Chance Welton – Mentor or a Scam?

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Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Does the name Chance Welton ring a bell? If you’ve read our Modern Millionaires review, you probably know him a bit.

He’s been in the marketing game for a long time. He’s worked with everyone from small businesses to multinational companies and has proven himself time and time again as an effective marketer.

There are some things about Chance that you probably don’t know, though.

So in this article, we’ll give you a little insight into who Chance is by sharing 5 facts about his life and work with you.

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About Chance Welton

Chance Welton is mainly known for co-founding the Modern Millionaires program, but he’s also a growth hacker, online entrepreneur, investor, and speaker with a passion for helping businesses grow through effective marketing and sales strategies.

who is Chance Welton

He has worked with several multi-million dollar companies and startups around the globe to help them optimize their lead generation process.


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  • Recurring Income
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Chance & Abdul: Modern Millionaires Review

Chance’s Modern Millionaires course teaches you how to build an automated online business from scratch that makes money without any prior experience or technical skills.

The idea of this program was born three years ago.

Chance was making a name for himself by promoting his company’s services and products at a conference in Las Vegas. Abdul, on the other hand, had recently quit his job and had started diving into the lead generation industry. When they bumped into each other, they quickly became friends—and partners

Just three short years later, Chance & Abdul are now regarded as two of the top online entrepreneurs in their field – have generated over $120M collectively online with their own businesses & clients.

Not bad, right? You can check out more about them and their program here.

5 things you didn’t know about Chance Welton

   1- Chance Welton has been featured multiple times in Forbes magazine.

Chance Welton has been featured multiple times in Forbes magazine. Often he is asked to share his insights on what drives him to achieve success and what has led him to his great life today.

In addition to Forbes magazine, Chance Welton has also been featured in a number of other well-known publications, such as Entrepreneur or Business Insider.

   2- He’s made millions online over the last few years doing what he teaches in his program


Chance has been in the lead generation and digital marketing space for years, building a successful business that produces thousands of leads every month for businesses like real estate agents, plumbers, and home remodeling companies.

What he teaches in his Modern Millionaires program is the exact same method he and his business partner Abdul use to generate hundreds of high-quality leads every week.

The results speak for themselves.

   3- He has an actual background in growth hacking and knows how to do it successfully

The best way to really understand what is going on with an online business is to have actually done it yourself. The guys who really know what they are talking about when it comes to growth hacking have all done it, and Chance Welton is no exception to this rule.

He has spent years as the guy who would be working on the nuts and bolts of making a startup profitable and successful. He’s done the hard work himself, and seen first hand what works and what doesn’t, meaning that he can give you real-world advice that really works from first-hand experience.

   4- He has helped over 400 students build 6-figure businesses in the last couple of years

As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Chance Welton knows how to teach the skills he has honed the last years. He has helped over 400 students build 6-figure businesses in the last couple years through his programs and workshops, such as Modern Millionaires or The Officesless Agency.

The knowledge he shares is priceless and comes straight from the “school of hard knocks” and his own personal experience of building several highly profitable online and offline businesses.

   5- Chance Welton has been running his own 6-figure marketing agency since 2014

In addition to being one of the best lead generation instructors on the internet, Chance Welton has been running his own digital marketing agency for 8 years now.

Beachwood Marketing was founded in 2014, and since then Chance has grown the business to 6 figures in revenue by providing local businesses with intelligent marketing solutions.

Businesses that have worked with Beachwood are typically experiencing some of the following problems:

  • Not enough leads, sales, or customers;
  • Leads that don’t convert into sales;
  • Difficulty competing against their competition; or
  • A website or marketing strategy that is out of date or ineffective.

Thanks to this business, he has worked with clients across a range of industries and niches but specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and other freelance businesses double or triple their revenue by increasing their client base.


Is Chance Welton a Scam?

If you need more proof that Chance Welton isn’t a scam artist, look at his program on Trustpilot. He’s got +200 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars!

That’s just unheard of these days, especially when most people think it’s cool to leave a 1-star review if they find out they’re not paying for a get-rich-quick scheme. So yeah… Chance is legit.

And if you’re looking to build an online side hustle, you should definitely check out his training programs.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, if you’re a total newbie to the online marketing world who doesn’t have any prior experience with building a business, then Chance Welton’s programs are the ones you should probably look into first.

With a great deal of experience and a somewhat non-traditional approach to online business, Chance Welton is one of the few experts to trust, especially in the lead generation field.

He is a doer, not a talker. His programs are for serious entrepreneurs who want to get started now, instead of tomorrow or next year. But he does it all by helping you learn from his mistakes so you can start creating your own success story.

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