ZoomBucks Review: Here’s How To Start Making Money with Zoombucks Today

By Roy Goldstein

February 16, 2021

ZoomBucks Review: Here’s How To Start Making Money with Zoombucks Today

All you side hustlers out there…

There are TONS of opportunities for you in the digital world.

Back in 2019 I started one of the most profitable side hustles ever. I learned something valuable that I could scale in a year, and today, I’m living a full-time laptop lifestyle. 

So, why do you keep searching for the same thing?

Online “paid” surveys sites.

Can we even consider online “paid” surveys sites a side hustle?

ZoomBucks is a platform with a points and rewards system that allows you to earn money doing other things on the internet than (not so great) surveys.

I’m going to tell you everything about it:

  • How it works
  • How much money can you make (Can you really make money anyways?)
  • Is it legit or a scam?

Let’s get started!

So, What’s ZoomBucks?


To keep it simple:

ZoomBucks is a platform that works based on the GPT (Get Paid To) system

You may already know other similar sites, such as GetPaidTo, PaidViewpoint or Vindale Research

But ZoomBucks claims to help you earn money fast for playing online, watching videos, buying online or doing the (not so profitable) paid surveys.

ZoomBucks Overview

ZoomBucks basically works like an online loyalty program. 

So, it doesn’t speak in dollars and cents, but in points. To be precise, one point you earn through Zoombucks equals one penny.

That’s right. 

But the great thing about ZoomBucks is that there are many ways to earn points. 

I’ve tried some GPT sites before, and let me be honest:

They sucked. 

In most of them, you can only earn money with the surveys.

Worst thing?

You’ll only receive one or two invitations per week from online survey panels. 

That’s why I liked ZoomBucks right from the start: it offers many ways to earn points (money). 

If you don’t get invitations for an online survey, don’t worry:

You can watch some videos, play some games, download coupons…and you can also earn points by reading emails!

Some people find it fun and fun to earn some extra money playing games and with very little effort. Most tasks don’t take long to complete.

Don’t get me wrong:

ZoomBucks doesn’t offer many rewards for every task you do. 

The money you earn is not enough to earn a living, but just pocket money for the weekend.

Do I Have to Pay For It?


You can sign up and start taking offers and stuff without having to spend a penny. 

But ZoomBucks also offers a special paid membership, where you can earn up to 90% more for some tasks. 

(Sounds great, but remember: this isn’t gonna make you rich)

There are 5 different paid memberships, and they range from $5.99 to $59.99 per month.

Why ZoomBucks makes sense


Unlike some affiliate programs, ZoomBucks accepts members from all over the world. 

However, members from the US, UK and Canada have a better chance of making money. 


This is because most advertisers tailor their offers to people in these countries.

I’ve reviewed a few products in the past and what turned me off was that most affiliate marketing companies don’t pay their members. 

Fortunately, Zoombucks do pay. 

That’s one of the reasons I give ZoomBucks a higher rating and certify that it’s a legitimate program.

(If you’re looking for more legit ways of making money online, you can check this post)  

However, there must be some downsides to ZoomBucks, right?

Yes, they pay, but they don’t pay on time. 

Payment is normally made between two days and two weeks.


Unlike other similar sites, ZoomBucks is relatively younger but has successfully made a name for itself in the market.

It has a good reputation and has been proven to be a legitimate program.

I explained before about how you can make an extra income with ZoomBucks. 

So, if you are looking for a platform to earn some pocket money during your spare time, ZoomBucks is definitely for you. 


Personally, I’ve discovered that all the stuff like this didn’t help me at all. 

Then I joined a group and heard how some of them paid thousands of dollars learning from videos and got nothing out of it. 

The group I’m with now, people actually had results and made money within a few days by filling exactly what the mentor teaches. 

And it doesn’t cost a ton of money to learn. 

 So, doing my research and learning from others really helped me in finding the golden goose. 

Make sure to check this opportunity if you want to start working on your financial freedom today!

And of course, I’m glad to hear any thoughts or questions you have down in the comments. 

See ya!

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