Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme or a Real Program?

By Roy Goldstein

Last updated Sep 10, 2021

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Read This Honest Review Before You Join

If you’re looking for methods to earn money on the Internet, within your search you have surely come across Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate, more than a product, it’s a community of online entrepreneurs. A training platform with lots of tools where you learn step by step to earn money online, build your website, attract traffic and monetize it

Said this way, it sounds awesome, right?

But, is it really?

You’re here because you want to know if it really works or if it is one more scam on the Internet, right?

I’ve been where you are and that’s why I decided to try it personally. But if it weren’t for lead generation (my top recommendation), I wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

When I say lead gen is the best business model, I mean it because I can do things like research WA for you, write this post, and go to sleep… while my pockets continue to swell from a job I haven’t done!

Anyway, let’s get started!

The Story of Wealthy Affiliate

This training program was founded by Kayle and Carson in 2005.

Two successful people in affiliate marketing who wanted to create this course to help other people who wanted to enter the affiliate world.

When the course started it was only worth $29.99 a month, and they gave you a list of keywords from a niche to advertise on Google.

Now, the course has been changing and evolving.

What started with a simple list has become an affiliate community where people share a lot of useful information about affiliate marketing.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?


It costs nothing to get started: $0, this seems too good to be true right?

But this saying this time is completely wrong, and I will tell you why:

When you join WA with the $0 membership you will have immediate access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

This includes live chat, more than 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool, and plus…

But if you want more, then you can take advantage of the discount they make during your first month of Premium subscription.

The first month it’s $19, and then it goes up to $49.

How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Here I’ll focus on the part that’s paid.

I’m gonna skip the free part because as it is free you can access to get a first idea of ​​the content that there is, right?

So, in the course you can find the following modules:

  • Building your website with traffic
  • Monetize traffic
  • Mastering social commitment
  • Content creation
  • Bootcamp
  1. Start your business
  2. Content, keywords and conversions
  3. Social value on your site
  4. Get a brand with media
  5. Know your audience and catapult your references
  6. Yahoo, Bing and advertising
  7. Explosion of your earnings

Apart from all these parts, you can find live events such as webinars and a community with which to interact.

Regarding the content of the course, the first points are more introductory, where you will learn from the beginning how to create a website, create a brand and community.

Basically, the different ways to monetize your site and how to create content that people want to read and attract new people.


wealthy affiliate features

Where it gets more intense and with value, is in the Bootcamp.

It has a lot of depth to expand your website!

It starts with keyword research, review creation, user experience improvement, content correction, and bonuses.

Then they explain the easiest way to be able to have a social value and make your readers share your content on networks (for example through buttons – and the best places to place them).

The following parts focus a lot on creating content to create a brand around the website, be it blog content or YouTube videos.

They delve into how to properly create this content to make an impact.

Finally, in the Bootcamp, you can also find advertising, another means of traffic that is profitable can be a great benefit for you.

This part focuses on showing how to create campaigns correctly and track conversions to be able to see at all times if you’re being profitable or how much money you’re spending to expand our brand.

And it is important that you bear in mind, regarding the latter, that it will not belittle money.

The problem with affiliate marketing is that you will have to invest a lot of money to get the results you dream of.

And also a long time.

So although the content of the course may be of help, nothing assures you that this market will end up disenchanting you or your pockets.

That is why lead generation is better.

You don’t have to invest as much, and the returns are more assured.

When I was involved in affiliate marketing, all of my “pay” was based on commissions, but most of it had to be reinvested if I was to maintain my business in any way.

Also, creating and maintaining the campaigns was taking too long …

And I ended up working from 9 to 5 but at home.

What economic freedom is that?


The true FREEDOM is the one that leads generation for local companies gives me.

I work less than 4 hours a week, from wherever I want, and even sleeping I can generate a steady flow of HUGE amounts of money.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme or Real?

To sum up, I think it is a course for beginners, but for the price it has it can bring you something of value.

In addition, you can try the free information and the first month with the reduced price.

And that’s my recommendation.

This is a way of, for a price that is hardly anything, seeing for yourself the content and quality of it.

Don’t join without knowing anything, since there are loads of online information about affiliate marketing you can find in many places.

Once you have some knowledge, enter with the reduced price and look at the content that you think can bring you the most value.

Then try to keep an eye on the webinars and interact with the community.

It is the best way to get the most value for the lowest price, and if you really see that you are learning content that you cannot find or with great difficulty, you can continue in the course.

Although the techniques and strategies outlined in the course still work today ( SEO is something that creating valuable content has always worked and will continue to work over time)…

There is a small problem with this course.

It doesn’t talk about external links or backlinks, a very important aspect in SEO.

If you don’t work on it, you can get frustrated in your projects without knowing what’s going wrong (because you did WA course and thought you had all the keys)

So, yeah, give it a try if you want but also look for free information or follow influential people so as not to just keep the information that is inside the course and contrast it.

But I also want you to keep in mind that, as much as you learn about affiliate marketing …

A long and arduous road awaits you.

As I mentioned before, the real question is not whether WA is worth it or not.

The question is whether affiliate marketing is worth it


Because being one of the most popular markets today, you can imagine the MASSIVE competition out there.

What does this mean?

That you will have to invest A LOT of time and money in training to be able to try (yes, just try) to make a difference and eat the sharks before they eat you.

And that’s just one of the downsides …

Look, you don’t want to quit a boring 9 to 5 job to have a hard time running a home business, right?

Isn’t the great thing about online business supposed to be being able to get up late, work when you want (without pants!) and earn a lot of money?

That’s right, and the only online business model that can give you that is lead generation.

You don’t believe it?

It’s my lifestyle

Click here and discover how you can join the lifestyle laptop too.

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