Follow Adder Review – Does Your Instagram Account Need It?

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Last updated Jun 24, 2022

Follow Adder Review – Does Your Instagram Account Need It?


In today’s review, I HAVE to tell you about Follow Adder.

Before Follow Adder, I struggled to attract potential clients and even people to just like my posts and flick me a comment letting me know that my stuff was good.

When working generating leads for local businesses –the best biz model out there– Instagram it’s a really good tool to “market” yourself and get to know people in the field, so it completely changed my game.

No idea what I’m talking about?

Let’s get started with this review then!


What is Follow Adder?

It’s really simple:

Followadder is one of the best, most reliable, and most secure software to automate Instagram marketing.

It will automate the process of attracting real Instagram followers, likes, and comments.

So, using their simple, user-friendly interface, you will be able to completely manage your account.


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When should you use FollowAdder?

You should use it when you want to:






What are Follow Adder features?

Followadder has a wide range of useful features that will make growing your account both fast and easy.


One of the best features is creating the lists.

This will help to work in the niche and select a more specific target audience you are interested to be followed by.

What are the lists you can create?

  • Add the users you are looking for to follow or send a direct message.
  • Make a list of photos you would like to comment or like.
  • Create a list of your photos. Later, you will be able to use them, share them with other users, send them in a direct message, and share them as a thank you message.
  • The list of comments you are going to leave on other photos.

Spy Review

Another important thing is the ability to follow, unfollow or follow back other users.

Moreover, you are able to unfollow the users from a list or configure it to follow anyone who follows your account.

Why is that so important?

To follow other people is the most effective way to add more followers to your Instagram account. In most cases, when you follow someone, the users also follow you in return.

It will be even more effective if you follow the people in your target niche.


This feature will let you scrape other accounts to attract and follow more users.

You can set up more parameters to improve the search results.

This is useful for discovering and finding great accounts.

In addition, it allows an understanding of your competitors.

It’s a good way of analyzing how other 6-figure lead generation marketers are “marketing” themselves out there if you’re thinking of starting in this fast-growing business.

Follow/Unfollow/Follow Back

When you generate a list, you are able to use it to follow users.

If you are not interested in them anymore, you can just unfollow them in one click.

You are also able to follow back the users that followed you first.


Instagram stories

You are able to upload many pictures to your Instagram account with just a few clicks, saving you a lot of your valuable time.

In most cases, uploading new pictures is monotonous work.

One or two pictures are one thing, but when there are dozens or hundreds of them, it will take hours every day.

Why not spend this time on more useful things?

Use the FollowAdder bulk uploader to automate the process.

It will make your working day more effective and will show your followers that you are an active person. Just try this feature!


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Direct Messages

Some users may consider that sending direct messages to users or potential followers on Instagram is not the best idea.

At the same time, it can be a great instrument to communicate with active or potential users. For some users, this feature will not be very effective.

However, try to use it and you will see if it really helps you.

First, send a direct message to the users from the list you previously created.

How will these messages be useful?

They create a great chance to promote a product or service.

Also, direct messages are the best way to tell your followers or potential customers about yourself. Moreover, they really help to develop your personal brand.

Targeting Specific Hashtags

Hashtags allow following specific trends on Instagram.

This social media channel introduced this feature quite recently, but it became very popular in a short time.

You can choose a hashtag related to your business niche and follow all the latest trends.

Under the hashtag, you will see the posts, pictures, and all the related content.

Following a hashtag helps you to choose good accounts to follow and be followed back by their owners.

By using this feature, a lot of Instagram users will be interested in your account.

If it is relevant to their interests, they will definitely follow you.

It’s right what you need, isn’t it?


Follow Adder Plans and Prices

Follow Adder has five different plans ranging in price from $49.99 for a 6 month membership to $425 for a 6 month membership. This breaks down to $8.33 per month to $70.83 per month.






The starter plan allows you to manage a single Instagram profile but all features are included along with free support and free software updates.

With the Premium plan, you can manage up to three Instagram profiles.

The professional plan allows you to manage up to 5 Instagram profiles.

The agent plan allows you to manage 10 Instagram profiles and the publicist plan allows you to manage 25 Instagram profiles.

The only thing that changes from one plan to the next is the number of Instagram accounts you can manage!


Pros and Cons


  • Features don’t change from plan to plan.
  • Transparency about packages and pricing
  • Comes with a seven day money back guarantee


  • Requires you to download software
  • Use may lead to your account being banned (so, be careful and don’t over-used it)
  • Must purchase six months worth of service at a time



Follow Adder it’s a really good idea because of how much it allows you to automate.

However, focusing too much time and effort on Instagram automation could be bad for your brand.

Customers want to know that someone is there and actively paying attention to the account.

So, relying on automatic comments and direct messages means that your responses have to be fairly generic to make sense.

Also, while using automation at a fairly slow paced won’t alert Instagram to the fact that you are using a bot, it’s important to also take time to manually interact with your audience.

I recommend you to use it if you’re starting an Instagram account, but once you’ve gotten a fair number of followers, try to do everything by yourself!

If you’re gonna reach out to a brand you think can be a potential customer for you, you better imprint some personality in your message!

You’re looking to generate business for businesses, and what they want is real people with real solutions to their marketing problems.

Believe me, if you play your cards well enough, you can build your lead generation business and get that laptop lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

Check here how I did it and manage to keep working by my own rules!

Have you ever used a social media automation bot? Let me know your experiences!

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