Website ATM Review: $500/Day Scam? (BUSTED)

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Last updated Jun 23, 2022

If you’ve wound up here, I guess you need some questions answered.

Is Website ATM legit?

Is Website ATM a too-good-to-be-true scam?

I will answer both of these questions in this Website ATM review. Get ALL the information you need before investing your time and money in it.

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Let’s dive right in!


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What is Website ATM, You Ask


Website ATM is a push button, done for you system which promises payouts of $500 per day once the system is up and running.

It targets beginners and exploits the affiliate marketing business model as their way of enticing new online marketers to join this seemingly good program.

(Here’s Why Lead Generation Beats Affiliate Marketing)

I wish what they claim really did work because then there would be no need for my review…

But like anything in life, if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

So, let me be clear right from the start:

At first, I thought I was going to find something like the 12 Minute Affiliate System, but the truth is:

Website ATM is just another scam site, a complete waste of time that won’t work.


Getting started making money online takes hard work, persistence and most important, this valuable skill.

Anyone possessing these 3 qualities can make an honest living online without having to lie and cheat.

Website ATM Overview: A Lil’ Bit of Background

Website ATM was created by a guy named Nick.

He’s a former accountant who was laid off in a company downsizing. In his last week of work, he set up a “fake” appointment with a rich Russian client named Sergey Popov all so he could find out the secrets to his wealth.

His discovery?

Push-button software that creates fully developed and automated eCommerce websites

Within hours of creating one of these copy-cat websites, sales would be piling on top of his lap.

It’s a system that’s supposed to make easy money for anyone.

What does it include?

Whether or not this story is true (it’s almost certainly not), Website ATM is advertised as magic money-making software that apparently:

  • Makes $500 per day MINIMUM
  • Has to be kept a secret from “shady” marketers for some reason
  • Is so proficient that the profits have to be intentionally capped to avoid suspicion (???)
  • Borders on legal and unethical according to their own words
  • Creates ready-for-profit eCommerce websites at the push of a mere button

First and foremost, Website ATM is a product. That means that the more copies of it that is sold, the more money the seller makes.

All the talk about secrecy and keeping the product to yourself is just a way to get you excited about joining some “exclusive” club.

It would actually be worse for Nick if people actually followed his advice.

The “shady marketers” part is just nonsense. It’s a complete lie.

It also makes no sense to put a cap on a program that makes a lot of money. Nick claims that it’s to avoid attention and suspicion, but this can’t be the case.

For me, it’s obvious that Nick is blowing hot air and is making his product sound better than it probably is.


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How Website ATM Works

There is one thing that I do wholeheartedly agree with though:

Website ATM likely borders between legal and unethical.

The very nature of creating pop-up websites filled with curated content is sketchy to say the least.

The content is supposed to have affiliate links that direct people to purchase stuff on other websites.


This is called affiliate marketing and is a legit method of making money online.

I’ve used it myself, in fact.


If it’s a legit form of making money online, then why am I calling it “sketchy” when Website ATM does it?

Because a Website ATM website will never really succeed with the affiliate marketing method. Or any other method of generating an online income, really.

This is due to how Google and other search engines work.

Put simply, Google rewards content that’s engaging, helpful, and new/updated.

It also rewards websites that have been around for a while, as they need to be proven useful before Google puts them near the top of any keyword rankings.

See how a Website ATM website wouldn’t work?

The content on these websites would be copied from other Website ATM websites in the same niche, which Google would flag as duplicate content and penalize accordingly (no rankings).

The content, while plentiful, also would have to keep being updated in order to keep up rankings.

Website ATM’s claim that it runs on its own is really a half-truth. Affiliate marketing websites don’t need to be tended to all the time, but they do need to be checked on more than you might think.

There are other contributors like hosting services, domain names (which you have to pay for outside of paying for Website ATM), and so on that contribute to rankings. None of which Website ATM can really help you with.


What I Like About Website ATM

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Some Internet Marking Information
  • Not much, to be honest.

The entry cost isn’t the worst thing in the world, and they do offer a 60 day refund guarantee.

But the upsells can push the total cost higher and higher if you aren’t careful.

And for the price, you certainly won’t be getting equal return on investment.

The information they also provide isn’t bad either. The problem is that it’s basic and not terribly informative. You can find the same information online for free.

What I Don’t Like About Website ATM

  • Can’t Back Up Claims
  • Affiliate Marketing Websites Won’t Rank Well
  • Information Provided Can Be Found Online For Free
  • Costly Upsells
  • Lies To Their Customers

Quite a bit, as you might have guessed. Here’s a quick run down of my issues with this product:

  • Promises the world but can’t deliver on any of its claims
  • Provided website will never rank well in Google
  • No rankings = no traffic = no sales = no money
  • Upsells making the total cost way higher if purchased
  • Information can be found for free online
  • Nick pushes so hard for you to buy into a financial fantasy, when instead he should be helping you build a financial business that can actually provide a full-time, passive income.

It’s for these reasons that I can’t see why anyone would want to buy into Website ATM.


Is Website ATM Legit?

My answer is No!

Website ATM is not legit at all, this is a HUGE scam and you will get ripped off if you join.

Take my advice and stay far clear of this system and if you’ve already joined, DO NOT BUY ANOTHER UP-SELL!

You are being told you need to buy the up-sell for the program to work better and make you money but it’s all false.

Sorry to be so blunt and shatter your hopes of making money with this system but trust me, someday you’ll thank me.


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That doesn’t mean that there isn’t one out there.

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The best part?

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Thanks for reading, guys!

Let me know if you have any questions down in the comments!

See ya!

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