Higher Path Ventures Review (High Ticket Scam?)

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Last updated Jun 21, 2022

Earning money online sounds like a great idea, but how do you go about finding the right opportunity for you? It could be difficult for beginners to find businesses that will actually help them earn without requiring them to invest lots of money in upfront costs.

Higher Path Ventures is an online training course that claims to teach you how to build a business online and earn commissions from book sales.

Is this program worth it? Read on to find out more about it.


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Higher Path Ventures Review: Overview

Higher Path Ventures is the name of a sales training program, where Luke Sample (the creator) gives you the lowdown on his sales techniques.

The first video of the training starts by showing you how Luke sold a book of $11.52 at $174 on Amazon, and after deducting the author’s cut and Amazon’s commission, he was left with $130.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? But here’s the thing:

This is how they prey on their audience and show interest in the high path ventures. Keep in mind that you can seldom earn such a huge margin from Amazon book sales after paying its fees -so that data is probably just part of their over-hyped marketing.

However, throughout this same video Luke shows testimonials of people who’ve gone through his Higher Path Ventures training and are now earning thousands of dollars using business strategy.

Now, if those testimonials are based on reality, it takes years of struggle, patience, hard work, and experience to get to that point.

I’m telling you this because throughout my research for this review I’ve seen multiple complaints of ex-students of the Higher Path Venture program. There are lots of people who bought the course expecting to get those huge margins in their business, and end up barely making $3 per sale.


Do You Want the #1 Rated Semi-Passive Income Business?

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What’s Inside Higher Path Ventures?

Higher Path Ventures provides you with online training and access to a wide range of tools and bonuses to help you smoothly run your online bookselling on Amazon.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find inside the course:

Higher Path Ventures Training Summary

This course is a detailed guide that covers everything you need to know about launching your bookselling business.

selling books

Luke’s Higher Path Ventures teaches you how to set up a business plan and get your books ready for selling. You will learn how to find inexpensive books which have a high demand and resell them while earning a huge profit.

Other lessons you can learn include how you can enhance your sales by offering incentives, sell your book at a big profit through Amazon prime, keyword and product research, find cheaper books from sites other than Amazon and know Amazon sales rank through amazon facts.

The Higher Path Ventures course also offers specialized training which involves learning the strategies used by people who are making millions of dollars in this industry through online bookselling.

Higher Path Ventures Software

Higher Path Ventures also provides a customized toolkit that helps you focus less on the practicalities and concentrate more on the fun stuff, like building your business, laying out your vision board, and working toward your goals.

Other Benefits

Moreover, Higher Path Ventures also handles logistics for you if you want to outsource this part of your business at some point for an extra cost.

This means Higher Paths Ventures will receive, inspect and repackage your book shipment if you want to outsource these tasks. If you’re unsure of how to do this yourself, you can outsource it to them. They can also help if you want to add FBA services later – they will handle all of the Amazon packing and shipping for you (and save a lot of time).


How much does Higher Path Ventures cost?

So, how much is Higher Path Ventures? The cost is $3,500 for the basic package and a monthly fee of $297 for access to additional resources.

You can ask questions via email, and they will hold a group call after you purchase. They also offer a money-back guarantee.

What I like about Higher Path Ventures

  • The Higher Path Ventures softwares eases the hectic and time-consuming tasks of finding out the best selling and low-priced books that can help you earn a good margin.
  • The course is easy to follow and explains many things, and transparently answers the questions you could have in your mind.
  • Higher Path Ventures handle all the necessary logistics, further easing the process. Hence, it looks like a great opportunity for earning a passive income.
  • If you follow their instructions and process, you should be able to make money -in theory, they offer a legit and scalable business model.

Cons Of Higher Path Ventures

However, before falling for this training course, let me tell you the few drawbacks I’ve found:

  • The price of the program is pretty expensive.
  • Higher Path Ventures has a bad reputation – they’ve changed its name several times (Textbook Money, Book Arbitrage, Book Profits) and haven’t revealed the reason behind it, which indicates something’s a bit shady about them.
  • Most people who have used their course complain that their software doesn’t work.


You may be attracted to the idea because of the high returns (1000% or higher) mentioned on their website, but let me ask you a couple of questions:

What if the price of your target book drops from $11 to $7? Then your high return would turn into a loss.

What if you find out that book arbitrage is illegal? Now you have lost all your money and there is nothing you can do about it as you have signed an “exclusive” contract with Higher Path Ventures.

There are a lot of cases where online arbitrage businesses have been shut down because they were found to be violating copyrights.

Can You Trust Higher Path Ventures?

Higher Path Ventures is a training course that will teach you how to use your book-buying skills to make money for yourself. Right? Wrong! Unfortunately, this claim is absolutely false.

This program doesn’t teach you any real skills to make money from books. Instead, it teaches you how to buy books and resell them at a higher price, so that you could get some profit. This is also called arbitrage in the industry.

The company promises that you can earn over $50000 dollars per month by using their techniques. However, they fail to mention that the amount of money you’re going to make depends on your skills and hard work. If you’re not willing to spend hours looking for books, then this whole program is useless for you.

It’s true that there are some people who have earned money with the help of Higher Path Ventures methods.

But I doubt that they spent tens of hours a week just searching books online or offline and then reselling them online or offline.

Usually, these people already had some experience in the book business and knew where to find high-quality books cheaply and where to resell them quickly at a good price.

If you’re looking for the best way to get a passive income online, this is what you should be checking instead!

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