Dropshipping Titans Review (THIS is The Truth Behind eBay Dropshipping)

By Roy Goldstein

March 3, 2021

Dropshipping Titans Review (THIS is The Truth Behind eBay Dropshipping)

Good news: Dropshipping is still popular. 

Many people have made thousands of dollars out of it.

And there are programs like Dropshipping Titans making it easy for anyone to master dropshipping on the eBay platform, even without any prior knowledge.

Now, bad ones:

Dropshipping may be popular, but it isn’t very profitable anymore. 

So, in today’s post I’m not only going to be breaking down the whole Dropshipping Titans course, but I’m also giving you the actual reasons I’d think twice before jumping into dropshipping. 

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Let’s dive right in!


So, dropshipping entered our world making a lot of noise, right?

The first time I heard about it, I thought it was the solution for every small entrepreneur who wanted to start a business on their own without having to lose their pocket.

The popular thing was people making $20,000/month and acting like they drive a Honda Accord. 

I personally found it DAUNTING to say the least to get “real” information on how to spend my $$ on learning something that someone else will want to pay for. 

I just wanted to get a fraction of people “could” make. 

Instead, I found smoke and mirrors for the masses and GOLD for the elite few that made it work.

(Side note: This “elite” were people who had enough luck to find the ” winner niche” -which isn’t, by the way, easy at all)

One of the main reasons why I’m writing  this post is because I’ve been in your place, and it would have helped me A LOT to have a good base of information.


I went through forums, Facebook groups, Youtube (full of fake gurus, careful!)…

I even tried a couple of online dropshipping courses, such as the one we’re reviewing now.

I spent a lot of money and I sacrificed a lot of things.

So I quit.


Here’s the thing:

For me it was about freedom and being my own boss. 

Being able to spend time with family and be where I wanted to be.

Now that said, after getting into the business model I’m in I’ve realized that it is actually one of the best models (online or offline), and I honestly wouldn’t want to do anything else.

The fact that it’s online I guess is just an added bonus as it gives me flexibility.

But yea – for me it comes down to controlling your own destiny and being able to scale your business into making more money than you ever could in a 9-5 job.

Will dropshipping give YOU that?

It didn’t give it to me, but I’m here to give you all the information.  

So, let’s start from the beginning:

What Is Exactly Dropshipping?



Dropshipping is a business model where the retailer (you) doesn’t have a product stock, but rather it’s the wholesaler who sends the merchandise directly to the end customer.

It involves selling a product on a platform without having to hold any inventory. 

When the customer puts an order, you source it from the supplier at a lower price and use the customer’s shipping address. 

This model was already used by catalog sellers, but recently it has spread due to the rise of the internet and online sales, since it’s relatively easy to expose a third-party catalog in our online store and automate the entry of the order directly to our wholesaler . 

We would only have to wait to receive our commission for the sales made through our ecommerce.

So yea, all this sounds very good, right?

Everyone should jump into the pool of the combination Dropshipping + online store! But … 

As you may already be thinking, all that glitters isn’t gold.

(More on that later.)

Now, Dropshipping Titans focus on helping people like you learn about eBay Dropshipping

The Average eBay Dropshipper is Making $2.67 Profit on Every Sale


First, some context:

Anyone with an eBay seller account can start dropshipping on eBay. 

First, you must choose which products to sell. Once you know it, your search for a reputable supplier that guarantees fast shipments in good condition will begin.

But beware: you won’t see a great return with just a few sales.

The key to successful dropshipping on eBay is volume. 

Most dropshippers only earn a few dollars per sale.

According to statistics, the average eBay dropshippers make $2.67 profit for each sales order they fulfil.

And for the top 10% eBay dropshippers, they make an average $3.64 profit on each sale.

Likewise also, the least and bottom 10% are making a loss of $2.53 on each sale too.

On average, statistics say that an average eBay dropshipper processes 969 orders per month.

And that results in a profit of over $2,500/month for the average eBay dropshipper. 

Which is fair enough from a side hustle – in my opinion.

With this in mind, a course like Dropshipping Titans seems perfect, right?

But, can it really help you?

Dropshipping Titans Overview


This eBay Dropshipping Titans course is taught by Paul Lipsky – a professional eBay dropshipper with over a million dollars in sales.

He also runs a successful Youtube channel (make sure you check it out before buying his course!) 



It’s one of the most beginner-friendly dropshipping courses, with over 75 step-by-step training videos. 

The course curriculum is neatly divided into 10 modules that include:

  • Introduction to eBay dropshipping
  • Getting your store up and running fast
  • Titans product research formula
  • The perfect eBay listing
  • What you need to know before listing more items
  • Getting your customers their orders fast
  • Top customer service hacks
  • Titan hacks to double your profit on every sale
  • Keeping things organized
  • Advanced topics

Along with the training modules, this eBay dropshipping course comes with access to the Titans Tribe Facebook Mastermind group, downloadable customer service scripts, as well as advanced modules to help you scale. 

What Do The Dropshipping Titans Offer?




The Dropshipping Titans course runs through approximately 15 modules spanning over more than 70 videos and claims to help you to create a successful dropshipping business from scratch. 

It teaches you things like how to create an eBay account, a Paypal account, and how to list your products on eBay.

Centering around the idea of making small margins on every sale which would amount to a larger profit when put together, this course can be good for the ones who are just beginning with their journey of dropshipping.

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

The Dropshipping Titans course comes with two payment options.

You can either purchase it by making a one-time payment of $297 or three monthly installments of $127 each, which amounts to a total of $381. 

Dropshipping Titans Review – Module-Wise Review

Let me run you through the modules offered by the Dropshipping Titans course along with my views on them. 

Keep reading:

This Dropshipping Titans review will help you decide whether or not this course is for you.

The First and Second Modules


These are very introductory and basic. 

Paul would teach you how to create an email account, a Paypal account, and an eBay account. 

These are pretty basic stuff and something that one can learn on Youtube as well. Paul over explains basic things that consume a lot of time and can even be frustrating.

The Third Module




This talks about product research but again turns out to be a disappointment. 

You would have bought this course expecting to learn tricks and tips to search products more effectively on eBay, but it turns out to be a letdown. 

It just provides basic knowledge and there is nothing unique about it. 

Paul keeps recommending you to use HomDepot rather than actually teaching you about product research. It teaches you nothing about finding trusted sellers or trending products. 

The Fourth and Fifth Modules




These modules of the Dropshipping Titans focus on listing on eBay. 

Again, there are no insights and tricks to listing activity. 

More importantly, it doesn’t make you aware of the fact that eBay allows only 10 products for initial sellers.

The Sixth Module



This module talks about getting your customers their orders quickly. 

This whole point is overstretched and Paul dedicates 9 videos to it. 

He over-explains elementary things which could be summed up in four words ‘buy it for them’.  

The Seventh Module



This module is a guide to improving customer service. 

Most of this consists of general tips which you can easily find on Youtube as well. 

It talks about facilitating tracking, answering questions promptly, and avoiding cancellation, which even a novice businessman would know.

The Eighth Module




This one is all about increasing profits on every sale. 

This can be summed up as penny cost savings on each transaction which would increase your margin. And that’s that. 

There are no ‘out of the box’ ideas or tips which you had expected.

The Ninth Module



This module just talks about Quickbooks and organizing your spreadsheets. And yes, nothing more.  

The Tenth module


Final Thoughts on eBay Dropshipping Titans 

This is the truth:

Most of the course is screen recorded with Paul speaking in the background. 

The PowerPoint presentations are pitiful and end in three slides with 2-3 bullet points. 

It gives the impression that the focus has been on marketing the course rather than actually providing value for money.

It does a job no different than your eBay salesman or Youtube, providing very ordinary knowledge of setting up a dropshipping business on eBay. 

Why would anyone want to spend almost $300 for learning something that is freely available on lots of online platforms and articles?


This course can be a great start for beginners who have no knowledge whatsoever about dropshipping. 

It would teach you how to set up an eBay account, how to use PayPal, how to list your items and conduct basic product research. But expecting anything more out of this would lead you to disappointment.

So, if you want to add more value to your business, I recommend you to go for this awesome coaching program. It will justify the money put into it and actually help you to set up a successful business.

Here’s the thing:

Back in 2010 you really could make a solid entrance into the dropshipping space…

Now, considering how expensive and time consuming it is to implement…not so much.

Lead generation is WAY more profitable.

You see, people who google for specific services like tree service or roofing probably have buyer intent…

Products though…can fall prey to window shoppers.

On top of that, profit margins are much smaller.

With lead gen you could have a site generating leads where your profit margin is literally 100% assuming its ranked

I have a few sites like this.

Even further it’s much easier to rank locally than nationally

So because of it’s easier to rank and the profit margins are better…I choose local lead gen all day long

And if you want to choose freedom, you’ll do the same.





Thanks for reading!

Let me know what your thoughts are on this review down in the comments. 

See ya!

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