Flip The Career Switch Reviews: Is It a Scam? (10 Red Flags)

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Last updated Dec 22, 2022

In this Flip The Career Switch review, we’ll discuss this particular business opportunity and some of the red flags that could indicate it’s not a good fit for you. 

Not many people like to hear the phrase ‘it’s a scam’ but it’s best to get the facts upfront.

Here’s what you need to know about Flip The Career Switch:

A look inside Flip The Career Switch

What is Flip The Career Switch?

The Flip The Career Switch system is advertised as a way to make money from home. According to the company website, you can “flip the switch” on your current career and start making a lot of money online.


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Now, what’s the truth?

Flip The Career Switch is a sales funnel that promotes Matt’s Marketing Blueprint. This is an online business training platform that teaches you how to earn money online by promoting the same system.

It works in a way similar to other online marketing systems like Simple System Access, where you are encouraged to invest a lot of money upfront in order to become a reseller of the same program and make commissions from your referrals.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing per se. Most affiliate marketing programs out there do more or less the same thing.

However, many people are misled by Flip The Career Switch because they believe it’s an actual business opportunity.

As I said earlier, the truth about Flip The Career Switch is that it’s nothing but a sales funnel that you have to go through in order to get to the main product.

What’s included in the program?

The four membership levels for Flip The Career Switch are:

  • Gold – $3,247
  • Platinum – $7,447
  • Diamond – $14,647
  • Royal – $21,847

The higher your membership level, the more commission you get paid.

For example, if someone signs up for a Gold membership (at the cost of $3,247), you get a $1,500 commission. 

However, if you sign up for a Royal membership (at the cost of $21,847), you get a pay out of $10,500

10 red flags of the Flip The Career Switch funnel

1) The video sales letter doesn’t explain what the product is

A good video sales letter will describe what you’re going to get when you buy the product. 

Truth is, Flip The Career Switch doesn’t really spell out what you’re getting. It just talks about how it’s going to help. And it also uses several buzzwords I thought were strange.

You can expect this to run along the lines of “I’m going to show you how I went from a broke nobody to making millions…”

But they don’t define anything. According to the website, their “career switcher” system is something that’ll help you make huge money online.  

That could be anything — affiliate marketing, selling on Amazon, selling on Etsy, selling digital products, selling physical products … There are lots of options.

So, in short, the video presentation is just a fake sales pitch designed to make you want to buy something, without telling you what it is.

2) Lack of information about who runs Flip The Career Switch and what their credentials are.

There’s a picture of someone named Blair Philip on the website but that doesn’t prove anything. 

There’s no bio or background information about him anywhere. And all the other websites that he supposedly created have no information about him either.

3) An outrageous income claim showing thousands of dollars coming in from nowhere.

Another major red flag is the income claim on the sales page. 

The sales page features a video of a guy named “Steve” who claims to have made $1,167 his first day, but then he revised that figure to $4,000 his first week. He also claims to have earned $80,000 in one month…


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It’s basically impossible to make money online without building an audience of some kind. That takes time and energy – something which nobody wants to hear when they are wanting quick results.

4) False scarcity

You’ve heard this one many times before…

“The opportunity is only available for a limited time.”

“Act now or lose out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

This is a very common sales tactic called false scarcity. There are lots of reasons why this is a scammer’s favorite tactic, but let me explain the main one:

By limiting the time you have to make a decision, they create urgency and pressure so that you buy on impulse. It’s easier to say “Yes, I want it!” with limited time than to take your time and fully investigate the program.

That’s why Flip The Career Switch’s sales page is full of fake deadlines and time-sensitive offers.

5) You have to give your personal information to find out how much it costs

This is a classic sales technique to get people’s credit card info. Whether it’s a free trial or just an “information request,” giving your credit card details to any website that isn’t 100% trustworthy is a bad idea. 

What do you think they will do with that information?

6) It’s full of upsells

This sales funnel consists of a bunch of upsells. 

In other words, you will be encouraged to buy additional products and services, some of which are quite expensive. You see, the lowest option is $3,247, but you will also be expected to invest in ClickFunnels software ($97 per month), ClickMagick tracking software ($27 per month), Aweber autoresponder ($19 per month) and some other things.

However, the real money lies at the very end of this sales funnel. 

This is where you will be asked if you want to upgrade your membership level from Gold to Platinum for an additional $7,447. 

7) Social proof or testimonials that look fake and can’t be verified.

After the sales video comes the social proof in the form of dozens of glowing testimonials from people who are supposedly earning thousands of dollars per month using Flip The Career Switch.

They’ll also show the logos of popular websites or news companies and say things like “featured on CNN, featured on ABC News, etc.” 

But on closer inspection, you realize there are no links to those articles. If you Google those companies with the name of the product, you won’t find anything!

8) Their promise of a $10,000+ per month income is unrealistic and unguaranteed.

They promise that you could get an income of $10,000+ per month in your first month. This is unrealistic and not guaranteed. 

Even if you do start making this kind of money, it won’t happen right away. It can take weeks or months to build up a business to that level.

9) Hyperbolic claims about how easy it is to make money with their system

Whenever someone claims that you can make money easily, run. When someone says you can do it quickly and get rich, run faster.

Making money online isn’t hard. Making a lot of money online can be challenging, but it’s not hard. Making a lot of money in a short period of time online is extremely difficult. It’s not impossible, but it’s extremely difficult.

The only thing easy about making money online is getting sucked into scams like this one. And that’s because they all make the same promise: “You can get rich quick and easily with very little effort on your part.”

10) There are other scam programs that operate with similar methods and are highly correlated with one another.

These programs all follow the same model as Flip The Career Switch -think of Simple Access System or The Prosperity Warrior.

You see, they don’t charge you one low price for their program, they make you go through several different levels of upsells before you can finally get access to the main program. 

This is a shady way of doing business because it gives people false hopes when advertising their product online. 

The ad might say “$23 (or $37) for a complete step-by-step training on how to make money online” but when you get inside their sales funnel, it turns out there’s no way you can access the whole training without paying thousands of dollars!

Verdict – Is Flip The Career Switch legit or scam?

Flip The Career Switch is just like the previous scams we’ve reviewed – you invest a lot of money and you never get what you were promised.

In my opinion, it’s better to stay away from programs like Flip The Career Switch. They are scams that will not help you make money online. 

Besides, there are much better alternatives out there that can show you how to make money on the internet without having to spend thousands of dollars!

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