Affiliate Institute Review – Is It A Shady High Ticket Scam?

By Roy Goldstein

January 7, 2021

The Affiliate Institute Legit?

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If you’ve been googling what’s Affiliate Institute, chances are you’ve seen their online ads somewhere or read some captivating positive reviews. 

Well, this isn’t going to be one of those. 

Instead, I’ll be addressing some of the common questions asked and then, you can decide whether it’s worth your time and money to join this platform.

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So, What’s Affiliate Institute? 

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Affiliate Institute (or AI) is basically an online education platform that teaches you how to run a successful online business using affiliate marketing and network marketing.

It’s founded by Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang, the same group of people who also created the Global Affiliate Zone years back. 

mathieu jang and julian sherman

 That site has undergone some transition and is now fully rebranded as Affiliate Institute. 

The training structure, however, remains more or less the same – you get step-by-step up-to-date training, live Q&A classes, marketing tools, and resources and some recommended affiliate offers. 

Besides that, you can also schedule a personal call with an advisor, personalized a business plan to meet your goals, create and duplicate high converting campaigns and interact with other members on their private Facebook groups. 

Personally, I think it’s a copy of GAZ. 

Don’t know what I mean?

Then check out here my Global Affiliate Zone review to understand what I’m talking about!

How much is cost of affiliate institute course? 

Apparently, the cost of the training and features provided inside easily exceed $11K, but that’s not the price you’ll be paying.

Instead, the cost of the pro membership is $997 billed annually. 



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Is It Legit Affiliate Marketing Course or A MLM? 

As far as training is concerned, it looks legit. 

The founders are real people, the training is top-class material and some people actually run a full-time online business doing what they learned from the Affiliate Institute. 

All the memberships come with a 14 days free trial and they are pretty transparent from the beginning that this isn’t a get-rich-quick money-making program. 

In fact, the program is going through an accreditation process by the government, to become a recognized platform for producing qualified affiliate marketers. 

Fancy stuff, uh? 

Whether or not you’re suited for their marketing techniques or the membership pricing, is going to be a different matter altogether. 

That’s where you’ll find opinions contradicts and biases dominate, depending on who you talk to.   

Inside the training, there’s no doubt you’ll be learning everything about affiliate marketing from beginner’s level to advanced. 

They will teach you how to tap into profitable niches, join the Amazon Associate program or find affiliate offers that match with your passion. 

That means you can build an online business in any type of niche and I like that kind of flexible approach. 

But remember I said there is also training in network marketing? 

Here’s the thing – the founders are in fact distributors for an MLM company called Enagic that sells high-end alkaline water ionizers range called Kangen, manufactured in Japan. 

You can’t find this product on retail because it can only be purchased through direct sales. 

One unit of these is priced at hundreds to thousands of dollars and selling just one can fetch hundreds in lucrative commissions. 

And like everything else with the nature of MLM businesses, you’ll make more profit by recruiting team members to grow your downline sales. 

You aren’t obligated to join this company if you don’t want to but if you’re interested, you need to purchase one of these pricey water machines to qualify for subsequent commission sales and team bonuses. 

This is nothing new actually. 

Back when it was GAZ, they were already selling Enagic so it’s only natural to bring over this high-product offer to the new platform. 

So say you aren’t into MLM and just want to stick with affiliate marketing – that’s fine too, but as the training progresses, it’s going to be obvious that their teaching focuses on creating funnels, email marketing and running ad campaigns.  

In fact, when you register for the free web class prior to joining, one of the first few things Julian promised to teach is to show you how to set up ad campaigns WITHOUT needing any knowledge or technical experience. 

This, my friend, is an overrated statement because every marketer used it for copywriting and you shouldn’t take it as it is. 

The reality is, you do need skills and some basic foundations to make sure your ads run smoothly. 

Most importantly, you need funds – otherwise, how are you going to run the campaigns? 

If you’re caught unaware of this part or only realized after the fact you’ve paid for the membership, it’s not because the Affiliate Institute is a scam – it’s just the way paid traffic works.

But, being a newbie, this is something you wouldn’t know upfront. 

That’s why, even if it’s not a scam, I recommend you to look for something else. 

Something with FREE traffic. 

That way, you won’t spend all the money you’ll earn in running ads and getting sales (that’s a nonsense cycle, don’t you think?)

Back in 2019, I didn’t know you could earn from $10k to $50k with Google free traffic. 

I was involved in some FB ads courses, losing a lot of money and time in trying to get a decent salary.

But then, that December, I found lead generation

how does lead generation work




It’s simple:

You generate leads for small local business owners using online billboards ads. 

Once you’ve set up one of these, then they’ll keep working 24/7, ranking their sites to the first page, and getting all that free and organic traffic they need. 

So, basically, even when you’re not actively working, these online billboards are. 

And the business owner will pay you a 6-figure salary monthly just for taking a look at their site from time to time. 

Thanks to lead gen I’ve come to live by my own rules while earning huge amounts of money every single month. 

And being an easily scalable business model, there’s still room for me to grow!

Why don’t you try?

Just click here and start working to get that financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of. 

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