter.

Most of the consultants did want to enjoy discounts and free books, plus earn an income.

One survey of current consultants found:

  • Average earnings tended to hover about $550 a month.
  • Incomes reported in this survey ranged from $150 to over $4,000 a month.
  • These consultants had been with Usborne for an average of one and one-half years and reported throwing about five parties each month.
  • The survey respondents also said they spent about three hours on each party.

To translate that into hourly income, it ranged from a low of $17.50 to an average of about $40. One long-time distributor who had obviously moved up in the ranks reported earning about $600 an hour from both her and her team’s efforts. To be fair, this survey consisted of active consultants, so it doesn’t include reports from distributors who never really moved forward with their business for a variety of reasons.


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Pros and Cons of Direct Sales With Usborne Books

Any good review of Usborne Books should boil down the pros and cons to help you pick out the important details.

The Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of selling Usborne books is having high-quality products to offer. No matter what you’re selling, you’ll do better if you promote a product that you truly believe in and would buy for your own family. Even a consultant review of this company that downplays the opportunity will admit that Usborne has earned a reputation for publishing great books. The active consultants enjoy the chance to distribute books to children, promote literacy, and earn free and discounted products for their own families.

If you’re good at selling products and helping other people build a business, you do have a chance to earn a high income. Even if you have more modest goals, the company keeps the program inexpensive to join and offers a good value for their membership kits.  You’re likely to find that you’ve gotten back the cost of the Mini-Kit or Consultant Kit in the value of the books alone. While Usborne does offer some incentives for hitting certain milestones quickly, you don’t have to worry that they will cancel your membership or reduce your income because you failed to meet a quota.


Even some of the active consultants said that they didn’t care for the direct sales aspect of the company. Even though the company offers incentives to hostesses, many consultants had little sales experience before enrolling in this program. They said they needed to move outside of their typical comfort zone to encourage party hostesses and in particular, to recruit a downline. Some of the distributors said that they could earn decent money sometimes at book fairs or other events, but it was often tough to compete with such established publishers as Scholastic.

Also, the company admits that the average consultant party brings in revenue of about $400. Since this earns the distributor $100, you would need to have a lot of parties to really earn a high income. While active consultants didn’t appear to have much trouble recruiting hostesses to have a party for them, they said they struggled to get those same hostesses to throw a second or third party. That means your consistent business will probably always depend upon seeking hostesses and new consultants to add to your downline.


Is Usborne Books the Best Direct Selling Opportunity for You?

If you have children and even better, lots of friends with children, you may enjoy introducing other people to these high-quality, educational books. As a consultant, you’ll also get paid for books you order for yourself or for gifts, so you have a chance to use your membership to buy products you already enjoy.  Some parents of young kids just want a part-time way to earn extra money. If you’ve already got connections with potential customers and don’t mind selling to them, you may find it fairly easy to get started.

Since the company only charges a modest membership fee to join and doesn’t require any minimums to keep your consultant status, you might consider this a low-risk opportunity that will fit your lifestyle. Usborne also offers a transparent and fair compensation model. Still, you will need to work to book parties, promote your eCommerce site, or place booths at events. If you hope to approach a six-figure income, you’ll need to also introduce other people to the business opportunity.

My Final Thoughts

So here’s the deal, there’s tons of MLM’s you can join if that’s what you want.

However, considering you’re here reading this right now I can guess with good accuracy that what you REALLY want is to make money and live a different life than your current one.

Speaking in general terms, most MLM’ers don’t end up making money in their networks.

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